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Towing a car is a very delicate process. If it’s not done properly or with proper car tow cable then your car may get some severe dent or damage. Many cars break down on the road that requires someone to give you a tow. The process of towing a car must be done in a professional manner. First off, the speed should not exceed more than 20mph and avoid making any sudden movements. Likewise, keep checking rear mirrors to ensure everything is going in the right manner. However, it is very important to have proper Car Tow Cables. Many motorists take Car Tow Cables for granted and use any ordinary cable or rope to tow a car that leads to damages. Thus, it is important to invest in proper Car Accessories to ensure a higher level of safety to your car. Autofurnish, a premium Car Accessories Online store, brings quality driven Car Tow Cables that can pull up to 3000kgs. The Tow Cables are highly durable, sturdy and are made of premium quality of material to ensure the highest level of safety to your car during the towing process.

Autofurnish brings Emergency tow pull rope snatch strap for a car that can pull over 3000kgs and comes with dimensions of 8mm*4m.

Heavy duty Car Towing Rope: with a capacity of 3ton and 3 meters in length. It is a super strong heavy duty nylon tow strap with two safety hooks at both ends. The fluorescent colour makes it safer to use at night. Autofurnish also deals in Bike AccessoriesBike HelmetsArm SleevesBike GlovesCar CablesCar Tissue Box. Brand also has the best offers on all products, you can check it on Offer Zone.

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Emergency Tow Pull Rope Snatch Strap for Car (8mm x 4m, 3000kgs)

  • Available Color : Multicolor
  • Easy to Use
  • Good Quality
  • Long Lasting
₹ 499.00
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Heavy Duty Car Towing Rope 3 Ton Capacity 3 Meter Rs. 249
Emergency Tow Pull Rope Snatch Strap for Car (8mm x 4m, 3000kgs) Rs. 499

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