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How To Protect Your Car From Street Dogs

Street dogs in India are a huge menace. You can find them roaming on the streets, and most of the times sitting on your beloved cars. As the stray dogs population is increasing day by day, it’s very important to protect your car from them in order to prevent damages such as scratches, dents etc. Due to the law in favour of stray dogs, one can’t file a complaint or kill them. Thus, rather than getting frustrated every time you see a dog sitting on your car roof, it’s better to take precautions to protect your priciest possession from spots, scratches and other damages.

How To Protect Your Car From Street Dogs

Well, there are multiple ways that you can apply to protect your car from street dogs. Let’s find out some of the most effective ways.

  • Cover Your Car With A Premium Car Body Cover: Today, you can find out a widest range of premium car body covers that are water and dust proof. These covers offer highest level of protection to your car from dents, scratches, bird droppings, dog movements. Once you cover your car, it will make it difficult for stray dogs to climb up to your car. In addition, it will protect your car from harmful UV rays during summer season. You can find out a versatile range of premium car body covers at Auto Furnish online auto accessories store.
  • Raise The Wiper Blades: To block dog’s way to your car’s roof right from the bonnet, make sure to raise the wiper blades up. Along with that, you can also hang a cardboard right on the blades in order to block the way for street dogs to climb up to the roof.
  • Install A Motion Detector With A Buzzer: It is also a great way to keep street dogs away from your car. Install a motion detector with a buzzer as it will give you a buzzer every time a dog tries to jump onto your car to sit onto the roof. The buzzer is so loud and scary for dogs that it will refrain them from climbing to your car.
  • Throw Water On A Dog When You Catch Him Sitting On Your Car: This is one of the best techniques to keep street dogs away from your car. Water works as a dog repellent. Whenever you see a dog on your car’s roof then throw a mug of water to startle him. Do this a couple of times to keep him away from your car.
  • You Can Spray Alcohol Based Perfumes Or Apply Vinegar On Your Car: This is also the best way to keep street dogs away from your car. Spray alcohol based perfume on your car and tyres to keep strays away. The stench remains onto the car for some time which will help keeping dogs away from your car.
  • Make Use Of Mothballs: You can also use mothballs in order to create unpleasant smell for dogs and other animals so that they won’t climb onto your car.
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3/6/2021 9:37 AM
what about my car paint? whats the best way to keep our pets from scratching my car paint?
4/20/2021 5:24 PM
You can use RECARO Dog repellent car cover RANGER quality which is specially for dog
6/12/2021 12:40 PM
My premium body covers has been bitten and torn by dogs two times already. Now don't know what to do? Autofurnish has to come up with the solution which dogs cannot tear (Something like Tarpaulin).

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