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Protect Your Bike with Premium & High Quality Bike Body Covers

With the rising prices of imported bikes in India, it becomes very important to protect these luxury dolls with premium bike body covers. Bikes are nothing less than a beloved for bike lovers. They treat their bikes like a girl friend and leave no stone unturned to protect them with best safety gear. For such avid bike riders and lovers, Autofurnish brings a premium range of online bike body covers in India.

Let’s find out some of the best branded bike covers online with technology driven features ensuring best protection for your luxury bikes.

  • Mototrance Sporty Black Universal Bike Body Cover: It is a premium water resistant body cover which protects your bike round the clock and in all seasons. It protects your bike from flying road debris, birds droppings and sunlight. You can choose from various colours and designs at the store.

Bike Body Cover

  • Mototrance Sporty Arc Blue Aqua Bike Body Cover: If you want something in stylish design and pattern then check this one out to cover your bike. It gives optimum level of protection to your bike with style. It is available for all prominent bike models in different shades and designs.

Bike Cover

Apart from above two options, Autofurnish also offers bike body covers in colourful stripes that beautifully cover your premium bikes and give protection from dust, sunlight, bird droppings, scratches, rubbing and flying debris. So get online bike body covers in India at best rates only at Auto Furnish.

Improve Visibility In Harsh Weather Conditions With Premium Car Wiper Blades

Car wiper blades are one of the smallest and inexpensive car exterior accessories but play a great role in keeping you safe while driving. The accessory protects you from rain, storm an snowfall. It clears the windshield and helps you to drive safely. Knowing its importance, Autofurnish, a popular car exterior accessories store, brings versatile range of car wiper blades that offer optimum level of security while driving and add a style statement to your car.

The store offers best and technology driven wiper blades in India which offer excellent visibility in all weather conditions. Here you can buy online car wiper blades for all prominent car models. Lets check out the premium selection.

  • Autofurnish F8 Series Premium Silicon Wiper Blades: It is a next-gen product which features heavy duty design, water-repelling coating, aerodynamic and sturdy design. It comes up with advanced adaptors that are compatible with all car models. It is designed with silicon squeegee to withstand extreme climatic conditions. Silicone blade is more sturdy and durable than rubber. Over the top, the material can withstand harsh weather conditions which rubber cannot.
  • Frameless Silicon Wiper Blades: It is another premium variant which is compatible with all prominent car models. It also features aerodynamic and sturdy design coupled with integrated flexible spine which secures the silicon blades in a seamless structure. You can choose from frameless and normal car wiper blades.

The best part is that you can choose from different designs, sizes and material in order to get best car wiper blades at Auto Furnish. For more premium car exterior and interior accessories, check-out the website.

Get A Premium Range of Car Perfumes At Autofurnish

Car air freshener is one of the most important auto accessories which keep you and your car fresh while driving. Nobody likes to be seated in stinky or smelly car as it is a biggest turn off. Car perfumes keep your car stay fresh for a couple of weeks. If you don’t get much time to clean your car then perfume is the best alternative to keep it fresh. A fresh smelling interior creates a huge impact on your day and friends. If you have put unique and beautiful fragrance in your car then it also puts you in limelight. Hence, Auto Furnish brings some of the best car perfumes for cars in order to make you and your vehicle always fresh.

Car Perfumes

  • Hanging Perfumes: The store brings a premium range of hanging perfumes for car to keep you fresh while driving. You can buy Areon Fresco’s pack of 3 in different fragrances including black ice, bubble gum, lux gold and many more. These perfumes improve the ambience of your car and refresh the air.
  • Gel Perfumes: This is the new product unleashed by Auto Furnish. Gel air fresheners come up with fresh energising fragrances including lemon, apple, wish, desire, passion, dream, orange. The store offers best Areon Gel which lasts for over 8 weeks.
  • Liquid Perfumes: If you love to keep shiny liquid bottles on the dashboard, then check out liquid perfumes for car unleashed by the store. We give you the best liquid perfumes by top-notch brand Areon which works faster than any other fragrance in eliminating odors and improving the ambiance of your car. You can choose from different variants for your car. It gives citrusy smell which is extracted from natural fruits.

So what are you waiting for? Buy your favourite fragrance from the most reliable car perfumes online shop in India.

Check out Stylish & Sturdy Car Interior Accessories Unleashed by Autofurnish

Accessories play a vital role in enhancing the entire look. Be it clothes or cars, one has to accessorize both in order to give complete and stylish look. When it comes to cars, there are many accessories that not only enhance the overall look but also brings a lot of comfort. In this world of technology, there are many accessories that bring your vehicle to the future and beautify it to manifolds. If your car interior is plain and dull then it’s time to make it spectacular with some of the best and stylish accessories launched by a leading online auto accessories provider, Auto Furnish. It has made car interior accessories online shopping in India much easier like never before.

Though the online store is flooded with best and glamorous Car Interior Accessories, still we have picked up a few that will surely make you go weak at the knees.

    • Steering Knobs: Steering is the most important and noticeable part in the car hence the store brings some of the stylish knobs to beautify it. You can check out i-pop steering knob followed by Niken starter button shift gear knob with engine push starter switch and many more.

Car Steering Knob

    • Mobile Stand Holder: Drive safely without holding your phone in your hand. Pick stylish and comfortable mobile stand holder from a wide range unleashed by the store. From 360 degrees universal car mobile stand holder to combo pack of charger and holder, you can get a wide range at the store.

Car Mobile Holder

    • Massage Seats: Long drives are very painful for your back hence the store brings super comfy range of massage seats ranging from car wooden bead seat with acupressure design to vibrating massager pad cushion car seat with back lumbar support. These seats will take care of your back and make you feel comfortable.

Massage Seat

  • Food Tray Table: It’s very important to keep car interiors clean hence get a multipurpose car laptop tray for food meal or car meal tray with a cup holder to not put food on seats or dashboards.

Apart from that, you can check out tissue box holder, gear knobs, hanging perfumes, mobile chargers, floor mats, fridge warmer and cooler and many more car interior accessories in a widest range to add style to your car.

Car Body Covers: Water Resistant v/s Waterproof

Water-resistant: able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely. Water-repellent: not easily penetrated by water, especially as a result of being treated for such a purpose with a surface coating. Waterproof: impervious to water.

There are three basic types car body covers; waterproof, water resistant or "breathable" and non-water resistant.... The waterproof car covers are usually plastic film or a plastic coated fabric and will keep the rain off your car, but will also trap condensation between the cover and your car. Water resistant means that car cover is able to resist water, but it’s not 100% full proof.

Car Body Cover

Being a manufacturer, Autofurnish car covers are tailor stitched for your specific vehicle keeping in view exact year, make, model, body type, trim and other specifications of the vehicle.

Car Covers can help to protect your car in great outdoors from the damaging effects of UV rays, dirt, dust, rain, snow, ice, industrial pollutants, and bird droppings. Scratch Proof & Dustproof. Allows heat, moisture, damp, and condensation to escape easily. 

Car Body Covers

Water resistant or "breathable" car covers, these types of covers will repel most of water yet allow air to circulate, preventing condensation. These types of covers are usually lighter, thus easier to install/remove.

Car Covers

Car cover care is simple, and usually involves cleaning it periodically. Read your cover's directions carefully.

New Maruti Suzuki DZire unveiled, launching on May 16 2017

New Maruti Suzuki DZire unveiled, launching on May 16 2017

Maruti Suzuki is fully prepared to launch its new Generation 'Dzire' on May 16 2017. Media reports have revealed that the company is going to remove Swift from this car and keep only Dzire. Maruti Suzuki has started accepting bookings for the compact sedan at Rs 11,000 across its dealerships in the country. Since the unveiling, showrooms and internet forums have been flooded with queries regarding the Dzire, which will be launched on May 16.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire

Maruti Suzuki will look to revive the growth in compact sedan segment in the country with the launch of its third generation Dzire this month. Maruti Suzuki has till date sold 13.81 lakh units of the model in India since its launch in March 2008. Last full model change of the Dzire happened in February 2012. Last year, the company launched the compact sedan with auto gear shift (AGS) technology.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire

The model has been a roaring success for the company and has been instrumental in making Maruti Suzuki a strong player in the entry sedan segment. The model has been contributing to around 50% of vehicle sales in the segment. During the last fiscal, Dzire occupied the third slot in the top ten list of passenger vehicles. It was the second best selling model among the passenger vehicles in 2015-16.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire

The new generation Maruti Suzuki Dzire will come with an upgraded list of features to compete with its competition in the segment. The list includes touchscreen infotainment system, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Bluetooth, USB and Aux-in among others.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire

Pricing is key to the new Maruti DZire 2017. The new Maruti DZire 2017 will be priced between INR 5.8 lakhs to INR 8.9 lakhs (on-road). The company cannot afford to increase the price by much. The new-generation will offer even better value for money.

Autofurnish Brings Stylish & Sturdy Range of Helmets for Men & Women

Helmet is the most important bike accessory which every man should have in his safety gear. Wearing helmet can lessen the chances of serious brain injuries during fatal accidents. You can’t control others but you can definitely put yourself in safe zone by taking all precautions while driving on the road. Helmets are designed in such a way that they compress when struck. It eventually decreases the fatal impact by dispersing and absorbing force. With its 3 main parts including the shell, liner and interior, it offers optimum level of comfort and security to the bike rider.

Autofurnish brings a wide range of premium and stylish Helmets for men and women that protect you in style.



  • Mototrance Open Face Helmet with Clear Visor: It is a helmet for women and men both. It is aerodynamic in design and comes up with hygienic interior followed by extra comfort padding. It is made with high impact composite shell and offers highest levels of security with its Italian design and technology. One can find it in different shades such as pink, black and white.


Discover Premium Range Of Bike Accessories Unveiled By Autofurnish

Bike ride has its own pleasure. There are many bike lovers and avid riders who love to go places on bikes. With the arrival of premium and technology driven bikes in the market, there is a sudden boom in the sale of bikes. New bikes run faster than old ones, hence security of rider becomes very important. With the high quality security gear containing all important security accessories for bikes and riders, one can ensure optimum level of security for both anywhere and anytime. Hence Autofurnish, a leading online auto accessories store, brings best priced Bike Accessories.

Let’s find out top bike accessories offered by the store.

  • Jacket: While driving sports bike, jacket ensures optimum level of security to rider’s body. The store offers high quality branded Mototrance Motorsport riding gear body armor jacket which has a removable thermal liner and heater pack. It is a multi season jacket with hi-tech and waterproof features. It comes up with shoulder protector and many more safety features to protect the rider.


  • Gloves: To protect your hands in chilly winter and summer and to offer security the store offers premium Mototrance bike racing pro biker motorcycle riding bike gloves with hi-tech features. Its breathable, flexible, comfortable and very protective. You can check variety of them at the store.


  • Helmets: Being the most important safety accessories, the store offers premium and sturdy helmets from top-notch brand Mototrance. You can get wireless motorcycle helmet with LED safety light brake lights turn signal indicators with many more.


  • Bike Body Cover: To protect your bike from rain, dust and scratches the store brings premium range of bike body covers in different shades and styles.

Bike Body Cover

  • Bike Tyre Lock: Protect your bike from professional thieves with hi-tech motion alarm sensor bikes pad lock. It is an automatic, water proof and sensor based lock which protects your bike round the clock.

Tyre wheel Lock

Apart from that, you can find many more premium range of bike spare parts and accessories such as horns, LED lights, carriers, arm sleeves, face masks, handle grips, bulbs, bike seat covers, rain suits, bike spare parts and many more at the store.

BS-3 vehicles Ban, know about BS-4 vehicle available in the market

From 1st April BS-III Vehicles has been, due to the new Emission norms, all companies will be able to sell two-wheelers or four-wheelers of BS 4 only. So let's tell you which vehicles you have to buy, which are available in the market with the new engine.

1. Honda Activa 4G

Honda Activa 4G

Honda has launched its already popular Activa with the BS-4 engine. Its X showroom price is Rs 50,730. In this case if you are planning to buy a scooter So Honda Activa 4G is the best.


2. TVS Wego

TVS Vigo

TVS Motor Company launches 110 cc automatic scooter Wego. The cost of the Vega equipped with BS-4 engines has been kept at Rs 50,434. It is available in two colors.

3. Hero Super Splendor I3S

Hero Super Splendor I3S

Hero Company has also launched its new Super Splendor. In the Super Splendor I3S 2017 model you will find the BS4 engine. Its price is around 55 thousand rupees.

4. Bajaj Pulsar

Bajaj Pulsar

Bajaj Auto is the first two-wheeler company that has upgraded its entire portfolio. All of its models have been introduced with BS-4 emission norms.

Checkout Important Car Tyre Care Accessories For Your Vehicle

Car tyre care is very important. It is the most important auto accessory on which the vehicle is entirely dependent. With the rising prices of tyre in the market, it becomes very important to take best care of it through some of the best car tyre care accessories. The leading online car accessories store, Auto Furnish dolls out best tyre care accessories that ensure long life of your tyres in all types of conditions. On top of that, these accessories will help you to solve any tyre related problem round the clock without anybody’s assistance.

  • Tyre Inflators: It is very important accessory to inflate flat or puncture tyres. Hence, Autofurnish brings technology driven heavy duty twin cylinder metal air compressor for cars, SUVs and small trucks. It is very durable, sturdy and efficient. It can be taken anywhere such as beaches, camping, caravanning, motor bike riding, cycling or any outdoor activity. You can also check out air compressor pump tyre inflator 12v electric car bike SUV metal which is a cheaper yet amazing option.
  • Tyre Pressure Guages:  The store brings digital tire tread depth guage with enhanced gas mileage and reduces tire wear by offering apt value.
  • Tyre puncture kits: Tyre puncture is pretty common on highways hence the store brings branded auto tubeless tyre puncture plug repair kit to let you mend the puncture quickly.
  • Car Jack: You can also find different types of jacks including 5 ton bottle hydraulic jack and 2 ton professional trolley hydraulic jack to easily lift your car. For an advanced and automatic option check out automatic car jack scissor type with wired remote.
  • Tool Kits: it is one of the most important car accessories to have, hence the store brings 20PCs tyre shape multipurpose toolkit which contains all essential tools required for puncture, repair etc.

Apart from that, you can find wide range of premium tyres, car tyre locks, tyre valve caps, tyre shiners and many more tyre care accessories.