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How to get your car rain ready

The monsoon season is round the corner. And it’s the right time to get your car rain ready. We all know that heavy rainfall during the Monsoon Season creates a lot of chaos, traffic jams, potholes and floods. It doesn’t only affect day to day life, but also your cars. Due to excessive water-logging, dirty water and mud enter into tyres and other components, water accumulates in sensitive areas of your car leading to electrical issues and rust. However, we can’t do anything about monsoon or natural calamities such as flood etc. But we can surely take precautions to minimize the damages during heavy rainfall in the Rainy Season. There are some result-proven and very effective Car Accessories that can make your car rain ready and to combat rainfall. Autofurnish, India’s premium Auto Accessories brand, brings some of the effective Car Accessories to make your car stay in the best shape possible and keep you safe during excessive rainfall.

monsoon season

Car Wiper BladesThough every car comes with pre-installed wiper blades but over a period of time, they tend to worn out and one can witness screeching sound. If you hear such sound then it’s a clear signal that you have to change your wiper blades or pads to ensure crystal clear view on the windshield during heavy rainfall. You can also install a rear Car Wiper Blades to get an excellent rear view for safe driving in the Monsoon Season.

car wiper blades

Car Fog LightsDuring heavy rainfall, it is difficult to see the traffic in front that can cause dangerous collisions. To get better view of potholes and cars in front, it is very important to install excellent quality of Car Fog Lights.

car fog lights

Car Perfumes: You might be wondering why car perfumes important in the rainy season! Well, rainy season brings a lot of moisture and humidity that can cause foul smell inside your car. To keep your car fresh and fragrant it is important to have a premium Car Perfume installed on the dashboard.

car perfumes

Car Cleaning DustersA heavy rainfall often accumulates debris, dust, mud and rotten leaves near wiper blades, bonnet and on the rooftop. To sweep them away and give good cleaning to your car, you must have Car Cleaning Dusters with microfiber or plastic feather so that it doesn’t cause any kind of scratches.

car cleaning duster

Washing Spray Jet Gun for Cars: This is yet another effective Car Cleaning Accessory not only for cars but for homes and bikes as well. One can use it round the year and in any season. It comes with high pressure pipe for impact cleaning and to remove all types of dirt, stains or bird droppings from your car.

car cleaning accessories

The best part is that Autofurnish offers all of the above accessories in different styles, designs and shapes to meet every car’s requirement. Every product comes with warranty against manufacturing defects and one can easily get a desired accessory in his favourite color, shape and design at the online store. So give your car protection against Heavy Rainfall with all these accessories.

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