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Maruti Suzuki Launches New S-Cross At Rs8.49 Lakh

Maruti Suzuki India, one of the country's top carmakers, has changed its car in S-Cross and has launched in the market again with a new edition. The launch of this New S-Cross is four different editions, starting from Rs 8.49 lakh to Rs 11.29 lakh. Maruti Suzuki India and its suppliers have invested more than Rs. 100 crores for this new S-cross. Maruti Suzuki India's Managing Director said, "The new model of S-Cross will be a milestone in our journey of change. We are confident that S-cross premium will affect Maruti Suzuki's position in the city.

Interior Features:

Talking about the interior car of the new car, it changes the dashboard in front of it, it has been given the look of a German luxury car. Touch screen information system is also compatible, which is compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play. There are also many unique features such as cruise control and driver-side anti-pinch window, which are also given in this new S cross.

Adjustable Steering:

In this car, you can adjust the driving seat along with the driving seat accordingly. It also has an auto wiper system, which will automatically turn on the wiper when it rains.

Maruti ScrossRear lamps:

The company has given the new S-Cross a great look and feel in many cases with any necessary changes. Further, the big chrome grill has been given, which gives it a heavy and muscular look. At the same time, the use of LED in the S-cross rear lamps gives it a modern look.

Powerful engine:

The new S cross has a powerful 1.6-litre engine. Along with the DDiS 200 diesel engine, Smart Hybrid Technology has also been used. Apart from this, 16-inch white tires have been provided with the 216/60 configuration, which makes your drive pre-eminent and also holds better on the road.

Seating and digging:

Better seating has been provided in New S Cross, which is quite comfortable and comfortable during the long drive. The space to keep the bottle of both sides of the front gate is given. There is also a similar facility in the middle of the rear seat. At the same time, a Digi has been given with good space to keep the luggage in which you can have more luggage than before.

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