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Bike Seat Covers

A bike seat cover is one of the most important bike accessories. As bike riding gears protect a person from injury, in the same way, a bike seat cover protects your bike from all kinds of external damages. It also enhances the comfort and style quotient of your bike to manifolds. Whether you are driving your bike on the road, or parking it in front of your home, a high-quality seat cover protects the original seat cover from animals, harmful UV rays, bird droppings, scratches, rainfall and rough touches.

However, AutoFurnish, a leading premium online auto accessories brand in India, has gone a step further to offer protection along with a high amount of comfort and style in its a premium and exclusive range of bike seat covers. The brand has recently revealed it’s premium collection of bike seat covers designed to fit over your bikes & scooters neatly. Every cover is embedded with extra comfort and cushion to ease your daily bike rides. Every bike seat cover is made with high-quality PU leather, which is anti-pull, elastic, soft, and comfortable. Once you install it, you will not see any scratch, wear or crack on the cover.

Moreover, the premium, soft and ergonomic 3D design will amplify the look of your bike/scooter to manifolds. The ergonomic design with additional cushion inside will support your thigh, spine and hip during long drives. The seat covers are also designed with anti-slip lining with adjustable drawstring to keep the cover intact. The best part is that all bike seat covers are suitable for all kinds of climatic conditions. You can use them round the year as they can withstand all.

With easy installation method and a huge variety to choose from, you can easily get a stylish & sturdy bike seat cover for any bike or scooter. For more details, offers, deals and information about bike seat covers, visit the online store. AutoFurnish also deals in car seat gap filler, car armrest, car tissue box, 7d car mats, compression arm sleeves.

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