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Car Fog Lights

Car Fog Lights are used to enhance the visibility on the road during low light conditions. They act as a boon in rainy and foggy conditions when the visibility gets low and it tougher to drive on road. Although they are not the substitute to the main headlights, still they act as supplementary lights that enhance the lighting and visibility on the road up to 2 to 3 feet away from your car and to the sides so that you can clearly see everything including potholes, breakers etc. During the winter season, excessive fog or smog really makes it tougher to drive on road. Due to foggy conditions, many road accidents take place, thus to avoid them one must have them installed in the car.

Autofurnish, a top car accessories online store in India, offers universal and customized Car Fog Lamps for all car models and brands. Every lamp is designed to deliver high performance, durability and elegance to the car. The Brand offers 3 major types of Car Fog Lights.

  • HID Car Fog Lamp Kit: These lights come in stylish white colour along with 55Watts of power ballast that give high-performance light beams. The lights are 100% water and dust resistant and come with 1-year manufacturing defect warranty.
  • LED Car Fog Lamps: This is another high-performance lamp having built in ballasts and fan with beam 360 degrees angle. It requires low power and offers high performance.
  • Halogen Car Fog Lights: Another variant is halogen car fog lights that are universal in nature with high and low beam and comes with the centre position. Autofurnish also deals in car seat gap filler, car armrest, car tissue box, 5D car mats, 7d car mats, bike riding gears, arm sleeves and more.

Popular Car Fog Lights Price List

List of Car Fog Lights Price
1. Fog Lamp Light Wiring Rs. 468
2. Fog Light DRL with Indicator for Hyundai Creta - Set of 2pc Rs. 9919
3. Fog Light Lamp Set of 2 Pcs. for Tata Tiago Rs. 742
4. 9006 LED Fog Lamp Kit For Toyota Fortuner Type 2 Rs. 3299
5. H11 HID Fog Lamp Xenon Kit For Honda Amaze Rs. 3499

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