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Car Scratch Removers

Car Scratch Removers Online

Nobody likes a scratch or a minor mark on a newly bought car or bike. The most annoying thing for any bike or car lover is to find a scratch on his beloved vehicle. It is simply unacceptable. However, if you are staying in a major Indian city like Delhi then you can’t avoid getting a scratch on your car. Thus, it is a very important piece of accessory that one must carry while travelling on Indian roads. To give you 100% protection from scratches, dents and marks, Autofurnish brings a premium range of Car and Bike Scratch Remover products that are efficient enough to remove all types of marks and scratches from your beloved vehicle. Precisely, the brand offers.

  • Phoenix mark out scratch remover pen for car and bikes
  • Phoenix 1 rubbing compound step 1 for car body scratch
  • Formula 1 heavy duty scratch out paste for cars and bikes
  • Formula 1 high performance protectant in 295 ml bottle

Along with that, the Brand keeps on unleashing brand new Car and Bike Scratch Removers and other Car Accessories products that can offer hassle-free Car Cleaning process to you.

The brand keeps on designing futuristic, trendy, and technology-driven auto accessories to give an advanced level of security, safety, and style to your car. Be it Bike AccessoriesBike Riding GearsArm SleevesBike GlovesCar Cables the brand leaves no stone unturned to offer the best-quality at jaw-dropping prices to all car & bike lovers. The brand also has the best offers on all products, you can check it on Offer Zone.

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Phoenix1 Mark-Out Scratch Remover Solution for Cars and Bikes (295ml)

  • Eliminates swirls, haze & Scratches.
  • Quickly removes heavy oxidation.
  • Sanding scratching & defects.
₹ 390.00 ₹ 335.00

Autofurnish Car Windshield Oil Film Cleaning Glass Cleaner (120ml)

  • It is the basic treatment product for vehicles in the maintenance of glass surface Easy to handle, spray and wipe, easy to atomize.
  • Long lasting, the spray lasts for 30 days.
  • Applicable to car windshield to prevent car accident caused by rain and fog, Increase surface gloss, decontamination and dust removal.
  • This product is widely used in automotive household products, used in automotive windshield or glass to prevent accidents caused by rain and fog.
  • It is used to remove excess oil such as grease and wax residue remaining on the glass, and improve the construction effect of plating, coating, enamel, etc.
₹ 465.00 ₹ 179.00

Phoenix1 Mark-Out Scratch Remover Pen for Cars and Bikes

  • Work on all paints clear coats.
  • Fast acting repair formula.
  • Accurate tip for fine repairs.
₹ 630.00 ₹ 449.00

3M Finesse It Marine Paste 200g

  • Well suited for boat reconditioning of heavily oxidized surfaces/finishes and removing sand scratches on production gelcoat.
  • White color reduces the potential for staining of light-colored boats.
  • Has long-working time, requiring less compound to be used per application.
₹ 199.00 ₹ 179.00

Phoenix1 Rubbing Compound Step 1 for Car Body Scratch Remover (945ml)

  • Removes water spots & scratches.
  • Easily polishes away mineral deposits & acid rain etching.
  • Safe for all paints & clear coats.
₹ 950.00 ₹ 821.00

Formula 1 Scratch Out Remover Liquid Heavy Duty for Car (207ml)

  • ADVANCED MICROPOLISHERS - Formula 1 Scratch Out liquid scratch remover contains micro polishers that are able to remove fine scratches and swirl marks, as well as clear haze on your car's coat finish.
  • RENEW YOUR VEHICLE'S LOOK & COLOR - With this unique liquid wax, you can restore your vehicle's paint color to a brighter, more vivid hue.
  • NON-ABRASIVE LIQUID WAX - Formula 1 Scratch Out contains powerful Carnauba wax that protects your car or motorcycle from water beading. It comes in a liquid formulation that effectively and quickly removes the blemishes on your automobile.
  • MULTI-USE - Other automotive cleaners' rubbing compounds are just for paint finishes. Formula 1 is different! This liquid scratch remover can also improve yellowed, scratched, and hazed headlights and taillights. Give your car lights new life with Formula 1 Scratch Out.
  • USER-FRIENDLY SCRATCH REMOVER - This high-grade liquid scratch solution is incredibly easy to use, making it great for first-time users and home use. Simply pour onto a clean, dry cloth after cleaning your car.
₹ 425.00 ₹ 359.00

Formula 1 Heavy Duty Scratch Out Paste for Cars & Bikes (227 g)

  • Removes minor scratches, swirl marks, bird droppings and tree sap.
  • This is a rubbing compound which needs to be rubbed vigorously several times before you see the scratch disappearing each time slowly.
  • It doesn’t remove any dents or major or moderate scratches.
  • Made in USA.
₹ 425.00 ₹ 382.00

3M Perfect-It 1-Step Finish Compound (100 g)

  • Extra cutting power.
  • Extra smooth handling and finish.
  • Extremely easy to use and clean-up.
  • Quantity: 100g.
  • Good quality product.
₹ 192.00 ₹ 173.00

Formula 1 High Performance Protectant (295 ml)

  • Cleans, shines, protects and fragrances auto interior surfaces including rubber, vinyl and leather.
  • Leaves no oily residue and will not attract dust.
  • A unique formulation with time-release fragrance keeps vehicle interior fresh for several days.
  • Advanced silicone technology results in a solvent-free product.
  • Made in USA.
₹ 275.00 ₹ 248.00

Phoenix1™ Rubbing Compound Step 1 (945ml) and Finishing Compound Step 2 (945ml)

  • Removes water spots & scratches.
  • Easily polishes away mineral deposits & acid rain etching.
  • Safe for all paints & clear coats.
  • Restores natural shine.
  • Enhance color , adds depth & creates mirror-like result.
₹ 1,890.00 ₹ 1,631.00