Ford Freestyle Accessories

Ford is known for its premium range of SUVs and crossovers. Recently, the Brand has launched its brand new crossover with the name of Freestyle. With the new design, a bundled of technology-driven features and a few character lines, this new cross-hatch is ready to make an impact. For such a distinctive car, Autofurnish has unleashed a distinctive and stylish range of essential car accessories that will surely enhance the ride quality and comfortable experience to manifolds. Although the car is loaded with features, you can load it further with comfort, style and safety with Ford Freestyle accessories that are exclusively available at Autofurnish online store.

So let’s take a quick look into some of the best Ford Freestyle accessories

  • 7D Luxury Custom Fitted Car Mats: Enhance the comfort and luxury quotient of your newly purchased Freestyle with 7D luxury custom fitted car mats. The mats offer 7 depth layer protection with luxury styling, finishing and waterproofing feature. The mats will reduce cabin noise and protect the car’s interior to a great extent.
  • 7D Designer Car Auto Seat Back Multi-Pocket Storage Bag Organiser: A brand new car is prone to damages caused by eatables, media accessories and miscellaneous items. Thus, get a premium car organizer to organize everything without creating a mess. It is a premium 7D quilted PU leather organizer with multiple compartments, folding car meal tray and beverage holder.
  • 3M Complete Car Care Kit: Keep your brand new Freestyle in a mint condition with a 3M complete car care kit which includes premium car shampoo, tyre dresser, dashboard dresser, liquid wax and microfiber cloth.

There are many more premium Ford Freestyle exterior, interior and care & styling accessories that you can find exclusively at Autofurnish online store at very competitive prices.

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