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Nowadays, Car Spare Parts are not easily available in the market. One has to wait a lot in order to get a genuine spare part for his car. In accident and damage cases, car owners have to wait for weeks to get exact and genuine spare part for their cars. There are some car models that don’t have enough availability of spare parts in the market. In such scenario, one looks online in order to buy it as soon as possible. Autofurnish, a popular online Auto Accessories and car spare parts online shop in India, brings almost every car model spare parts to keep car owners out of trouble. Without making much effort, you can buy online car spare parts here.

Some of the prominent and universal car spare parts offered by the store are:

  • Tapes & Adhesives: The store brings LED Light Roll for car, home, office self stick tape which sets a new benchmark in portable LED light electricity. It features super bright light and a very high quality water proof cover self stick tape allows easy installation. It is multi utility quality product. You can also checkout 3M double coated bonding tapes with pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides to bond metal, paper and other surfaces.
  • Tow cables: Cars can breakdown anywhere and one has to tow them in some cases. So tow your beloved vehicle carefully and safely with heavy duty car towing rope which has 3 ton capacity and 5 meter long.
  • Wiper Blades: During rainy season, wiper blades work as a boon for car owners. They consistently wipe off excessive flow of water on windshield due to heavy rains. Hence one should opt for high quality and sustainable wiper blades. The store brings frameless wiper blades with an aerodynamic design for smooth operation. Its specially formulated rubber provides thermal resistance against ozone, UV rays and heat. You can get them for all car models.
  • Jack: Changing a flat tyre at an isolated place becomes impossible without having a good quality jack. The store brings 2 ton and 5 bottle hydraulic jack for your car which can easily lift your car to change a flat tire. If you want an automatic option then buy Automatic Car Jack Scissor Type Jack with wired remote. These tech-driven jacks help you in replacing a flat tyre efficiently.

Apart from that, you can find out many more car spare parts at the store at affordable prices.

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