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How To Maintain Your Car During Corona Lockdown

The corona virus outbreak has locked down the entire world. The life-threatening virus has infected nearly 200,000 people all across the world. Our country is also fighting it with the help of complete lockdown till April 14th. It is the most crucial time for all of us as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads like a wildfire. Thus, nothing is more helpful than to stay at home or work from home during the lockdown. However, the lockdown period could cause some damage to your car as it’s not being used during this lockdown. Thus, we bring to you some of the best tips to take care of your beloved car and prevent any kind of damages during this crucial corona lockdown phase.

How To Maintain Your Car During Corona Lockdown

  • Park your car in a safe zone: Make sure that your car is parked in a safe zone. Ensure that your car is not parked where under the sun or tree to avoid excessive sunrays and bird droppings. Park it in safe and open zone where it doesn’t get excessive sunrays and bird droppings.
  • Buy a water-proof car body cover: If you don’t have a personal parking space, and park your car in an open space, then it’s very important to have a sturdy, water proof and highly durable car body cover to protect your car’s original paint and the body. A water proof car cover is capable enough to protect your car from moisture, rainfall, bird droppings, excessive harmful UV rays and bacteria. Also, make sure to clean the cabin space regularly to avoid any bad smell.
  • Don’t leave any type of junk in your car: During this lockdown period, make sure that your car is completely clean inside out. Many people have a habit of keep junk items in their car for future use. By doing so, you are going to leave a bad stench or attract rodents and bacteria.
  • Make sure that your car has sufficient fuel: Less fuel during this time let the air above the fuel that may potentially cause condensation that is not at all good for your car’s health. It may even cause rusting during prolonged lockdown period.
  • Make sure to start your car once in a day or two: Make it a habit to start your car once in a day during this lockdown period in order to prevent your battery from depleting. You can also run your car’s AC along with a blower on in order to bring out all the dust particles.
  • Disconnect your car’s battery: It is also an important trick to save your battery’s life. Since your car is parked and is not in use, it still uses some battery. Thus, disconnect your car’s battery to prevent complete discharge during this corona lockdown period.
  • Ensure that your car’s tyres are inflated rightly along with correct pressure: If your car’s tyres are inflated properly with correct air pressure during this corona lockdown period then you can prevent splitting of sidewalls and flat spots. If you can’t take your car out to fill air and to check pressure, then try to move your car back and forth to avoid flat spots.

So, follow these quick and result proven tips to protect/maintain your car during corona lockdown period. Also, make sure to take your car to the service centre post lockdown period before taking it onto the road.

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