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Car Trunk Mats

All cars offer a good boot space for things like storing luggage while going on road trips or keeping bagged groceries on the way back from the supermarket. In short, car trunks are an essential part of cars and need to be protected and maintained to keep the boot space tidy and free from damage. Choosing the right kind of Car Trunk Mats ensures the enhanced protection of your Car Boot Space, keeping it spic and span at all times. Premium Car Trunk Mats not only give your boot space an elegant and stylish look but also protect it from dust, water damage and scratches.

AutoFurnish, India’s Latest Car Accessories online store offers a wide range of custom fit, durable and affordable Premium Car Boot Mats for that multi-layered protection and chicness, all in one!

7D Custom Fitted Car Trunk Base Mat: These mats offer 7 depth layer protection and are made from soft leather for that luxurious touch and feel. Also, these mats are custom-made for that perfect-fit and end-to-end protection. Completely waterproof, dustproof and anti-skid, these Premium Car Boot Mats come in royal shades and are easy to clean and install.

Curly Custom Fitted Car Trunk Base Mat: Made from high-grade rubber, the Curly Custom Fitted Car Trunk Base Mats are foldable, dustproof and water-resistant. These low-maintenance, non-slip mats are also weather-resistant and come in a wide range of royal shades to choose from.

7D Car Trunk Mats: These mats come with raised edges for maximum coverage and are water and chemical resistant. 7D Car Trunk Mats offer premium quality, style, and multiple shades to choose from.

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