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Importance of Car Seat Covers & their types:

It is very important to maintain your car interiors. Car seats cover a good amount of car interiors, thus, need to be protected from spills, smudges, stains etc. Modern car seats are very expensive and cost you a lot. To protect them from all odds and from damages, installing a premium Car Seat Cover is very much needed. At times, it is difficult to tell your friends and family members to keep the seats clean or eat or drink properly. Thus, covering your expensive car seats is better than prompting them every time you drive along with them. AutoFurnish, a pioneer in offering Latest Car Accessories, brings a premium range of car seat covers in various styles, materials, designs and sizes to give the best protection as well as styling to your car interiors.

Primarily, the Brand offers four types of car seat covers:

The Brand has 3D Custom PU Leather Car Seat Covers that are made with premium automotive grade PU leather and offer high density foam padding for the highest level of comfort and durability. Another one is made with artificial leather with double stitched seams and non-fading colour to give extra comfort and style. And the last one is Towel Car Seat Cover that is made with premium fabric to offer good protection from all odds and a nice styling to Car Interiors.

The best part is that all Car Seat Covers come in royal shades and styles to enhance the style quotient of your car.