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Super Fit Car Seat Covers: 3D Custom Made PU Leatherette Hecta & Palm seat covers

Car seat cover is one of the most important interior car accessories. The seat cover is primarily designed to ensure the safety of original car seat’s upholstery from day to day wear and tear. A good seat cover also brings good comfort for the passenger and style to the overall interior of one’s car. Many people who love cars or addictive to design cars often invest in multiple car seat cover to go with the theme, taste and preference. High quality car seat covers bring a lot of elegance, style and comfort to the seats, taste and preference. High quality car seat covers bring a lot of elegance, style and comfort to the seats.

In order to safeguard your seats from all types of possible damages, they act as a shield and bring style and elegance to the interiors. However, choosing quality car seat cover is a very daunting task. One has to check the fabric, durability and design to ensure high quality. With so many options available in the market, it becomes quite challenging to get right seat covers for your car seats. To beat all your worries around car seat covers, Autofurnish, India’s first and leading auto accessories store, brings technology driven car seat covers in various sizes, shapes, designs, patterns and shades to match all car models. The store brings two types of car seat cover.

Towel Car Seat Covers: These covers are designed to protect seat with headrests, front and rear, leather or fabric. The covers can absorb all the liquids harmful for your interiors. They are meant for all seasons and easy elastic fitting can make them even more user-friendly. All these covers are machine washable and bacteria resistant. The best part is that the store offers customized covers for every car model. With 3 shades including beige, white and grey to choose from, one can easily revamp the car interior with towel car seat covers without burning a hole in the pocket.

towel car seat covers

Leatherette Car Seat Covers: The second option is leatherette seat cover to offer extra comfort and style to your seats. The cover is designed to give luxurious look to your car interiors. It features double stitched steams, non-fading color and premium comfort backing to offer lasting durability. It is made of leatherette, artificial leather. It protects original upholstery from spills, stains and all kinds of damage. On top of that, the fabric is water-resistant and maintains flexibility over a wide temperature range. One can easily clean it and get an apt size for a particular model. The store offers the cover for all car brands and models. With so many shades to choose from including black, beige, black-red, black-brown and many more, one can easily spruce up the style quotient of his car interiors without spending a bomb.

Palm Car Seat Covers

Apart from that, the store also offers many more high quality and luxurious car accessories for all prominent car brands and models at very competitive rates. Just visit the site and get the best auto accessories for your car.

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Seat covers looks stunning! Many of them possess a passion for cars and lavishly use their creativity and savings towards making their vehicle more stylish, equipped and luxurious. Modifications render an uniqueness to a vehicle and in some cases, improves its performance too. https://autoextras.com.au

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