Concerned About Your Car’s Interiors? Follow These Tips Religiously

If you are a true auto enthusiast then you know the importance of car interior protection and cleanliness. However, there are still some people who keep their eyes closed when it comes to the car interior. Just like your car exterior, the interiors of your car are vulnerable to harmful UV rays, scratches, dust, stains, cleanliness issues, other environmental factors, and much more. Also, the heating, as well as cooling cycles throughout the year, can severely affect the leather, vinyl, as well as plastic interior of your car. 

Concerned About Your Car’s Interiors? Follow These Tips Religiously

All these car interior issues if left unattended can negatively impact the value of your car. Therefore, it is highly imperative to clean as well as protect your car interior twice a month. Here are some of the tips and tricks which will help you adopt the habit of cleaning and protecting your car interior: 

  • Vacuum your car - first thing first is to never forget to vacuum your car interior. This way you can remove the dirt from the floor mats, seats, or get rid of any leftover food particles. You even keep a portable vacuum in your car so that even while traveling your car remains clean and protected. Also, don’t forget to use the vacuum’s upholstery attachment to get rid of everything hidden deep. 
  • Get rid of the trash - nobody likes to sit in a car full of trash. So, before vacuuming your car interior try to get rid of the trash. You could find it lying on the car floor, under the seats of your car, and even on the sides of the seats. Throw away any wrappers, plastic waste, other things which your vacuum can’t handle. 
  • Wipe away the car interior dirt - after vacuuming your car, it is essential to clean the car interior with a soft cloth or wipes. This way you will get rid of the sticky stuff, dirt, or any other debris. You can also try a car cleaner of any brand to clean the console, steering wheel, windows, etc. 
  • Remove car seat stains - car seat covers can get easily messed up or dirty. To avoid this embarrassment, you can either get your car seat covers changed or get rid of the stains on them. This can be done by using any DIY cleaning solution such as dish soap mixed with water and vinegar. Or simply clean it with a wet cloth. 
  • Add car freshener - there is no comparison of a car interior that smells good and makes you feel refreshed. This is the reason that one shouldn’t ignore the addition of a car freshener. You can either buy one from the market or make one at home that includes essential oil and baking soda. 


The feeling of owning a car with interiors completely protected and cleaned is out-of-the-world. There are very few people who ponder upon the car interiors. The above-mentioned tips and tricks will help you keep your car interiors clean and protected. Every tip is simple to follow and will lessen the burden on your shoulders.

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