Curly Car Foot Mats

Curly car foot mats, also known as Nomad mats, are very durable and sturdy. The mats are of high quality and can soak up water easily without causing heavy spillage due to curly surface. Unlike other mats, one doesn’t need to clean them regularly. Nowadays, these mats are in trend and every car owner wants these mats for maximum protection and stylish look. One can hardly feel any kind of dust, debris or water under their feet and enjoy the premium feel and look inside the car. Autofurnish, India’s leading online Auto Accessories brand, brings a premium range of Curly Car Foot Mats for all leading car brands and models.

The mats come with the anti-skid feature, thus, one can feel a cushion feeling under the feet while sitting in the car. It also has a capability to trap dust that comes along with your shoes will trap into the inner layers of the mat to avoid any kind of damage to the original carpet or floor. Also, it can trap water or any liquid in the inner layers to restrict it going anywhere else. Thus, nothing stays on top and you can enjoy the smooth, soft and clean surface without regular cleaning. There is also an additional heel pad on the driver’s side to give an extra layer of protection and to prevent slipping. As there will be no dust on the surface, thus, no dust will get into the a/c when it’s in the re-circulation mode.

These mats are universal and not custom fit. Thus fitting may vary from car to car. However, you will definitely get royal shades including black, coffee, beige, tan, grey-black, tan black and red-black. For more information on pricing and details, visit the online store.

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