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Measures To Be Taken While Driving Through A Flooded Road

The scorching heat of India ends with the arrival of the monsoon season. It is, without a doubt, the best time and season of the year. On one side it brings a lot of joy and relief for the people but on another side, it creates big trouble for car drivers on the road. The cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, etc. are barely able to tackle the situation of heavy-pouring rain.

Measures To Be Taken While Driving Through A Flooded Road

The roads with potholes, poor drainage system with filled trash, plus the low quality of road construction leads to water logging. All these situations create a big threat to people driving cars during the rainy season. In addition, the record says that most of the road accidents occur during the monsoon season.

The monsoon season not only brings fear on the roads but also damages to the vehicle in the long run. Therefore, here are some of the essential measures while driving through a flooded road:

  • Avoid standing in a flooded zone: It is better to take the paramount precautions initially. Usually, some cars, like SUVs, have water wading depth and is claimed by the company. But most of the car models can’t get through even half-a-foot of water on the roads. This is why, it is better to avoid flooded zones or roads and find alternatives during the rainy season. The best trick to do this is to check traffic updates on various platforms like radio, etc. and be aware of how to use Google maps. Also, you need to be attentive to the deepness of water before wading through.
  • Avoid restarting car engine if stuck in the water: If your car is stuck in water or in a flooded area then avoid restarting the car engine immediately. The reason behind this is that it could lead to stress on the connecting rods of the car engine and can even break. On the other hand, if water enters your engine then the ultimate result would be serious damage and heavy-duty repairs. If you sense that water has entered your car engine then avoid restarting it. Call for help in such circumstances. 
  • Try to keep moving: Even if the flooded state occurs, the sorted thing is to keep driving your car through the water besides stopping. Another thing to keep in mind is that sudden acceleration and hard brakes are a complete no. Drive your car in a slow momentum with gear on first or second. If you drive on third gear then the chances are high for your car to stall. Therefore, be calm and keep moving.
  • Don’t panic if stuck inside the car: If your car gets stuck in water then there are very high chances of water exertion on the doors. In this situation, your car doors won’t open. But try to be calm. Try breaking the windscreen rather than door windows. The calmer you are, the better you will find the solution.


By following these effective measures, you will be able to overcome the situation of flooded roads during monsoon season. Also, this way you will able to avoid the wear-and-tear of your car. Therefore, to be safe and sound on roads during monsoons this is the best you can do.

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8/29/2020 4:42 PM

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