Install premium car sun shades in your car to keep the sun away

No one enjoys sitting in a hot & humid car. Excessive sunrays or summer can be brutal towards everything including your car. Leaving your car closed up or parked outside in the sun can make it feel like an oven. To get rid of the heat building up in your car, the only solution is getting hands on the best car sun shades. They are beneficial in eliminating the heat and can save the interiors of your car and passengers as well.

Install Premium Car Sun Shades In Your Car To Keep The Sun Away

Installing sun shades in your car can prove to be a boon. They can help protecting dashboard car stereo systems, steering wheels, door panels, dashboards, seats, etc. They also offer privacy to the driver, prevent robbers to see inside the car, and add a lot of styles.

AutoFurnish has a great collection of premium car sun shades for all car models as well as brands. They all are available at under affordable price range which will help you save a lot of money.

Here are some of the best and durable car sun shades from the brand that you must checkout:

  • Custom Fit Car Sun Shades – Nothing is better than getting custom-fit car sunshades. These sun shades are easy to use as they don’t obstruct the side mirror view. They are made of steel material and are easy to store. Plus, they are super simple to install that one won’t need any external help or tools to drill the auto body. The brand’s custom-fit sun shades are lightweight and help in reducing the interior temperature of your car. Giving up on these will make you regret it later. These custom-fit sun shades come for various car brands and models and are priced accordingly.
  • Automatic Car Sun Shades - They come up with features like unidirectional ray transportation, sunshine protection, and are super simple to install. They offer a nice look and elegance to the interiors of your car. Plus, the automatic sun shades are anti-dust, waterproof, as well as fire-resistant. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about its maintenance and longevity. Also, they come with 3M tape that makes the drilling process easy. The brand offers a one-month vendor warranty on these sunshades, and are priced according to every car model.
  • Magnetic Car Sun Shades – Investing in magnetic sun shades is the best decision if you don’t want to undergo the process of screwing or drilling. These sun shades are made with precise accuracy according to your car model. The magnates on the edges help in keeping them in place. It holds back the sun’s heat and allows your ride to be more pleasant. Made with the finest mesh cloth, these magnetic sun shades come with a one-month defect warranty. Its price varies according to the car model.

In addition to these, the brand also offers foldable chipkoo car sunshades and auto sun car sunshades. Every sun shade by AutoFurnish adds a new look to your car along with the benefit of easy installation, durability, as well as warranty.


Refine your car journey with a pleasant and cooler ambiance by investing in high-quality and functional sun shades. Also, they can keep your skin safe from harmful UV rays from the sun. AutoFurnish leaves no stone unturned to offer a good variety of car accessories from reasonable to expensive range to amplify the comfort and style of your car. And, car sun shades is one of those important car accessories to elevate your driving comfort.

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