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Importance of Car Body Covers & their types:

Modern cars come with hefty price tags. It is nothing short of making an investment. And to protect your investment it is very important to use the right safety accessories. Car Body Cover is one of the best Car Safety Accessories that give your car round the clock protection from dust, water, scratches, dirt and other foreign particles. It is observed that parked cars are more prone to scratches and other minor bumps or dents. Thus, covering your car with a Premium Car Body Covers gives your parked car the best protection against all odds. Autofurnish, India’s leading online Car Accessories brand, offers a range of stylish and high-quality Car Body Covers so that you can give the best protection to your car. Some of the popular variants offered by the Brand are:

  • 100% Water Proof Car Body Cover available in different shades and sizes for all prominent car brands and models. The cover is made with robust polypropylene fabric with a plastic-coated film to offer the best protection from water, dust and humidity.
  • Parkin White see-through Car Cover with black piping offering protection from dust, moisture and all other odds.
  • Arc series Car Covers offering stylish stripe design with side pockets. The covers are made with 190T Polyester taffeta material and offer all-around protection with a stylish touch. One can find the cover in stylish patterns and shades. Plain royal shades Car Body Covers including Matty Grey, Parachute Blue, Parker BluePremium Matty Grey,  Parker Aqua etc.