Types of car foot mats and their usability as per geographical conditions

When it comes to car maintenance, the things that come to the mind of people are car engines, bodies, and other exterior parts. This is the reason that people don’t pay much attention to small yet important things like the carpet of the car. Car interiors are equally important and require a lot of attention and care. For an instance, the original car carpet is prone to stains and if not protected well then it can easily get damaged due to day-to-day dust and debris. However, if you invest in a good car mat then it will protect the original carpet and the interiors of your car from dust, debris, moisture, etc. It may also add a great resale value to your car. Plus, it will protect it from the risks of mold or foul smell.

Types Of Car Foot Mats And Their Usability As Per Geographical Conditions

However, it is necessary to look for a good quality of car foot mats depending on your geographical conditions. There are regions that get a lot of rain or snow, thus, require mats that can offer the highest level of safety to the carpet and interiors from the moisture and sticky mud. Having a good quality of car foot mats will reduce the load of cleaning your car interiors as they offer a sanitary and odor-free atmosphere inside the car.

Here are the different types of car foot mats that are perfect for your car as per the various geographical conditions:

Platinum shield car foot mats – these mats are made from top-notch synthetic leather which offers 360degree coverage. These mats are known to be waterproof, spillproof, puncture-resistant, and offer complete safety from any kind of scratch or stain. This mat is a complete package you want for your car. Plus, it has thick pads in it and a diamond design which makes it stylish and elegant to look at. Usually, these mats have an anti-skid base, a non-slip coating that prevents them from sliding while driving. These mats can be used under any geographical conditions.

All-weather floor mats – these mats are designed to fight against all the weather conditions. The deeply sculpted channels of these mats easily can trap moisture and dirt. Also, they are anti-skidding which keeps them at one spot while driving. The surface of such mats has delicate upper tread rubber which won’t affect the sole of your shoes. You can find these dense rubber car floor mats in various colors to match the interior of your car. Plus, you can easily wash them on your own due to their non-sticky finish.

Rugged ridge terrain car floor mats – this is the best option for off-roaders and it offers great protection against mud. Also, if you are living in an area with frequent rains then these mats can be your best friend. These mats have 3/8 inch thread which is three times the usual floor mat. The high perimeter walls avoid dust and debris entering the interiors of your car. Also, the nibbed underside keeps it intact in one place, and cleaning them is very simple. You can find such mats in various color options.


Every season or geographical condition brings in different sorts of problems. Whether it is rain during spring, winter’s snow, or the spills and stains of your food. Having a car foot mat is a necessary accessory for your car. AutoFurnish offers you the best types of car foot mats you are looking for and that too under nominal price range. Here, you can find out tough, sturdy, premium, and stylish range of 5D, 7D, and many more types of car floor mats that are designed for all types of geographical conditions.

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