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Choosing the Right Helmet: Full Face & Half Face Helmets

Helmet is an important piece of accessory for bike riders. The major cause of death in most of the bike accidents is not wearing a helmet. No Helmet, No Ride! Many youngsters avoid wearing a helmet and risk their lives while driving on Indian roads. That’s why it has been made mandatory in most of the Indian states due to the rising number of accidents. However, it is very important to choose a high quality helmet rather than getting any to protect yourself during minor or major road accidents. A premium helmet gives 100 percent protection to your head from all kinds of fall during accidents. Nowadays, one can get high quality and a versatile range of helmets that can not only give full protection to biker’s head but also adds a style quotient.


Prominently, there are 2 types of helmets including Full Face Helmet and Half Face Helmets. Both helmets comes with a set of benefits.

Full face helmets: These helmets, by all means, offer the best protection to your head and neck. One can escape dust, insects, flying objects and chilly winds while wearing them. The high quality full helmets also offer good sound insulation and keep you warm especially during winter season.

On the other hand, half face helmets are considered best during summer to feel ventilated and avoid sweating. These helmets are lighter than full face helmets and expose your face to the wind so that you can feel the breeze. However, it doesn’t offer full safety to your head and face. Thus, for full protection one must buy full face helmets.

Either you choose half or full helmets, if it’s of high quality then you will surely get good protection while driving. So it is very important to purchase premium helmets from reputed brand. Autofurnish, India’s leading Auto Accessories brand, offers a versatile range of hi-tech helmets in various designs, sizes and styles. The Brand focuses on offering durable, stylish and quality driven Bike Accessories so that the bikers get highest level of security while driving on roads.

The Brand has recently unveiled it’s brand new range of helmets including full face and open face helmets.

Mototrance Multi Graphics full face helmet: It is a high quality scratch resistant helmet with visor. It offers snug fitting and has a very stylish and compact design. It is ISI approved helmet and comes with secured features.

Mototrance Nano Trace open face helmet: Those who are looking for open face helmets must check out this one. It is also a scratch resistant helmet with visor to offer easy fitting to the bikers. The ISI approved helmet has a compact design and build with high quality material to offer highest level of protection to bikers. One can also choose different designs and colours to add a style quotient.

Apart from high quality helmets, the store also offers quality driven and highly durable bike body covers, rain suit, bike gloves, bike locks and other important bike accessories that are available at it’s online store.

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