Transform Digital Tyre Inflator (DS-6700) - 12V DC Portable Air Compressor for Car, Bike, Bicycle, Motorcycles, Balls

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Product Highlights

  • With dimensions of 182 x 156 x 74 mm, it is easily portable and saves car space.
  • Fast refill with a filling time of ~5 minutes.
  • Works on 12V power supply, readily available in the car’s cigarette power outlet.
  • Compatible with cigarette charging points of all cars.
  • Electric wire of length 3000mm and 500 mm long hose for convenient refilling.
  • Digital display for added convenience.
  • Auto-shut when tyre reaches the desired pressure.
  • Pin for added utility like inflating footballs, basketballs, etc.
  • Noise levels of < 80dB remain within permissible limits.
  • Do not use for more than 10 minutes at a stretch.
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Autofurnish Digital Tire Inflator is the perfect inflator for your motorcycle, ATV or small car. Its compact and powerful design will air up a standard car tire in 8 minutes. With interchangeable connectors for multiple power sources and a rigid carrying case that stores easily in your saddlebags, this is the most versatile, compact tire inflator on the market!

Smallest Portable 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump
Connects to a car's 12V cigarette adapter socket and inflates from 0 - 30PSI in a little under 8 minutes. A single Black on/off switch to start and stop inflation and has a compact design for easy storage in the trunk or under the seat. Includes two extra adapters for sports balls, balloons, pool toys and other leisure inflatables.

Small Width Plug Point
9mm x 37mm plastic adapter for balloons, pool toys and other leisure inflatables NB. Check compatibility with inflatables

Never have flat or saggy balls again with this Needlepoint adapter. This accessory makes short work of inflating basketballs, footballs and other sports balls

Schrader Car and Bike Valve
Standard Schrader valve for cars, motorbike and mountain bike tires

Inflation Instruction
Choose either the lighter adapter or alligator. Connect the chosen adapter to the power Input of compressor unit.
Insert the lighter adapter into car 12V Socket for the power source. Attach the Black clip to the negative battery cable where meets the terminal.
Screw the threaded connector securely to valve stem of the tyre.
Press In the On/Off Switch to begin inflating.
Once the desired pressure is reached, switch off the unit and repack components. 

Volatge:  DC12V
Max Current:  < 10 A
Max Pressure:  80PSI
Cable Length:  2800±100mm
Hose Length:  100±10mm
Operation Temperature:  -20~60°C
Display: Digital Gauge
Dimensions:  182 x 156 x 74 mm

Color: Red Material: ABS

Warranty: 24 Months of Manufacturing Defect Warranty.

In The Box: 1X Tyre Inflator, Sports Needle, Instruction Manual.

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