Which are the best car body covers in India?

Today, buying a car is not a difficult task. With so many finance options one can easily book his dream car within a few minutes. What more difficult is to maintain a brand new car and keep it safe from all types of damages including scratches, dents, accidental touches, rubs and bird droppings. These are the little irritating things that cause potential damage to your beloved car over a period of time. Thus, it is very important to pay heed to all these little yet potential troubles in order to sustain the natural look and beauty of your new car as long as possible. An excellent Car Body Cover is the most important Car Care Accessory in modern times. We all know that metropolitan cities are dealing with several major issues including pollution, traffic, parking crunch etc. In such a scenario, a Car Body Cover will keep your car safe at parking zone from different types of damages. As it’s not possible for everyone to have a garage or own parking space in small private colonies and high traffic areas, covering your car with high quality car body cover will surely help you to protect your car from scratches, bird-droppings, accidental touches or rubs.

However, one must know how to pick the right Car Body Covers in India in order to give maximum protection to your car.

Which car cover is the best?

 It is very important to know that your car body cover should be water resistance and protect your car from harmful UV Rays. In summer season, protection from harmful sunrays is very important in order to keep your car’s natural paint and upholstery intact. Also, it is always recommended to pick light and soft coloured car body covers as they are considered best for the sunny conditions and have excellent reflective qualities.

Which material is best for car body cover?

One should always pick durable and sturdy Polypropylene Fabric with a plastic coated or micro porous film. The material gives protection from moisture, fungus and expels stale odor. Another premium material is 190T Polyester taffeta which is super soft in nature and resist moisture, damp and condensation. The best part is that both materials give all round weather protection to your car round the year.

best material for car body cover

What is the best brand of car cover?

At present, Autofurnish offers a versatile range of high quality Car Body Covers in various designs, patterns, materials and types. One can pick various shades and styles for all types of cars. The brand has a big line-up of car body covers to choose from. And with Premium Fabric and warranty in place, the Brand brings a big smile on your face.

Should you use a car cover?

As buying a premium car requires huge investment, spending on a quality car body cover to protect it from day to day minor damages is utmost important and a wise decision. However, make sure that the cover is of High Quality to give best protection to your car in all weather conditions.

Does car cover damage paint?

It depends on the quality of a Car Cover. If you pick a high quality car body cover made from premium material, then it will never damage the natural paint of your car. In fact, it will protect its natural shine.

Does car cover protect from Sun?

The harmful UV rays can cause potential damage to your Car Exterior, thus is it very important to pick the car body covers that are UV resistant and give complete protection from harmful UV rays.

Will a car cover protect from rain?

Yes, if it’s Water Resistant and can absorb moisture then it will surely give protection from rain in Rainy Season. Always pick a car body cover which is Water Proof in nature.

Will car cover scratch paint?

Again, it completely depends upon the quality of a car body cover you pick. Autofurnish offers a premium range of car body covers that give all round protection from harmful UV Rays, water, moisture and all other types of damages. Thus pick a high quality car body cover and kill all your worries.

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