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Why car air purifier necessary in your car?

Today we are surrounded by the polluted air. In the last couple of years, the pollution level in Indian metropolitan cities has increased drastically. Many potential measures have been taken by the central and state governments to tackle the issue. However, we all should also take preventive measures to breathe in fresh air and avoid consuming polluted air. Not only indoors but we should also take preventive measures to breathe fresh air outdoors. Modern air purifiers prove to be very beneficial in maintaining air quality. Just like home air purifiers, one can pick car air purifiers in order to stay safe outdoors. Knowing the fact that the polluted air with dangerous pollutants are on the higher side outdoors, it’s very important to install best car air purifiers in your car.

Do car air purifiers really work?

Yes, they do work real time. But it is important to understand that only a few car air purifiers work and they actually work in a very different manner, unlike normal room air purifiers. Thus, it requires a lot while picking up right car air purifier. The best ones are ionizers that work in entirely different manner. As you are prone to pollutants and allergens inside your car caused from outside environment and inside components of your car, modern car air purifiers come in a versatile range to give your immense amount of protection. You can pick engine air filters that filter the air goes into the engine, cabin air filters that directly filter the air that comes into your car during ventilation, air conditioning or heating. You can pick air ionizers that are basically electronic devices meant to be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket. They basically ionize pollutants so that you won’t be able to inhale them.

What do car air purifiers do?

There is a variety of car air purifiers and each has a different mechanism. Ionizers produce numerous fresh ions that are clean and healthy to inhale and keep the pollutants on the surface so that you can’t inhale them. HEPA Filter takes the polluted air and filters it by removing dust particles, smoke and other pollutants. And Activated Carbon Filter removes the harmful gases and smoke particles from the inside of your car with its smartest absorption mechanism. And lastly, we have Air Fresheners that don’t filter the polluted air, but remove the bad odour from your car. However, you are exposed to the same kind of dangerous pollutants and germs.

Does smoke smell go away from car?

Yes, but to some extent. The best way to remove smoke smell from your car is vacuuming process or using baking soda. However, car air purifiers can do the needful if the molecules are not big enough. But the best device is Ozone Generator that clearly removes smoke smells and clean the interior properly.

So pick the best car air purifier and breathe in fresh air while driving on city roads. To get a good range of car air purifiers or other car accessories, visit Autofurnish online store.

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