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When to replace your car windshield wiper?

Visibility from the front windshield while driving is very important. Especially during winter season, proper visibility becomes a major cause of concern as lot of accident happen due to foggy conditions in the morning or evening. To drive safely, a clear visibility through your windshield is very important and high quality car wiper blades ensures the same. It is one of the most important car accessories that ensures safe driving and effectively removes all types of hindrances that can reduce visibility. The windshield wipers go one on one with all types of elements including fog, snow, debris, leaves, dust, rain etc. to give you crystal clear view in all types of climatic conditions. Thus, it is very important to look after car windshield wipers time to time.

When to replace your car windshield wipers?

Everything car accessory has life to it. It is important to check and change time to time in order to ensure highest amount of safety while driving and to escape any unfortunate accident. As car windshield wiper is important for visibility one should know when to replace it with a new set.

Replacing Car Wiper

First off, check if your wiper blades are cracked or broken while taking a close look into them. If you see any kind of split or cracks then you must change them. If the shape becomes rounded then also it’s a sign to change them.

Secondly, if the wipers fail to clean your windshield in a proper manner or leave any film of grime then also it’s a clear sign that you must change the wipers.

Thirdly, when you wiper blades start making chattering sounds as if they are dragging across the windshield glass, then also it’s a clear signal to replace them with a new ones.

Fourth sign to replace your windshield wipers is when they get bent or damaged. If the frame or the blade is bent or fail to come in contact with the windshield properly, you should change them without giving a second thought.

Car Wiper

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