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Autofurnish is a Delhi-based brand and due to lockdown in the city delivery of products may be a bit longer than normal.

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360 Degrees Universal Car Mobile Stand Mobile Holder

Compact. Lightweight design. No messy sticky adhesives.
₹ 199.00

Adjustable Car Steering Wheel Mobile Phone Holder with Anti Slip Design

  • Easy to install: The device is highly compatible with steering wheel, can be moved freely, no security risk
  • Protection - The device is embedded with soft silicone pad, which protect your phone from scratching or gash
  • Very cosy: Easy installation-no need extra tools, just a few seconds to finish it
  • The clips is adjustable- the max opening is 86mm, perfect fit for mobile phones
₹ 199.00

Adjustable Mobile Holder/Mobile Stand/Car Stand with Quick One Touch Technology for M...

  • Easy One Touch Mounting: Die Hard car mount comes with easy one touch mounting system, which locks your phone when you place your phone mount.
  • Easy Access Design: Die Hard car mount comes with easy access design to charging and 3.5 mm jack. Other car mounts come with support at bottom which is not much friendly for charging or using AUX pin in phone.
  • 360 Degree Rotating Head: Car mount head can rotate 360 degree, and you can set your phone vertical or horizontal as per your requirement.
  • Super Sticky Gel: It comes with super sticky gel to stick car mount securely on glass, dashboard (even on textured surface). It also has two step vacuum locking lever for better suction on different surfaces.
  • 360 Degree Rotating Head: Car mount head can rotate 360 degree, and you can set your phone vertical or horizontal as per your requirement.
₹ 333.00
Out of Stock

Autolife Wide View Smart Phone Holder (ST-258) Black

  • High quality plastic.
  • Ergonomically placed clamp.
  • Easy to operate, rotating spindle.
  • Clamps tight on windscreen.
₹ 999.00

Car Stand Windshield Mount-White Mobile Holder

  • Durable, solid easy to install and release on vehicles windshield.
  • Suction mechanism works perfectly on plain smooth surfaces such as glass, plain tiles or other plain surfaces like glossy laminate, refrigerator wall, granite etc.
  • It will not work perfectly with surfaces which are not smooth.
₹ 299.00
Out of Stock

Cata Silver Line Smart Phone Holder

  • Can hold phones, GPS, MP4 and other devices, the width of which can be up to 9cm.
  • Good performance, keeping your devices stable.
  • Easy usage for dashboard viewing.
  • The non-slip grips allow your device to stay in place and is light but durable.
  • Durable, solid easy to install and release.
  • High quality with reasonable price.
  • Hold your phones safely and legally in your car.
₹ 499.00

I-POP New Sink View High Quality Smartphone Holder - Blue Black

  • 3 Different Suction Type (Stand/Glass/ Low Arm).
  • An adjustable base for a perfect fit in cars, trucks and other vehicles with standard sized cup holders.
  • High quality car mobile holder extend 5 cm to 10 cm.
  • PROTECTIVE- soft holder grips/backing will not scratch your device.
₹ 999.00
Out of Stock

I-POP Sink View High Quality Car Mobile Holder Car Cradle

  • 3 Different Suction Type (Stand/Glass/ Low Arm).
  • An adjustable base for a perfect fit in cars, trucks and other vehicles with standard sized cup holders.
  • High quality car mobile holder extend 5 cm to 10 cm.
  • PROTECTIVE- soft holder grips/backing will not scratch your device.
₹ 999.00
Out of Stock

Portronics CLAMP X POR-926 Car-Vent Mobile Holder (Black)

  • CLAMP X: A patented Universal mobile Holder with cradle to hold any Smartphone up to 15cm in the car AC Air Vent.
  • ALL WEATHER: It is designed to with stand extreme weather conditions, hot or cold. Designed to secure your phone on smooth and bumpy roads.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply press the button on the back to open the sides of the mount to fit your size phone.
  • DESIGNED FOR DRIVING SAFETY: Now you can drive safely while viewing directions on the Google Map or can talk on speaker phone.
  • FLEXIBLE YET STABLE: Enjoy the convenience of 360 Degree Rotation of your device to suit the view you want.
₹ 529.00
Out of Stock

Portronics POR-116 Clamp M Car Mobile Holder (Black)

  • Clamp M is a premium Universal mobile Holder with a cradle to hold any smartphone up to 6 inches as it is charged with USB cable from any good car charger.
  • You always drive your car while using your smartphone for viewing directions on the Google Maps or talking on the speaker phone, You take huge risks of holding the phone in your hands for these activities.
  • You can telescopically zoom it out 40 mm, rotate it fully and tilt it side wards so you get maximum flexibility that any car mobile phone holder can give you in the market today.
  • Clamp M has a mobile holder with lightweight, temperature resistant and strong ABS body, to use, simply clamp your smart device on the cradle arm of Clamp M without the fear of it falling down during bumpy drives.
  • Simply press the innovative one-click release button given at the base of Clamp M to ensure easy release of smartphone.
₹ 679.00
Out of Stock

Portronics POR-630 Car Clamp Magnetic Air Vent Mount Mobile Holder

  • Powerful Magnetic Phone Car Mount: This Universal magnetic car mobile holder produces a strong magnetic pull that will hold any smartphone including iPhone and Android phones even on bumpy roads and sudden brakes.
  • Strong Magnets Optimal Performance: Built-in strong magnets provide a reliable hold without interfering with the Smartphones functioning. The Larger surface area further ensures a uniform and dependable grip.
  • Premium Materials, Ideal For Indian Weather Conditions: From Heat Resistant Silicone to the (Neodymium) Alloy Body, this product that not only looks great but will last longer as well even in extreme heat/cold inside the car.
  • Easy To Use: This air vent universal smartphone magnetic car mount holder is 10 times easier to use than any other magnetic phone mount holder due to its simple design.
  • 360 Degree Rotation: You can set your phone vertical, horizontal or angular position as per your requirement. You can charge your phone when attached to the holder.
₹ 589.00

Toad Imported Car Dashboard Magnetic Mobile Holder for All Phone Sizes

  • Fits any phone size. Strong magnet, phone doesn’t drop on bumpy road.
  • Complete Swivel motion with bendable arm.
  • Rubberized Magnet pad for soft contact and no scratches on phone.
  • 2 Magnet pads for Phone. 1 with double sided glue.
₹ 895.00
Out of Stock

Toreto Car Mobile Holder Clasp 1 - TOR 152

  • While hanging from the windscreen of your ride, Toreto Clasp 1 car charger can rotate 360° without any hindrance. So you and the person sitting by your side get the full exposure of smartphone showcasing map or may be the music library or whatever you prefer using your smartphone for, while driving to places.
  • With the rubber finish body, this car mobile holder promises to keep your smartphone safe and look classy. The texture of this mobile holder is smooth enough to cause no trouble to your smartphone and facilitate its stay with comfort and convenience.
  • A mix of bold red with the royal black perfectly highlights your style statement like a pro. This colour contrast not only compliments your smartphone but also your car’s interiors, as it’s ideal to grace your windshield.
  • You don’t have to fill your dashboard space as you can simply stick this car mobile holder on the windscreen of your ride. The suction cup attached to this car mobile holder will simplify this job of sticking up with the front screen. You can conveniently explore the roads while your smartphone hangs in there.
₹ 659.00

Universal Car Mobile Holder 360 Degree Rotation

  • 360 degree stereo rotation, adjust the angle of view of the phone arbitrarily.
  • Creative and compact, Simple, beautiful and generous.
  • The bottom 3M glue design, full of adhesion, durable and non-slip.
  • A variety of scenarios, office entertainment, viewing at home, entertainment and so on.
  • It can hold the Smartphone or tablet stable and comfortable.
₹ 226.00
Out of Stock

Universal Windshield Mount Stand Car Home Desk Holder Suction for Mobile Phone Smartp...

  • Car Holder with Suction Cup Windscreen Car Dashboard for 10.8cm to 17.5cm Smart Phone.
  • 360 Degree Phone Holder Strong Suction.
  • Open the switch and make bottom suction cup stick to smooth surface, close the switch for fixing.
  • Universal Mount.
₹ 299.00

Car Shape Universal Car Dashboard Holder Mount-White

  • The clamp base makes you find the perfect angle to view your Smartphone at a quick glance.
  • Material: ABS + PC + Soft sticker.
  • Cool Sports Car design comes with reusable Sticky gel pad which sticks securely to most surfaces (including textured surfaces), yet is still easily removable.
  • Adjustable clamp. Simply attach your smart phone.
  • Built in hard plastic, it features anti slip to hold device more sturdy and stable.
  • Durable suction base perfect for any flat surface.
₹ 112.00
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