What to do if your car overheats? A detailed overview

What to do if your car overheats? A detailed overview


Owning a branded and luxurious car is an awesome experience for travel enthusiasts. The fun, adventure, and travel comfort that a car provides you with are absent anywhere else. Although owning a car is full of legendary experiences, it also adds a sense of responsibility to cope with unavoidable situations like theft, accidental damages, and hefty maintenance costs imposed by repair centres.

Car engine heating is one of the most frustrating and sometimes scary circumstances that you, as a car owner, can think of during the whole tenure of car ownership. It will be a matter of fear when you are out for a summer drive and you see smoke rising from under the hood. Isn’t it a matter of great concern if the car overheats? If you don’t take proper measures, overheating engines can cause irreversible damage. Even overheated engines can damage your vehicle and spoil your trip.

In this article, we’ll cover complete car overheating knowledge and important ways to overcome the situation.

Reasons For Engine Overheating

When the temperature gauge on your automobile shows engine overheating, you might be eager to identify the cause. Most of the time, the reasons for engine overheating must be addressed immediately. We have highlighted a few of the frequent reasons why cars overheat.

  • There’s some leakage in the cooling system:

  • If there are any leaks in the cooling system, coolant leaks through the hole, and the air gets into the system. Because of this, the coolant has difficulty getting to the engine, leading to the car overheating.

  • Concentration of the coolant isn’t good

  • Inadequate coolant concentration is another frequent cause of engine overheating. Use the proper coolant type for your car. The car's temperature is likely to increase without the right composition.

  • Hose clamp of the coolant is loose

  • If your engine is overheating, you should check for a loose clamp on the car coolant pipe. Over time, the coolant hose clip usually becomes worn. Therefore, to avoid overheating, repair any broken hose clamps.

    Other than this,

    1. It's possible that your car's thermostat breaks. The car overheats because a damaged thermostat prevents coolant from flowing through the system.
    2. The radiators in the vehicle remove heat from the cooling system. However, clogs or cracks may lessen the radiator's effectiveness, resulting in overheating while the car operates.
    3. Other than this, broken belts, low oil levels, issues in the radiator fan, or a faulty water pump can also be a reason behind overheating of your car.

    Must know steps when your car overheats

    The vehicle's cooling system is ineffective or malfunctioning, preventing the engine's heat from escaping the engine compartment and causing the engine to overheat. Here’s what you should do if your car overheats:

  • Switch on your heater

  • The heat from the engine comes out and moves into the cabin when you turn on the heater. Although the cabin may become warmer, the engine's cooling system now needs to work less hard.

  • Switch off Ac

  • Directly driven by the engine puts a lot of load on the air conditioning. The engine will relieve a lot of stress and be able to cool down more quickly if the air conditioner is turned off.

  • Park car safe and pull over

  • Stop your vehicle for at least 15 to 20 minutes. The engine will be able to cool down as a result. As the engine's temperature drops, keep an eye on the thermometer.

  • Open the bonnet of your car

  • Opening the bonnet, the engine bay ventilates because fresh, cool air increases engine cooling speed. This might also offer you a chance to examine the engine problems, but be careful not to touch anything since the engine bay will still be hot, and you risk getting burned.

    What tools can you keep repairing this?

    The best recommendation is to start keeping some important tools with your car once you get an Overheat car signal. It will avoid you from facing unavoidable circumstances which you may face due to car engine overheating.

    Some tools you always need to keep with your car include the Wrench Set, screwdrivers, protective gloves, jack stands, lubricants, car battery charger, etc.

    In today’s world of the digital revolution, you can also purchase car repair tools. Autofurnish.com is one of the trusted online marketplaces to provide high-quality car body covers, accessories, and automobile accessories.

    Another important tip you should never forget is to ensure your car has the best matching car insurance policy. It will help you recover from potential losses.

    Why is Auto insurance mandatory?

    The main goal of purchasing auto insurance is to protect yourself and your vehicle from unforeseen risks, including coverage for unintentional damage, bodily injury, and even death benefits. Insurance is mandatory, not only to complete legal procedures but also to provide you with financial security in case you lose your car in case of theft or accidental damages.

    Let's explore it further and learn about the top reasons auto insurance is crucial.

  • Law binds you for it

  • Every vehicle operating on Indian roads and highways must maintain current auto insurance, according to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. If you are ever caught driving without insurance or if your insurance has expired, you will be subject to a fine.

  • Protects from unavoidable circumstances

  • With comprehensive insurance, the insurance company will pay for both your injuries and losses and those caused by third parties.

    In addition to traffic accidents, your insurance provider will cover any costs if your automobile is damaged by fire, explosion, riots, acts of terrorism, strikes, natural disasters, or even if it is stolen.

  • Legal costs are reduced

  • Accidents frequently result in legal consequences. It may take months or even years to resolve a case brought against you because of a car accident. After that, you'll need to engage a lawyer and pay a variety of legal fees.

    You'll almost certainly wind up spending a lot of money on the case. The expense of the attorneys' fees would be covered by automobile insurance policies as well.

  • Financially supportive

  • Many auto insurance plans also provide personal accident protection. You can either buy this feature as an add-on or it is already included. With personal accident insurance, the policyholder's family will be compensated if the policyholder perishes in a traffic accident.

  • Third-party coverage and Add-ons

  • Your insurance policy will come to your rescue if there is an accident involving other people or property. It will deal with legal issues as well as all costs associated with the accident. Users have options for add-ons like zero-depreciation protection, engine protection, protection for accessories, and more, depending on the insurer you select.

    In the end:

    A heating car can also increase your insurance premium. After reading this article, you know how to tackle the car engine overheating situation and protect your car from uncertainties. Now that you know how to take care of your car from the inside, take care of your car exteriors by getting the best body covers and accessories from autofurnish.com.


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