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Boost your safety on road with HID Fog Lamp Kit

So far, we all are pretty aware about fog lights and its contribution towards safe driving. Many accidents have taken place on Indian highways in the last couple of years due to dense fog in the morning hours. To prevent those accidents, Fog lights are very much required. It is one of the crucial Car Accessories to prevent low visibility conditions. Be it sand storm, fog or heavy downpour, it gives you an excellent visibility on the road to avoid any accident. However, with the arrival of High Intensity Discharge (HID) Fog Lights, drivers will get enhanced visibility, durability, protection and efficiency. These lights use a special xenon gas capsule to generate light. A ballast inside ignites the gas to create a bright bluish light which further enhances the visibility to manifolds. The best part of HID fog lamp is that it uses less power, thus, known as highly energy efficient. The lights are also very eco-friendly as they emit lesser carbon dioxide in the atmosphere compared to other normal fog lights. With greater illumination and better distribution of light, one can get excellent visibility even in low light conditions. Therefore, Autofurnish, a leading technology driven Auto Accessories provider in India, brings premium HID fog lamp kit to offer you best lighting in odd climatic conditions.

The HID Fog Lamp kit offered by the store comes in a stylish white color unlike very dull yellow color lights. It can easily be changed with factory fitted bulb and comes along with 55Watts of power ballast to offer high performance and beam light on roads. It not only gives high performance but also consumes less battery which improves the efficiency of your battery and durability of fog lights to great extent. With a mixture of both, high and low beam, one can easily set the lights as per the requirement. Due to its latest technology and innovation, it offers wider visibility pattern which eventually reduces strain on the driver’s eyes. On top of that, these lights look very premium and enhance the overall look of your car to a great extent.

HID Fog Lamp Kit

The HID Lights incredibly increase the visibility on road when you will install it. You can see the difference on the spot. It is more durable and long lasting than normal halogen bulbs. With 100% safety from water, dust and rumble, one can use these lights in any climatic conditions.

HID Fog Lamp Bulb

HID Fog Lamp Kit Demo

The store offers HID Fog Lamp Kit for all prominent and running models including sedan, hatch-back and SUVs. One can find these lights for all car brands. All you have to do is to search your car in the Car Lights section to get a pair of lights for your car. One can also get 1 year manufacturing warranty against defects while purchasing these lights. So get ready to enhance the style and safety of your car with HID lamps. For more technology driven and innovative car accessories, visit the website.

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