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Autofurnish is a Delhi-based brand and due to lockdown in the city delivery of products may be a bit longer than normal.

Things to consider before buying Car Cables

Have you ever been in a situation where your car ditches you in the middle of the road? Well, such uninvited situations happen with most drivers once in a while. The reason behind this could be anything, it could be engine issues, low battery, and much more. However, you might not be always lucky to get roadside assistance but you can always ask a fellow driver such hard times or otherwise, you can simply help someone during their difficult time on the road by just helping them with a tow.

There are a lot of options when we talk about towing but the best out of all is only car cables. This is the most heavenly car accessory which you should keep with yourself in your car. Basically, car cables are heavy-duty wide ire ropes which are considered best for towing as well as recovery applications. They are prepared for steel or steel alloy.

Things To Consider Before Buying Car Cables

There are mainly three parts of a car cable known as the core, wire, and wire strands. For towing, you can choose from wire strand core, independent wire rope core, and fiber core cable.

AutoFurnish offers a wide range of car cables for towing which can be beneficial for you in the long run. Plus, they are available at very affordable prices.

What is the actual strength of the car cables?

It is essential to know the actual strength of car cables before actually buying them from AutoFurnish. This gives a rough idea about whether one should go for a thick cable or slightly light cable. The standard cable has a diameter of 3/16 inch to 1/2inch and even more.

The thicker the car cable is, the higher strength it takes to break. On the other hand, half an inch of the independent wire rope core has a strength of 4, 000 pounds to 23, 000 pounds. Whereas, synthetic cables made of Dyneema fiber also known as synthetic material has a higher strength of breakage than steel cables.

What is the actual length recommended for car cables?

Before buying any car cable one should be aware of its recommended length. These car cables are best used for winching applications. Therefore, it is perfect to go car cables with a length of 50 feet and even more. This way you won’t face any issue while being on the road.

The application of car cables in real

The car cables from AutoFurnish are paired with a winch which is ideally used for recovery purposes. Car cables are also known as wire ropes with terminations on both sides. These terminations are mostly hooks for attaching the cable with a car. These hooks when combined with the hardware of the car can recover, tow, and lift the car. Plus, you can do much than this with one car cable.


The compact car cables from AutoFurnish are best for your car. These are highly suitable for towing and lifting the car. You can get them at various available sizes, colors, and materials. this one accessory is very essential for your car.

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