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Car Seat Gap Filler

If someone has to name a man’s best-priced possession then it’s his car. Whether you have a luxury car or a normal one, it always remains close to your heart. We do and buy everything for our prized possession but often forget about the little details of it. When our personal belongings get trapped between the seat and the center console, it is a tough situation. We hardly know what to do during that situation. But with car seat gap filler you don’t have to worry about anything. It is that little detail that will make your journey wonderful.

AutoFurnish offers the best range of car accessories including car seat gap filler made with 7D premium leatherette. It has padding which simply goes between the front seat and the center console. AutoFurnish offers various colors of car seat gap fillers which can match the interiors or seat covers of your car. Also, the price range is phenomenal. Currently, AutoFurnish is offering 42% off on its car seat gap filler range. Plus, the shipping is free which saves a lot of money. You can even get a flat 10% off on the purchase of more than Rs.499. These car seat gap filler come with a one-month manufacturing defect warranty from AutoFurnish which makes it a must-buy.

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