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Bike Body Covers

Modern bikes require a good amount of investment. With ever-increasing price tags, modern bikes are nothing short of a luxury investment. With brand new technology, futuristic features and enticing designs, it is very hard to resist the temptation to buy them. However, maintaining the health of an imported or premium bike is also very important to enhance its longevity. Bike Body Cover is one of the best Bike Accessories to keep your bike look brand new and away from all kinds of scratches, dents and debris. To maintain it’s natural paint and shine, invest in premium Bike Body Covers that give good protection against water, dust, harmful UV rays, bird droppings and other road debris.

Autofurnish provides accessories for a different bike like royal enfield accessories or TVS accessories and has a new range of Aero Bike Body Covers i.e. waterproof & heat resistant:

Waterproof Bike Body Cover: This cover allowing you to safely use it in any season to protect your vehicle from the rain, snow, bird/tree dropping and more making it ideal for long road trips, daily use and more. The heavy-duty layers not only provide long term use but also prevent dirt and dust from ruining your bike/scooter’s paint.

Heat Resistant Bike Body Cover: This cover will protect your bike from heat, dust, dirt, bird droppings and all other problems round the clock.

Autofurnish, a leading auto accessories online brand, brings a premium range of Bike Covers in different shades, designs and styles. The Bike Body Covers offered by the brand are made of 190T polyester taffeta and give the highest level of safety to your bike around the year. The all-weather Bike Covers come with a tie strap to protect your bike from harsh outdoor conditions. One can choose from various shades and designs including Sporty ArcBlue Bike Cover, Freedom Tri Bike Cover, Plain Black Bike Cover, Silver Bike Cover, Blue Bike Cover, Aqua Bike Cover and beige body cover followed by Arc Series Bike Body Covers. One can get high-quality Bike Body Covers for all prominent bikes and models at competitive prices. AutoFurnish also deals in car seat gap filler, car armrest, car tissue box, 7d car mats, arm sleeves.

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