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Make Your Bike/Scooter Ride More Comfortable With Mototrance High Grade PU Leather Seat Covers

We all know that driving in metropolitan cities is quite a daunting task. With so much of traffic on the roads, multiple red-lights and sultry summer, it becomes even more stressful to drive a scooter or a bike. You are prone to all kinds of pollutants and harmful and extreme sunrays. Knowing the struggle of a daily bikers and scooterists, the only privilege they have is the seat on which they sit while driving on the road. And if that is also not comfortable, then it’s going to be really stressful to drive in such a hot & humid weather. Therefore, to make your bike and scooter seats full of comfort, and to add a sense of style to them, AutoFurnish, India’s leading premium auto accessories brand, brings a brand-new range of Mototrance bike/scooter seat covers.

Make Your Bike/Scooter Ride More Comfortable With Mototrance High Grade PU Leather Seat Covers

Why to pick premium bike/scooter seat covers

  • We all know that driving a bike/scooter for long hours can cause pain in your back, hips and thigh. Thus, premium seat covers add an additional support and cushion to give you an instant relief while driving for long hours.
  • The premium material used in seat covers will keep you warm in winter, and cool during sultry summer.
  • The high-quality seat covers are very durable and resilient. They can easily absorb liquids, dirt, dust, and moisture without causing any damage to your original seat or you.
  • We all know that summer brings a lot of sweat. To make your everyday ride a breeze, the premium seat covers are sweat absorbents as well.

Exclusive features of Mototrance bike/scooter seat covers

  • Every seat cover is designed with high grade PU leather. It is very elastic, soft, comfortable, scratch, and water-resistant. The anti-pull technology keeps it intact.
  • The high-quality material and design makes it very difficult to crack, peel and damage. One can use it for a longer time period, compared to other normal seat covers available in the market.
  • The design looks very premium to catch everyone’s attention on the road.
  • The ergonomic seat covers come with additional cushion to offer support to your spine, thigh and hip.
  • The seat covers come with shock and stress absorption technology to give you immense amount of comfort while driving on the road.
  • The surface of the seat covers don’t allow water to stay and seep. All you need to do is to wipe and clean, without worrying a little about your original seat underneath.
  • The Mototrance high-grade PU leather bike seat covers are suitable for every season. Thus, one can use these seat covers round the year, including spring, summer, winter and monsoon.
  • The seat covers are easier to install, compared to others available in the market. All you need to do is to fix the cover with attached adjustable string.
  • Every seat cover comes with one month manufacturing defect warranty.
  • The best part is that you can enhance the style quotient of your bike/scooter with stylishly designed seat covers.

So what are you waiting for? Give your bike/scooty a premium and sturdy seat cover today!

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