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Car Dashboard Accessories by AutoFurnish

For a common man, buying a car is not just an investment but it’s his lifelong dream. Still, many people struggle all their lives to get a car but when they get it, they cherish that car like their own baby. This is the reason they go overboard to decorate it with premium car accessories instead of making big changes in the interior section. Knowing the fact that dashboard is the highlight of every car, car owners leave no stone unturned to spruce it up with unique dashboard accessories to enhance the style quotient, or to give a premium supple leather-look. Thankfully, there are many car dashboard accessories available today to take the décor quotient of the dashboard to the next level.

If you are the one who is looking for vivid, rich and premium dashboard accessories then AutoFurnish is the best place to look forward to. The brand is the leading online car accessories provider that deals in imported and premium dashboard accessories. Every accessory for the dashboard is available at nominal prices with great quality.

Car Dashboard Accessories By AutoFurnish

Here are some of the dashboard accessories that are most searched on AutoFurnish:

  • Car PerfumesYou definitely do not want your car to have any unpleasant smell. This is why car perfumes are equally important as body perfumes. Imagine entering your car with a smell of the fresh floral fragrance of rose or jasmine. That experience is out of the world and definitely lightens up your mood every time.

AutoFurnish offers a great range of car perfumes as well as air fresheners to help you escape any sort of embarrassing moments. The best-chosen car perfumes from AutoFurnish are:

  • Aeron car perfume – this range is known for its enchanting smell which is long-lasting and adds details to the car interiors as well. You can go for various fragrances or flavors in this brand’s range such as desire gel, liquid bubble, silver, hanging air freshener, etc. The brand offers much more in car perfumes and fresheners.
  • Big fresh car perfume – these are under the car seat perfumes available in flavors like lemon, lavender, etc.
  • Airpro car perfume – this car perfume brand has a great variety of gel, liquid as well as perfume sticks in various fragrances.

There are a lot more car perfume brands at AutoFurnish which you can choose from.

  • Car Mobile HoldersNowadays you cannot imagine your life and work without mobile phones. But it can be life-threatening to use mobile phones while driving. However, AutoFurnish brings the best solution for it which is car mobile holders with a combination of style and safety. This accessory is imported and of premium range with options like windshield mount mobile holder, magnetic dashboard mobile holder, adjustable steering wheel car mobile holder, etc. There are various choices of styles, shapes, sizes, etc. with a one-month warranty and amazing price range.
  • Car God IdolsWith God’s blessings, we can achieve anything in life. Before driving a car, we seek the blessings of God so that our journeys are safe and fruitful. AutoFurnish offers beautiful car god idols as a dashboard accessory. You can get a huge range of Gods like Maa Durga, Jesus, Golden Temple, Mahavir, Lord Ganesh, etc. The designs and styles are par excellence. The installation of these car god idols is super simple.

Apart from that, one can find out many more premium car dashboard accessories at the online store.


AutoFurnish offers a great collection of car dashboard accessories. Every accessory is of premium quality and is available at reasonable prices. To view the entire collection, you can visit their online store.

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Very poor service after Sale service no refund no replace available
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