Ensure a smooth & safe road journey by keeping a quality Car Tyre Inflator in your car

Have you ever been stuck in a cumbersome road situation with no mechanic shop nearby? Facing a flat tire amidst a road journey can be terrifying. The only solution during such tough times is a car tyre inflator. This superhero car accessory is highly significant which no car owner should neglect. Tire inflators ensure that your car tire remains inflated and in proper shape.

Ensure A Smooth & Safe Road Journey By Keeping A Quality Car Tyre Inflator In Your Car

This is a simple car tool that is super easy to use, portable, allows you to cut down some car expenses, increases the tire life, offers utmost safety, and is user-friendly. Also, while selecting the best tire inflators for your car it is essential to ponder upon factors such as PSI, analog or digital display, and size.

The market is flooded with many tire inflator options. However, finding the best one out of all can get a little tricky. To make things simple for you, AutoFurnish dolls out a great collection of premium car tire inflators at an affordable price range. All these tire inflators will help you inflate your car’s tire and will help smoothly resume your journey.

Here are some of the best tire inflators from AutoFurnish:

  • Portable Micro Tyre Inflator – If you are looking for a compact and sturdy tire inflator for your car, scooter, or bike then get your hands on this 12V powered inflator. You can easily connect it to your car’s cigarette socket and inflate tires with up to 30PSI in a maximum of 8minutes. It comes with a versatile connector feature to power it up easily along with a sturdy carrying bag to store it safely. It has a standard Schrader valve to inflate bikes, cars, and mountain bike tires easily. It is made up of ABS material and comes in red color. AutoFurnish gives 24 months manufacturing defect warranty on it.
  • Destorm DS-99901 premium air foot pump – It has a dual pump head that is suitable for all kinds of bikes. The foot pump inflator displays accurate pressure within minutes. It has an accurate gauge that will help prevent any tire blowouts. The inflator is made of a strong aluminum alloy tube, plastic base, and non-slip footpad. It comes in a compact size and can be installed with a bottle cage. The maximum pressure of this inflator is 160psi and is available in colors black, red, and silver. After 46% discount, it is of price Rs.539.
  • Transform digital tire inflator (DS-6700) – This digital tire inflator is perfect for motorcycles, ATV or small cars. It comes in a compact size that saves car space. Also, its filling time is of five minutes and works amazingly on a 12v power supply. The tire inflator is compatible with cigarette charging points, has a wire length of 3000mm and a 500mm long hose. The inflator automatically shuts after reaching the desired pressure. Its maximum pressure is 80psi and comes with 24months of manufacturing defect warranty. At AutoFurnish, this digital tire inflator is Rs.1890.

In addition to these, AutoFurnish also offers an air compressor pump 12v electric for cars and bikes, and a portable micro tire inflator for motorcycles and scooters, and many more car accessories at unbelievable prices.


A lot of people neglect car tire inflators in their car tool kit. However, to avoid unnecessary trouble on the road, it is essential to have hands on the best AutoFurnish tire inflators by every car owner. It will help you tackle tire-break down without depending on external support.

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