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Rain Shoe Cover

Monsoon season is the best time of the year. But for regular bike or scooter riders rains can be troublesome. The feeling of ‘ready for rains’ is never enough, there is always something that makes you feel unprepared. But not this time. With AutoFurnish’s rain shoe covers you will always feel prepared for monsoon season. There is a great collection of Mototrance rain shoes which will help to protect your expensive shoes from rain.

These rain shoe covers will not give protection against rainwater but also dust and sand. The covers are lightweight which makes them perfect to carry everywhere with you. They are simple to wear and one doesn’t need room for them. The rain shoe covers from AutoFurnish are suitable for every shoe or boot type such as riding boots, tennis shoes, formal shoes, etc.

They are made from a nylon material which makes them super comfortable to wear as compared to alternatives like plastic bags. The adjustable hood drawcord and loose bottoms will give you relief during tough rainy days. Also, these rain shoe covers are available at AutoFurnish at 60% off. Plus, you get a manufacturing defect warranty of one month. This is an unbelievable deal offered only at AutoFurnish.

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Premium Knee Height Shoe Rain Covers Shoe Raincoat

  • Protect your expensive shoes from rain.
  • Unexpected Rain usually makes you very annoyed, but now you do not have this trouble.
  • The Rain Shoes can Anti Rain, Dust, Sand also can be portable. You can take them anywhere you want to.
  • Very easy to put on and off and take up very little room when not in use.
  • Works very well on any type of boot or shoe. Riding boots, western boots, tennis shoes, etc.
₹ 699.00 ₹ 237.00