Why to invest in high-quality face masks during the second wave of Corona?

Most of the Indian states experiencing an unexpected rise in the COVID-19 cases. It is very evident that everyone, including the government and the common people, is facing hard challenges to control this pandemic. There is a pressure to revive the economy. People are trying hard to make ends meet. However, we can fight back COVID-19 only if everyone feels confident about being at low risk of getting infected. No wonder, the magnitude of testing remains short of what is required. Plus, the speed of vaccine drive lacks behind too.

Why To Invest In High-Quality Face Masks During The Second Wave Of Corona?

But people can gain confidence and have control over this situation if they wear high-quality face masks. Wearing face masks offers a great barrier between a normal and an infected person. Without any protection, the virus-containing particles emitted while breathing, speaking, coughing or sneezing can easily enter your body.

Importance of wearing a face mask:

People around the world are taking various protective measures, for instance, social distancing, hand hygiene, etc. But wearing face masks is the easiest, inexpensive, and effective way to flatten the curve of novel coronavirus. Many health agencies like CDC are encouraging people to adopt the habit of wearing face masks in public.

The new mutant of coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2 appears fast in its course than expected. This means people might be carrying the virus even before they show the symptoms. According to various researches, wearing masks can decrease the transmission of COVID-19.

The face masks that work best against COVID-19?

  • Double layered fabric and cloth masks – the masks made from fabric or cloth with a double layering have the ability to trap the droplets released while talking, sneezing, and coughing. They are beneficial at reducing the risk of COVID-19. Plus, they are easy to convenient to purchase or make at home. However, it is important to avoid touching the face while wearing the fabric or cloth mask. Ensure to wash them for second use and don’t share them.
  • Surgical masks – surgical masks, popularly known as medical masks have a loose fitting and are for one-time use. They are best to protect the nose as well as the mouth. The surgical masks works best against spays or splashes that can easily enter your body via nose or mouth. Such masks easily filter the large particles present in the air. It is essential to dispose of surgical masks after a single-use.
  • N95 masks – a high degree of protection as compared to fabric or surgical masks can only be provided by N95 masks. They have the ability to filter large as well as small particles. The N95 is designed to block about 95% of particles containing the virus. However, N95 masks are incompatible for children as well as people with facial hair. 


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