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How to Cover Your Car?

Nobody likes to see bird poop or scratch on his car. It is very annoying to see a layer of dust, leaves, twigs or bird droppings on your beloved car. After all, it eventually leads to staining the natural paint that nobody wants to happen. But, all these issues can be avoided by giving proper protection to your car. And nothing is as beneficial as high quality car body cover. It gives complete protection to your car from all kinds of odds including bird droppings, dust, scratches, leaves etc. So the question comes how to cover your car? What should you consider while buying a perfect Car Body Cover to give round the clock protection from all kinds of odds in all types of climatic conditions?

Make sure to buy a snug fit cover: Snug fit Car Body Covers give an optimum level of protection to your car. Unlike traditional Car Covers, these covers give exact fit to your car and without leaving any space.

Material of a Car Body Cover is very important to ensure highest level of protection. Thus, always buy a thin cloth or synthetic car body cover as thicker covers may cause micro scratches on the outer surface leading to staining the natural paint when removed or ruffled due to wind.

Always go with custom covers to get highest level of protection. Don’t buy universal Car Body Covers. Custom made covers have separate cut-outs and are made with mirror pockets, antenna pockets to give natural and best fit without causing any kind of damage to your car’s outer surface or accessories.

While you buy a Premium Car Body Cover, invest some money on a few important accessories such as gust guards to clip the cover from the corners to prevent it from billowing. Also, buy a cable lock kit consisting a vinyl-coated steel cable and padlock to keep thieves away.

how to cover your car

And to get high quality Car Body Covers in India, check-out Autofurnish online store, a leading Auto Accessories brand in India. The Brand is known for its technology driven and high quality Car and Bike Accessories to give highest amount of protection to vehicles. The Brand has recently unveiled its premium range of customized car body covers for all prominent car brands and models. The covers are either made up with robust polypropylene fabric with a plastic coated or micro porous film, or high quality Polyester Translucent Teffta 190T material to protect your car from moisture and water, every cover is 100% waterproof and also offer sun protection to protect your car from harmful UV rays.

So what are you waiting for? Buy a Premium Car Body Cover to protect your expensive car from all kinds of external damages when your car is parked. To get an instant access to the high quality Car Accessories and jaw-dropping offers, visit the Autofurnish online store.


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