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Car Fog Lights for Better Visibility and Safety in Winter

Winter is fastly approaching and it’s time to prepare our cars for dense foggy commute especially during morning time. Fog is the biggest challenge for all in winter season as it brings everything to a halt. From commercial to passenger vehicles, everybody gets affected by it. Thus, it is very important to prepare yourself for the fast-approaching climatic problem to stay away from troubles or mishaps. Car fog lights are very useful to combat dense foggy conditions. The lights not only increase the visibility in fog but also give your vehicle an extra edge in terms of style, statement and safety parameters. However, the lights can be used in all low lighting conditions and during heavy rainfall when visibility becomes very low.

 Car Fog Lights

Autofurnish, India’s leading and popular auto accessories store brings high quality and premium car fog lights to ensure maximum visibility and durability. Unlike other fog lights, the store offers the most premium line up car fog lights offering a wide beam of white light or selective yellow light. Some of the popular and universal models are:

  • Fog Light Lamp Set of 2 Pieces: This is a universal car fog lamps featuring build-in ventilation ports which prevent fogging. Bulbs are pre-installed wired into the socket for a direct plugin. It is made to meet or exceed OEM standards and offer OEM quality. Although wiring kit is not available with it but you can avail it from the store at affordable prices.
  • Fog Light Lamp Set of 2 Pieces with Wiring: If you want to buy a set with wiring then this is an apt choice. It also has build-in ventilation ports to prevent fogging, pre-installed bulbs and can accommodate any car model or OEM setting.
  • Fluid Daytime Running Light DRL LED Highlighted Top with Fog Lamp Cup: It is an imported model of car fog lights. It automatically switched on when the vehicle is moving. It emits white, yellow or amber light to enhance the conspicuity of a car during daylight conditions. It also gives a glamorous look to your car.

With so many premium Car Fog Lights, Autofurnish is all set to ensure safe driving in the fog and mist.

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