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Things to be kept in mind while buying Car Body Covers

Nowadays, it has become very essential to protect your car as much as you can. There is a number of problems including paint fade, scratches, bird droppings, dust and rain that can cause potential damage to the body of your beloved car. Knowing the fact that buying a premium car is not a piece of cake and it’s maintenance may cause a big dent in your pocket, it becomes an obvious task to prevent it as much as you can. A good car body cover can offer super protection to a great extent.  Most of the problems such as bird dropping, dust, scratches etc can be sorted out by using a premium Car Body Cover. However, there are some important things that one must keep in mind while buying a car body cover. Today, Autofurnish, India’s leading Automotive & Best Car Accessories store, gives you some essential tips that you should keep in mind while buying car body covers.

Car Body Covers

  • Make sure to choose a snug-fitting cover that fits your car perfectly in order to offer the highest level of security. Nowadays, car body covers are designed in standard sizes including A, B, C etc. Manufacturers don’t design individual Car Covers for every single car model. So check the size of the cover as well as the compatible list of cars.
  • Tie your car cover properly: Most of the car body covers come with one single strap with a clip buckle that is usually placed at the bottom. It is not so sufficient to offer the highest level of security to your car if it’s a park outside or in a general parking lot. To ensure maximum security to your car buy shoelaces and make new tie-down points in order to tie it to wheels.
  • Refrain from using car body cover in rain: Many people forget to remove cover during rain which can cause potential damage to the car body. By doing so, you are ruining your car’s protective clear coat. Usually, when the rain stops, the water mixes with dust and the cover stick to the car body causing potential damage to the body.
  • Make sure to clean your car cover once a week:  Car covers also require a periodic cleaning so that they can offer the highest level of protection to your car. Thus, it must be dusted or cleaned once a week so that no dust seeps inside or onto the body.
  • Last but not least, refrain from using a thick tarpaulin cover as it can cause potential scratches onto the car body and also spoils the car’s paint.

By keeping these essential tips in mind you will surely offer full-proof security to your car with Car Body Covers.

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