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Give your car 7D protection with 7D Carbon Mats

Nowadays, personal car has become sort of a family member. We all of us love to take care of every little thing when it comes to our beloved personal car. Knowing the fact that a lot of effort and investment have gone into it, it is quite obvious that we tend to pamper it a lot and treat it like a family member. With daily commuting, the biggest challenge for all of us is to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene in the car. It is very important to keep car clean and refreshing to feel fresh. Floor mats play a major role in enhancing the cleanliness in our cars. Premium Floor Mats driven by latest technology offer some extra features that protect original carpet of the car and let it run for many years. On the other hand, premium car mats give a very stylish look to your car and enhance its face value to a great extent. Thus, Autofurnish has recently unveiled its brand new collection of 7D Carbon Mats that are exclusively available at the AF store. The Brand has taken a giant leap in improvising and enhancing car style and safety with innovative and highly secure Car Accessories for Indian customers. Without beating around the bush or searching for quality Auto Accessories, one can find them out at Autofurnish right from the comfort of his room.

7D Carbon Mats Tan

7D Carbon Mats Coffee

The mats are entirely new in the market and exclusively available at AF store with great variety. The 7D carbon mats offer 7-depth layer protection to your car interiors and stylish look with carbon fiber PU leather styling which comes with quality fitted finish. It also features digitized design matching every vehicle specification without any problem. The raised edges are given to maximize coverage. These mats are waterproof, fire-resistant, dust proof and shock and sound absorbent.

One also doesn’t need to worry a little about its safety as the mat is scratch-proof, strong and durable. One can easily install these mats without needing a technical help. The booklet comes with the set of mats helps you to install them hassle-free.

Moreover, if you are fed-up with road noise and want to protect your car’s interior like never before, then these mats are surely meant for you. The mats reduce road noise to a great extent and protect your car’s interior round the clock.

7D Carbon Mats Black

7D Carbon Mats Beige

Another best part is that, 7D Carbon Mats come with detachable technology so that one can easily clean his car or remove them for luxury styling. One doesn’t need to go through a long uninstalling process. The 7D Carbon mats come 4 shades including beige, coffee, tan and black. From luxury to budget cars, these mats are available for all cars including hatch-back, sedan and SUVs. To check out the catalogue. Visit the link, https://www.autofurnish.com/7d-carbon.

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