How to get rid of unbranded car accessories

Modern car accessories act as an essential add-on to your car’s interior and exterior that simply enhances the overall style and comfort quotient tenfold. Nowadays, one can find out a huge range of car accessories in the market that is meant to improve your daily ride. Unlike before, car lovers are also willing to spend extra money on add-on accessories to create a unique sense of style and comfort. Those who love cars can go to any extent to spruce up their beloved car with the best range of accessories...read more

Top 5 Bike Accessories for the Winter

Winter is around the corner and for motorcycle riders, it gets tougher every year. This season is all about being cozy in bed and waiting for all warmer days to come back soon. But for bike riders, chilly days are not enough to keep them off the road. However, the strong zeal of riders is commendable but the Indian winter season does not just bring cold breezes with it but also smog, fog, pollution, and much more. These all can be hard to deal with for a motorcycle rider on the road...read more

Advantages of having a high-security car number plate

Almost, every person nowadays owns a car which means following the rules of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is mandatory. To control the situation of COVID-19, MoRTH has instructed all the Indian vehicles which are sold before April 2019 to get a high-security car number plate without any delay. However, any person failing it to do so will have to face penalties under the Central Motor Vehicles Act...read more

When to use the Car Flood Lights

Have you ever wondered why your car headlights cause big visibility trouble during rain, fog, or similar weather conditions? The reason behind this is that the normal car headlights are not ideally meant for such weather conditions. They will always lead to problematic driving when on the road. This is why it is very essential to have your car equipped with the right kind of lights which will not lead you to fatal accidents or some other serious situations...read more

Things to consider before buying Car Cables

Have you ever been in a situation where your car ditches you in the middle of the road? Well, such uninvited situations happen with most drivers once in a while. The reason behind this could be anything, it could be engine issues, low battery, and much more. However, you might not be always lucky to get roadside assistance but you can always ask a fellow driver such hard times or otherwise, you can simply help someone during their difficult time on the road by just helping them with a tow.There are a lot of options when we talk about towing but the best out of all is only car cables. This is the most heavenly car accessory which you should keep with yourself in your car...read more

Amazing Benefits of Wearing Arm Sleeves

Being on the road is a different feeling. There are a lot of people who ride motorcycles, scooters, and cycle on a regular basis and enjoy the feeling of being on the road. But, however, they often neglect their safety measures while on the go. Avoiding the safety measures can be life-threatening seeing extreme weather conditions, poor maintenance of the roads, uninvited bike or scooter issues, etc.On the contrary, the most avoided accessory for personal safety is arm sleeves. It is not only a perfect solution to avoid fatal injuries while on long rides but is also best for athletic purposes. AutoFurnish offers a great variety of arm sleeves for both athletic outdoor activities and long rides on the road...read more

Why choose a Car Sunglass Holder for your Car

Owning a car is like owning a personal space while you are on the go. It is definitely better than any public transport because a car prioritizes your comfort, helps you carry along enough baggage, and whatnot. However, in a day to day routine, you might take your car space for granted and can start overlooking your essentials.The most problem arrives to manage your small or handy essentials while traveling, for instance, sunglasses, small papers, etc. Therefore, they tend to get damaged or lost. Therefore, the best possible solution to avoid breaking or damaging your sunglasses is to have a car sunglass holder....read more

Different types of tire pressure gauges

No matter whether you drive a car or a bike, it is always essential to have the right pieces of equipment which can be useful for you on the go. Mostly people face issues with their car tires on the go. It is definitely a significant part of your car which requires special care and attention. But do you know exactly how to do it? Mostly, Indians rely on roadside car repair shops or mechanics when they face a difficult situation with their car tire. However, every time you might not get the chance to reach a repair shop. Therefore, the smartest and effective way to deal with your car tire problems is to have hands-on the tire pressure gauge...read more

Car Dashboard Accessories by AutoFurnish

For a common man, buying a car is not just an investment but it’s his lifelong dream. Still, many people struggle all their lives to get a car but when they get it, they cherish that car like their own baby. This is the reason they go overboard to decorate it with premium car accessories instead of making big changes in the interior section. Knowing the fact that dashboard is the highlight of every car, car owners leave no stone unturned to spruce it up with unique dashboard accessories to enhance the style quotient, or to give a premium supple leather-look. Thankfully, there are many car dashboard accessories available today to take the décor quotient of the dashboard to the next level...read more

Measures To Be Taken While Driving Through A Flooded Road

The scorching heat of India ends with the arrival of the monsoon season. It is, without a doubt, the best time and season of the year. On one side it brings a lot of joy and relief for the people but on another side, it creates big trouble for car drivers on the road. The cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, etc. are barely able to tackle the situation of heavy-pouring rain.The roads with potholes, poor drainage system with filled trash, plus the low quality of road construction leads to water logging. All these situations create a big threat to people driving cars during the rainy season. In addition, the record says that most of the road accidents occur during the monsoon season...read more