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Car Fog Light-LED vs HID

Winter season is all upon us. The season brings warmth and cosyness that people long for throughout the year. But it is the time of the year when people need to face thick layer of fog that leads to poor visibility and often becomes a potential cause of road accidents. Every year, national highways witness several accidents caused due to fog. Thus, it is very important to make your car winter-ready or fog-ready. Modern fog lights come with technology driven features that help driver to have crystal clear view of the road while driving in odd climatic conditions. Gone are the days when traditional halogen bulbs were the only option for vehicles during foggy conditions. One can now install LED or HID Fog Lights to get brighter and better visibility than the traditional halogen bulbs.

So let’s take a look at the advantages of LED Fog Lights as well as HID fog lights

Benefits of HID fog lights:

HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. These lights are also known as xenon bulbs and are four times more powerful than halogen bulbs.

These fog lights consume less amount of energy and produce bright beams. The lights can cover over 70 percent of the road and give excellent illumination in less visibility conditions. Thus, one can get equal and better distribution of light to get excellent visibility in less visibility conditions.

The HID Fog Lights are also known for longevity and durability. These lights generally last for over 2000 hours and are manufactured with a high impact resistance.

The best quality of HID Fog Lights is that they emit less amount of carbon dioxide. This makes these lights very eco-friendly.


Benefits of LED Fog Lights:

LED Fog Lights have become a big rage for being stylish and highly efficient. These lights produce exceptional illumination and gives amazing visibility in low light conditions. One can easily detect or see stones, broken trees, pedestrians, bumps or animals on the road during night time or low light conditions.

Secondly, these fog lights are very cost effective. The lights can last for good period of time and produce good amount of light without consuming much energy.

Thirdly, LED Fog Lights look very stylish on your car and give comfortable driving experience during night time. Without straining your eyes, it ensures smooth and safe driving experience on Indian roads

Thus, both, LED and HID fog lights have multiple advantages to deliver best performance in low light conditions without burning a hole in your pocket. Both are highly durable, cost-effective and incredibly efficient to deliver the best performance.

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