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Things to carry on trip for Leh/Ladakh - Bike Accessories

Recently, people have started taking bike tours to hill stations to get an essential dose of adventure. One of the prominent destinations among avid bikers is Ladakh. Every year, thousands of bikers take a trip to Leh & Ladakh to discover unparallel and spectacular scenic beauty of the destination. But to ensure seamless and safest bike tour, it is very important to have Premium Bike Accessories for safety. Some bikers often neglect to invest time and money on bike accessories that prove very fatal for them. Thus, to enjoy safest and happiest motorcycle tour or journey, it is very essential to have best bike gear and accessories. Autofurnish, India’s premium and popular Auto Accessories store, brings best quality Bike Accessories at highly competitive prices. Keeping in mind the safety of bikers and bikes, the Brand offers highly durable, efficient and sustainable Bike Accessories that not only offer highest amount of security but also enhances the style quotient.


Let’s take a quick look at some of the best and technology driven bike accessories offered by the Brand that will surely enhance your safety and style quotient.

Riding Gear Body Armor Jacket for bike driving: It is the most important accessory for avid bikers who love to take bike tours to hill stations. It protects your upper body portion from accidents, scratches and odd climatic conditions. With adjustable and stretchable fabric it offers optimum level of security along with comfort.


Face Mask: This newest product is made of two parts (goggles and mouth-muffle), parts can be installed/uninstalled easily without any tools. High consistency cotton has better exhaust ventilation, good appearance, safely cling to face. The mouth-muffle adopt advanced ventilation system, its inside strainer can block the most of dust and sand during driving. Non-slip and adjustable elastic tape of Goggles will be able to adapt to any size of head. The goggles protect eyes for all kinds of outdoor sport activities such as bike riding, dirt/pit bike and motocross. It is Anti shake, anti-fog, high impact ensuring that you will always have perfect vision while doing your outdoor sport. Super soft plastic and high density cushioned fitted ideally designed for your all day comforts. This mask is perfect with open face/ half helmet; you can change your helmet into different style easily.


Sober Rodick Monster Multi Graphics Full Face Helmet: It is the most important bike accessory while driving bikes. Without wearing it, you are highly prone to accidents leading to death or dangerous head injury. Thus, protect your head with this sturdy and solid helmet designed with high impact composite material shell followed by hygienic interior with extra comfort padding. It also looks very stylish with graphics and design.


All Season Outdoor Gloves: Gloves are carefully constructed with durable and sturdy material for your long term use. The fabric of this gloves fingers inside part is terry cloth, helps to easily wipe sweat, durable and functional. Absorbent and quick drying comfort lining, multi-directional stretch for active use, anti-bacterial treatment to eliminate odor. For instance, the Stretchable and Breathable Lycra Material is hard-wearing enough to facilitate re-use for many times. Additionally, the lycra fabric on the surface of gloves is ventilated, and the terry cloth on thumbs enables to wipe off sweat.


Strom breaker Rain Suit with Carry Bag Raincoat: To protect yourself from sudden downpour in cities or hill stations while driving bike, it is a very important bike accessory. It is designed with 190T nylon taffeta with imitated rubber coating. It is water proof and made up with breathable material. It also comes with two side pockets, Velcro and loose cuffs.


Sporty Arc Blue Aqua Bike Body Cover: And to protect your premium bike from all types of scratches, dents, dust, bird-droppings etc, it is very important to have quality bike body cover. Auto Furnish offers a very stylish and high quality range of bike body covers made of 190T polyester taffeta light weight breathable material. It is water and dust resistant and comes with mirror pockets.


Along with that, one can find out many more premium bike accessories to ensure safest and seamless biking in cities or hill stations. For more bike accessories visit the website.

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