Mahindra XUV300 Accessories

Car accessories are important to enrich your driving experience. Modern car accessories offer a lot of extra features that can glam up your car to manifolds. Autofurnish, India’s leading online auto accessories store, offers a versatile range of premium car accessories that are designed to add an extra dose of style, comfort and safety to your beloved cars. Recently, Mahindra Motors launched it’s brand new mid-segment XUV300 which is making headlines in the car market. The car is still available on bookings, but it’s accessories are easily available at Autofurnish. The Company offers all it’s leading exterior and interior accessories to amplify the overall comfort and look of your newly purchased car.

  • 5D Carbon Fiber Style Custom-fitted car mats: It’s a premium car mat which gives 5-depth layer protection to your car interior and a very stylish look. It’s completely water, dust and fireproof with quality fitted finish. It comes in a complete with and in royal shades to choose from. There is also a higher variant 7D carbon fibre style custom-fitted car mat with 7-depth layer protection and extra premium features.
  • 5D Plus Car Mats: it’s a very premium car mat made up with a combination of Grass and Leatherite. It has a very durable construction and is completely water and stain-resistant. It comes in a complete set and premium colour options are available.
  • Acho Car body covers: To give highest levels of protection to your car, Autofurnish brings a robust, stylish and high-performance car body cover to protect your new purchase Mahindra XUV300 from dust, dirt, scratches, sand, water, harmful UV rays and bird droppings. It is available in royal colour options.

Apart from that, you can also find premium customized and universal Mahindra XUV300 interior, exterior, styling and car care accessories at highly competitive prices at Autofurnish online store.

The brand keeps on designing futuristic, trendy, and technology-driven auto accessories to give an advanced level of security, safety, and style to your car. Be it car seat gap filler, car armrest, car tissue box, 5D car mats, 7d car mats, bike riding gears, arm sleeves the brand leaves no stone unturned to offer the best quality at jaw-dropping prices to all car & bike lovers.

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