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Reverse car parking sensor helps you to park safely

Modern technology has made our lives more convenient and safe. With each passing day, we discover new technological inventions that directly impact our personal lives. In every sector, we have come across some potential advancement that has set new benchmark in the technological world. In the automobile industry, reverse car parking sensor is making waves as it helps drivers to park their cars safely. The device allows you to park your vehicle safely in busy markets, roads and parking lots. It is a great piece of technology in today’s times where we all are struggling with parking space and dents. With the help of the device, one now doesn’t need to see the rear mirror or get head out the window to check the parking space. The entire system equipped in reverse car parking sensor alerts you of various obstacles objects and parked cars during the parking. It can also detect presence of low walls and kids in order to ensure optimum level of security to your vehicle.

These sensors come in a form of a kit which can be installed easily in any car. Although hi-end cars do come up with pre-installed reverse car sensors, a customer with a budget car can get it installed very easily. Autofurnish, India’s leading auto accessories store brings hi-end and user-friendly car parking sensor kit at a very competitive price. The store brings 4 variants of reverse car sensor kit.

  • Autofurnish 12V 4 Sensors Buzzer LCD Parking Sensor Kit Display Car Reverse Backup Radar Monitor System: It features 3 inch color LCD display, dual & CPU Sensor and dual and wide angle detection. It also comes up with real time response, human voice English commands and highest level of protection to your vehicle.
  • Autofurnish Premium Quality 4.3 TFT LCD Monitor Car Reverse Rear View Mirror: It comes with 4.3 inch TFT LCD monitor and high brightness display which can detect small objects and low walls. With HD pictures and color LED backlight display, it can be fixed safely to all 12V cars.

Autofurnish Premium 4.3 Inch TFT LCD Monitor Car Reverse Mirror with Sensor: It is a premium quality with 4 parking sensors and HD pictures along with color LED backlight display. It also comes with buzzer alert voice alert and with enhanced coverage and detection.

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