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Two Wheeler Jacket

Two Wheeler Jacket Online

Bikes don’t come with the luxury of airbags and seat belts. While riding a bike one has to wear high-quality riding gear to protect themselves from unwanted accidents and mishaps. A bike riding gear largely consists of a helmet, gloves, vest, elbow guards, knee guards, boots, and jackets. Skipping any of these important accessories may put you in trouble. Frequent bike riders often take the bike riding gears for granted. They either skip it or buy any sub-standard protective gear to save money. However, one has to be extra careful while driving bikes to protect their life. Knowing the fact that riding a bike exposes your body, one should not take any piece of riding gear for granted. Be it a bike tour or daily bike riding, keeping yourself protected in bike riding gear is indispensable. A bike-riding jacket is also one of the important pieces of equipment in biking riding gear. It offers an optimum level of protection to your body while riding on the road. If you are an ardent bike rider, then you need to safeguard yourself with a premium and sturdy Two Wheeler Jacket.

Reasons why you must have a high-quality bike jacket:

  • It protects you on the road: It not only offers an immense amount of protection from all types of weather conditions but also makes you visible while you are riding at night. Needless to say, premium bike riding jackets also give you full-proof protection during accidents or sudden collisions. A high-quality bike jacket comes with extra padding to protect the highest impact areas, including the elbows and shoulders. During fatal accidents, the extra padding protects the shoulders and elbows from abrasions and burns.
  • It amplifies the comfort: To get the utmost bike riding comfort it’s imperative to get your hands on premium quality bike jackets. While taking long rides, a premium bike jacket helps to protect against cold winds, excessive sun rays, irritating bugs, and other environmental elements that may affect your comfort while riding a bike.
  • It gives you a stylish quotient: Driving a sports bike is incomplete without wearing a premium jacket. Bike jackets are not only designed to offer the highest level of security but also to elevate your style quotient tenfold. Unlike normal jackets, bike jackets come up with different styles, colors, patterns, and designs to make you look apart.

Thus, AutoFurnish, India’s leading and premium online accessories brand, offers premium and stylish bike riding jackets to amplify your protection and style quotient.

Currently, the brand offers:

  • Riding Gear Body Armor Jacket for Bike Riding: Large Size: It comes with full zipper front closure along and adjustable straps until arms and shoulders. One can remove the spine armor and a wide elastic waist belt with Velcro is given for maximum comfort. The high-impact injection-molded plastic with back plate armor is given for 100% protection. It is available in all sizes and gives a very stylish look.
  • MOTORSPORT Riding Gear Body Armor Jacket for Bike Riding: This is an excellent all-weather bike riding jacket with adjustable sleeves and cuff take-up straps. It is 100% waterproof and windproof and comes with high visibility reflective piping for enhanced safety during night-time. It also comes with a thermal liner and removable instant heater pack to give you warmth during cold weather. It is also available in all sizes.

AutoFurnish leaves no stone unturned to make your bike rides and tours safe and sound by offering the highest quality of bike jackets and bike riding gears.

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MOTORSPORT Riding Gear Body Armor Jacket For Bike Driving

  • Adjustable sleeve and cuff takeup straps at the helps to secure a snug fit
  • Waterproof zippered air intakes on the arms and front of the suit and exhaust vent on the rear
  • High visibility reflective piping for added safety
  • Available Sizes - Collar size 42
  • Colour - Black
₹ 8,600.00 ₹ 8,100.00