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Why buy car accessories from a manufacturer rather than a reseller

Gone are the days when people used to struggle to buy a car. Now the times have changed, the hustle is done to buy car accessories is more than buying a car. There are various reasons behind this, such as sky-rocket prices, low quality, etc. Buying car accessories is the most common expense incurred by people these days. However, buying the right car accessory is highly essential for the performance of your car and its entire appearance. Many people don’t bother about where they are buying car accessories. This may affect you and your vehicle in the long run...read more

Get jaw dropping deals on popular auto accessories in AutoFurnish’s new Offer Zone

Who doesn’t like discounts and offers when it comes to car accessories or other items? This is the best way of saving money and getting the products which you were looking for. Moreover, discounts and offers even draw your attention to the products which are given the least importance. This method not only benefits the business but also allows the customers to buy their choicest products. AutoFurnish’s offer zone keeps showering great discounts on the high-demand products from time to time. This is the best way to save a lot of money and complete the unfulfilled desires for your dream cars...read more

4 things to be scared of when you don’t drive your car for a long time

Your car is your prized possession. But there are some reasons when a person is traveling abroad or unwell to drive their car for months. Also, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other on-going problems, most things are at a halt or going at a very slow pace. People are following the given instructions by the government and have parked their cars to stay indoors. Everyone is working from home which means no need to drive to the office. Moreover, instead of running errands, ordering food and other things online seems convenient. Apart from that, if you generally don’t drive your car for a long time then it may impact its health to a great extent...read more

Things to keep in mind while buying car mats or car cover or car wiper

Buying a new car always gives an out-of-the-world feeling. However, soon some people start taking their cars for granted. They don’t pay much attention to the small details of their car. For instance, car mats, car covers, or car windshield wipers. Car mats make the interior of your car free from any sort of dust particles or moisture. Whereas, car covers protect from scratches, dust, sap, leaves, dents, animal scat, and much more. Also, car wipers play a huge role during the monsoon and winter seasons...read more

What is the proper way to use and store car body cover

Many people don’t realize that leaving your car exposed to the elements of the environment can hamper the aesthetics of it. For instance, harmful UV rays can affect the paintwork, trims, rubber pars, etc. of your car, heavy rains and snow can corrode the sensitive parts of it. Therefore, it is essential to find the best solution to keep the safety of your car at priority. And what could be better than having a car body cover...read more

Types of car foot mats and their usability as per geographical conditions

When it comes to car maintenance, the things that come to the mind of people are car engines, bodies, and other exterior parts. This is the reason that people don’t pay much attention to small yet important things like the carpet of the car. Car interiors are equally important and require a lot of attention and care. For an instance, the original car carpet is prone to stains and if not protected well then it can easily get damaged due to day-to-day dust and debris...read more

Are car sill plates worth your money?

When it comes to modifying your car, there are many options available at your disposal. From installing skid plates, leather covers, to bumper lights, you have a plethora of customization options for your car. However, the leading and famous installation these days is known to be car sill plates. If you notice, from race cars to SUVs, every type of car has car sill plates installed in it. This is a highly affordable modification that gives your car a royal yet chic look...read more

Benefits of buying Gear Knob Cover

No matter how carefully you drive your car but the gear knob is certainly prone to wear and tear. However, many car lovers are mindful and alert than others which is why they opt for gear knob covers for better protection. The popularity of knob protective covers are increasing day by day and people are in constant search of them. Modern gear knob covers come in trendy designs, styles, and shades to add an extra touch of style and comfort to your car’s interiors...read more

Why should you buy a car dashboard mat

If you are constantly traveling and spend most of your day hours behind the car wheel then you must pay attention to nice car interior accessories. They are highly loved and can oomph your whole driving experience. However, out of all the car interior accessories car dashboard mats are somehow underrated. Not only do they add a nicer look but offer a clear function too. The car dashboard is a very prominent part of your car that comes right in the front...read more

Car Tissue Box is a Great Hit among Car Owners

Modern cars are very expensive and require a lot of maintenance and attention. A single scratch or a spot on the body or seat cover can give you sleepless nights. To make sure that no such thing will ever happen to your car, you need to take some preventive measures to keep your car neat, tidy, and spotless. One of the measures is to always keep a tissue box in your car and make sure that it never stays empty...read more

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