Care Your Car During And After Quarantine

With the spread of COVID-19 all across the globe, it is not only people who are highly affected but other things as well. In such strange and difficult times, we need to take care of our health along with our possessions. There is no doubt about the fact that with the lockdown situation our cars are going to be affected equally. After all, they are meant to be on the roads not in a garage sitting idle.

Care Your Car During And After Quarantine

So, here are some of the effective and easy car care advice. These tips can be followed during the quarantine period while maintaining social distancing.

  • Keep your car battery in shape: People often neglect to look after the car battery unless and until some error occurs. Lockdown is the best time to keep your car battery in healthy shape. Car batteries have a tendency to discharge with time. Also, batteries do not get enough electrons from the alternator with infrequent driving. Therefore, it is high time to keep your car batteries properly charged. This way they won’t trouble you after lockdown ends.
  • Give your car a nice wash: Dust and filth are unnoticeable at first but can quickly build up. The consistence contact with sunlight, its harmful UV rays, rain, etc. can be tough for the exterior surfaces of the vehicle. Being self-quarantined at home, this is the best time to pamper your vehicle and give it a nice wash. Do the cleaning of the car in a shaded place. Wash it with car shampoo and later clean it with a microfiber towel. Do not forget to clean from inside as well. Remove junk and unnecessary items from the car. Drag out the car mats and vacuum the complete car.
  • Keep a check on the filters: A close check on the car filters is beneficial. Engine oil, brake fluids, etc. needs proper monitoring. Try to maintain the level of such fluids or filters. Also, look out for any leaks in the hood. Another quick tip is to check the cabin filter. This is usually found near the globe box filled with leaves, dust, etc. maintenance of cabin filter beings in fresh air into the cabin of the car.
  • Prepare your car for the road: A car being parked in a similar position for weeks and months can flatten the tires. The situation can be worse if the tires are old and balding. In simpler words, the tires losses their air pressure. It is necessary to prepare your vehicle for the road by checking the air pressure of the tires. The ideal air pressure of a vehicle is 30-35 psi.
  • After quarantine get your car fully serviced: Apart from following all the necessary measures to keep your vehicle up to date. It is necessary to get it fully serviced after quarantine. Detailed car care can only be done in a service center. Therefore, get your car into one after quarantine ends for its proper functioning.


Cars are a human's dearest possession but that does not mean to avoid personal well-being during the quarantine. The above-mentioned care tips are enough to take care of your car.

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