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LED car lights for better lighting in low visibility areas

Led Car Lights are so much more energy efficient than halogen & other headlights, they draw less energy from your vehicle to produce a purer quality of light. This has the net effect of improving your fuel efficiency, which will save you money.

LED car lights have revolutionized the automobile world in the recent past. Ever since the launch of LED car lights, every car owner wants to get them in front and back of their car to add a glamorous statement and to improve lighting to manifolds. The LED is basically termed as Light Emitting Diode which came in 2007. In the beginning, it was a part of only luxury cars, but one can now install these lights by using a kit. LED car lights have taken the auto market by storm, thus, available now for almost every car brand or model. LEDs work altogether in a different manner. Unlike traditional halogen bulb which comes with a slender filament of wire, LED comes with a semiconductor that exudes photons of light while applying an electric charge. Therefore, these lights can last for over 22 years’ maximum. On top of that, these lights offer the highest level of sustainability, durability and efficiency. Due to the maximum number of benefits, the demand and popularity of these lights have grown to manifolds in the last couple of years. Therefore, Autofurnish, India’s leading auto accessories online store, brings premium LED car lights for the hatchback, sedan and SUVs to give car owners better lighting in the low light or visibility areas and conditions.

Led Car Lights

The store offers a combo pack of LED headlights for low beam and high beam. The lights come up with built in ballasts and fan featuring the latest technology. The beam angle given is 360 degrees and the colour temperature is 6000k white. The high quality aluminium heat dissipation makes sure the temperature stays in the normal range. The best part is that these lights have high precision constant current driver chip with shockproof and long lasting back up of 50,000 hours. With an easy installation method, one can easily install within a few minutes.

The store offers high quality LED car lights for every car brand and model. One can check out the entire range of car lights at the store. The quality of LED is extremely excellent and produces over 6000 degrees, Kelvin. With more illumination and contrast one can get maximum visibility and high beam assist, unlike other normal halogen bulbs.

With the installation of LED car lights, one can avoid mishaps and accidents due to low light or visibility in the early morning, foggy conditions and heavy downpour. So give your car an optimum level of security and improve the visibility with high quality LED car lights unveiled by Autofurnish. For more technology driven car accessories, visit the website.

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