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Must have Emergency Car Cables

There is nothing special for a person than owning a car. People try to keep their cars up-to-date so that they face no issues on the road. However, serious road situations can come uninvited anytime. For instance, one can face car engine issues in the middle of the highway with no mechanics nearby. Overcoming such helpless situations is only possible if you have access to car cable accessories. Undoubtedly, this is a must-have accessory in your car tool kit.

Must Have Emergency Car Cables

The car cables are a time-saving accessory that carries huge importance when a driver turns the car key in the ignition or when the car’s battery is not working. There are mainly two types of car cables such as tow ropes and jumper cables. AutoFurnish has a great collection of high-quality car cable accessories at an affordable price range which will not disappoint you in the long run. These one-time investment carcables are best to tow or lift the car anytime you are in trouble at an isolated place.

Here are some of the car cables available at AutoFurnish:

  • Emergency tow pull rope snatch strap for car – this car cable by AutoFurnish an essential purchase. Be it, minor or major issue, you can use a tow rope to get out of a nasty car situation every time. It can help a car to pull and two in case of breakdown. This rope can pull or tow a car of around 3000kgs. The size of the car cable is 8mm X 4m. It comes in various colors, is easy to use, and is made of high quality.  Currently, it is available at 67% off with free shipping. The jaw-dropping price of this AutoFurnish tow pull car cable is Rs.499. This is an investment worth making.
  • 500 AMP booster car jumper cable – jumper cables, best known as booster cables are insulated wires with alligator clips at every ends. The people who have uneven working car batteries or are not sure about their car’s condition should always carry car jumper cables with them. These electric cables help bring back the life of a car’s battery.

AutoFurnish’s jumper cables are great for both trucks and cars. It has ergonomically designed handles, best for cold and warmweather conditions, has a clamp jaw to hold the terminal well. Plus, the jumper cable is 6ft long and is thick enough to solve your issue. It comes at a price of Rs.699 after a 30% discount.

In addition to tow pull rope and jumper cables, AutoFurnish also offers a triple LED socket USB cord with 12v/24v USB charger output, with elegant design and simple to use features. The price of a triple LED socket USB cord is Rs.599 after a 50% discount.


Not many people understand the importance of car cable accessories until they face complicated road situations. Having premium quality car cables is necessary for every car owner. The car cables available at AutoFurnish are made of premium materials that define their quality. Plus, they are under huge discounts which makes them worth the purchase. This one-time investment accessory will never leave you hanging in the middle of the road.

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