How do you protect your car during the monsoon!? Effective tips to avoid accidents and damages

How do you protect your car during the monsoon!? Effective tips to avoid accidents and damages


Nothing is more pleasant than driving in the monsoon season. When the raindrops pour down on the car's window glass, the view brings an immense amount of peace and relief. Almost every ardent car lover loves to drive during a rainy day while playing soothing music inside a car, coupled with munching on favorite snacks. People are now waiting for the monsoon season to get relief from the rising temperature and heatwave prevailing nationwide.

But we can’t deny that the much-awaited monsoon season also brings along multiple problems such as water logging, low visibility, potholes, severe traffic jams, etc. These problems cause many problems for car drivers and damage to their cars. A car body cover in India alone can’t protect your car from the monsoon.

So, how can you prepare your car for the rainy season or monsoon to avoid damage and inconvenience?

Top effective tips to make your car monsoon-ready

  • Fix wipers before the arrival of the monsoon

Wipers are not needed in the summer. They are put to rest during this season, and any problems may go unnoticed before you use them during the rainy season. So before the arrival of monsoon season, it’s important to check whether they are working fine. Wiper blades often get damaged due to dust and may cause a potential problem in the middle of a rainy day. Moreover, damaged wiper blades can also cause scratches to the windshield while cleaning unevenly.

  • Check and fix the brakes

Brakes play an important role while driving on the road. During the monsoon, one has to be even more careful about them as roads get skiddy and wet. Hence, it’s important to get them checked before the arrival of the monsoon to replace worn-out components such as brake pads, oil, etc.

During the heavy rainfall, you can’t take your car out on the road. If it’s parked, then it needs the utmost protection from heavy rainfall. A good waterproof car body cover can protect your car’s exterior and keep it away from rust and excessive moisture.  For instance, Autofurnish offers a premium range of waterproof car body covers India to protect your car in the monsoon. You can even go for rust-coating before the arrival of the monsoon.

  • Get premium water-proof and dirt-proof car floor mats.

While stepping inside your car, your shoes can bring a lot of mud, wet dirt, and other dirty particles that can damage your car’s original carpet and interiors. Hence, it’s important to invest in premium-quality car floor mats to protect the mat and interiors from mud, dust, rainwater, and other pollutants and particles. You can checkout AutoFurnish’s premium car floor mats, including top stylish leather floor mats for cars in India.

  • Check and buy door visors.

Door visors play an important role during the rainy season. They keep rainwater away, and it can’t seep into the cabin. However, you need to invest in good door visors that you can get on AutoFurnish. The brand offers a quality set of door visors for every car so that the driver or passenger can roll down the windows to enjoy the rainy season without worrying about the rainwater.

  • Keep all fluid levels intact.

A car requires multiple fluids to function properly while driving on the road. However, the monsoon season needs more attention, and one must check all fluids, such as engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid, to keep any problematic situations away while driving on a rainy day.

  • Check all electrical components.

To ensure the smooth functioning of your car during the monsoon season, it’s indispensable to check all electrical wiring and components. Ensure to check car lights, horns, indicators, and all the wires to avoid any short circuit or inconvenience while driving through flooded roads.

  • Check battery terminals.

A car’s battery ensures the proper functioning of multiple electrical components. It gives life to every component; hence, its inspection is extremely important. Make sure to check the battery terminals for corrosion and the wiring. Also, make sure there are no unwanted deposits of leaves, dirt, or dust that may impact the electricity flow and put your battery at risk. If you can’t do it yourself, get it checked by the mechanic before the onset of the monsoon season.

  • Check your car’s tires.

Ensure to keep the pressure levels right on all tires, including the spare one. Also, it’s important to pay attention to your car's tires’ tread depth. If any of the tires have worn out, then replace them before the monsoon arrives. Always remember that a flat or worn-out tire is prone to skids, punctures, and accidents.

How does AutoFurnish help you get your car monsoon-ready?

AutoFurnish is one of the leading auto accessory brands online. The brand offers a wide range of car accessories, including interior, exterior, cleaning, styling, and care. The brand offers all types of car accessories to keep your car ready for any season. One can check out car or model-wise accessories at the website to get a wide range of accessories without beating around the bush.

The brand offers:

  • Customized accessories
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Wondering which car floor mat to buy for ultimate comfort and style? Here is a guide and insights

Modern cars are expensive and require a good amount of maintenance to maintain their interior and exterior aesthetics and longevity. No doubt, car companies have taken a giant leap in amplifying the driving experience, comfort, safety, and style. But one has to be extra careful to maintain hygiene, aesthetics, cleanliness, and comfort in today’s vulnerable times. The most important and affected area of the car interior is the floor. It is the region where everyone keeps their feet, and it is prone to dust, mud, dirt, stains, rainwater, moisture, and other foreign particles. Hence, it requires premium car floor mats that keep the original carpet intact and increase the value of your car tenfold. AutoFurnish, India’s leading online auto accessories store, dolls out a range of premium car floor mats that are durable, robust, premium, and stylish. Every mat is meticulously crafted and given a unique design to outshine ordinary mats available on the market. Whether it’s maintenance, protection, or utility, the premium car floor mats leave no stone unturned to stand out in the crowd with a bang. What are the different types of car floor mats available on the market? Carpet floor mats These mats are pretty common and can be seen easily in most cars in India. The mats are mostly designed with woven fabric and rubber or vinyl backing to avoid slipping. They offer good protection against debris and dirt. However, they are not effective enough to prevent spills of moist or wet mud. One can buy them for regular driving conditions without expecting much. Rubber floor mats These mats are extremely durable and can also repel dirt, moisture, and grime. One can find grooves and ridges in these mats to prevent water from seeping into your car’s carpeting. The mats are easy to clean and meant for high-rainfall areas to offer excellent protection against stains and spills. All-weather floor mats As the name suggests, these mats offer all-round protection from excessive heat, rainfall, and winter. These mats use an essential combination of rubber and carpet to withstand acute weather conditions. With the help of raised edges and deep channels, the mats can easily trap debris or liquids. For challenging weather conditions, one must go with them. How does AutoFurnish outshine others with its exclusive premium car floor mats? When it comes to AutoFurnish, you will find a brand-new technology-driven range of premium car floors to amplify your car’s interior safety, aesthetics, comfort, and design. 5D premium car floor mats To give your car’s interior 5-layer depth protection, AutoFurnish offers these mats. They come with maximum coverage and are raised for advanced protection. These mats are long-lasting, dustproof, and waterproof to keep your car’s original carpet clean and protected. 7D premium mats It’s one step higher than 5D mats for all car lovers who want style along with protection. These mats offer a luxurious look and multi-layered protection not only to the original carpet but also to the entire flooring and doors. These mats are custom-fit and offer end-to-end protection for the car’s interior, leaving not even an inch. Whether it’s dust, damage, dirt, or water, 7D mats offer complete protection around the clock. With multiple shades, one can also amplify the style quotient. 9D Combi Mats To take style, safety, and comfort to the next level, AutoFurnish brings a brand new exclusive range of 9D Combination mats. The one-of-a-kind premium car floor mats offer nine layers of deep protection to your car’s carpet and interiors from dust, dirt, mud, moisture, spillage, and fluids. The unique design, advanced performance, and features make these mats top-of-the-line. And with matching interior combinations for several cars, you can amplify the aesthetics of your car without compromising on its original interior design.   Which is the best car floor mat for your car? Currently, 9D premium combination custom-fitted mats unveiled by AutoFurnish have become a big rage in the market. The one-of-a-kind mats offer: Combination of premium two shades Match with most car interiors 9 layers of advanced protection Premium look to amplify the car's aesthetics Complete protection from dry and wet spillage Raised edges for maximum coverage   Final Wrap No doubt, car floor mats play a vital role in every car. However, premium car floor mats offer the next level of protection, style, and comfort. But it’s all about one’s budget and requirements as per the region. AutoFurnish offers all types of car foot mats to cater to all types of customers and their requirements. Just visit the store and assess your budget and requirements to find car foot mats accordingly. It’s just that you get more features and benefits with premium car floor mats like 7D or 9D Combi mats.