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5 Hacks To Protect Bike In The Rainy Season

No wonder monsoon brings a wave of joy, romance, and soothing temperature. During rainy season, people love to hang-out together with their partners or family members. It is definitely the most favorite season of all, especially for bike riders. The little pitter-patter can be a game-changer during summers. But, undoubtedly, the monsoon badly impacts bikes and the riders.As per the reports of WHO, India has the worst condition of roads during the rainy season....read more

5 Hacks To Protect Your Car In The Rainy Season

Monsoon or you can say the rainy season is about to arrive in many parts of India. This season is the most favourite of all because it lowers the temperature and soothes the weather. However, on the same hand, it creates havoc for car riders. The actual reason behind, it creates a mess on the roads which can cause potential damage to cars all across the country. With severe floods, potholes and heavy rainstorms, your beloved cars are at high risk. Therefore, it is important to prepare yourself in advance in order to ensure the maximum protection from the rainy season....read more

Keep Your Car's Tyre Inflated And In Shape With Car Tyre Inflator

Car tires are always under high risk. They are prone to multiple types of damages, including cuts, punctures, cracks, and bulges. The damages are mostly occurred when tires come in contact with rough particles, stones, metallic pins, debris and edgy objects on the road. Ignoring tires wear and tear for a long time cause severe damages that may also require you to replace it with a new one. Although, you can’t prevent the damages, but can surely cure them anywhere and at any time with the help of car tyre inflator...read more

Give Your Car A Showroom Shine With An Incredible Range Of Car Scratch Removers

Modern cars are prone to scratches and marks. You can see them every now and then on your car’s beautiful body. It is something that you can’t control. In fact, even after taking a lot of precautions, you can see a couple of scratches on your car’s body over a period of time. However, a scratch looks very bad on a car and it literally kills the overall appearance. No one wants to see a single scratch on his car as it spoils the overall glossy and smooth look of your car. As it’s a costly investment, and we all pay monthly EMIs for it, thus, it becomes very important to fix a scratch to make your car as shiny and clean as it was before....read more

Make Your Bike/Scooter Ride More Comfortable With Mototrance High Grade PU Leather Seat Covers

We all know that driving in metropolitan cities is quite a daunting task. With so much of traffic on the roads, multiple red-lights and sultry summer, it becomes even more stressful to drive a scooter or a bike. You are prone to all kinds of pollutants and harmful and extreme sunrays. Knowing the struggle of a daily bikers and scooterists, the only privilege they have is the seat on which they sit while driving on the road. And if that is also not comfortable, then it’s going to be really stressful to drive in such a hot & humid weather...read more

Care Your Car During And After Quarantine

With the spread of COVID-19 all across the globe, it is not only people who are highly affected but other things as well. In such strange and difficult times, we need to take care of our health along with our possessions. There is no doubt about the fact that with the lockdown situation our cars are going to be affected equally. After all, they are meant to be on the roads not in a garage sitting idle...read more

Add A Personalised Touch To Your Car With Stylish Stickers

Nowadays, car stickers are quite popular among car owners. It has become a fashion to flaunt one’s style with the help of car stickers. Recently, many car stickers grabbed the limelight. These stickers send across a message, and are being used to grab everyone’s attention on the road. Recently, Lord Hanuman’s sticker has garnered a lot of popularity and attention. Most of the car and bike owners proudly flaunt the sticker on their bikes and cars. Likewise, there are many more car stickers that one can see easily on both, private and public cars. Millennials’ fascination and obsession with flaunting thought-provoking stickers on cars is growing like never before...read more

Enhance Security And Style Of Your Car With Car Blind Spot Mirrors

Nowadays, one has to be very focussed and vigilant while driving a car on highways or city roads. You can expect anything while driving on Indian roads. It is very important to maintain highest levels of safety and security to your car so that you can encounter any situation without facing any kind of trouble. Blind spot mirror is one of the important car accessories which helps you to see what’s going on outside of your car while driving. The main motive of car blind spot mirrors is to give you crystal clear visibility at the both sides of the road that are often left hidden by other car mirrors. Also, it helps new drivers to park their cars safely in the parking area...read more

How To Protect Your Car From Street Dogs

Street dogs in India are a huge menace. You can find them roaming on the streets, and most of the times sitting on your beloved cars. As the stray dogs population is increasing day by day, it’s very important to protect your car from them in order to prevent damages such as scratches, dents etc. Due to the law in favour of stray dogs, one can’t file a complaint or kill them. Thus, rather than getting frustrated every time you see a dog sitting on your car roof, it’s better to take precautions to protect your priciest possession from spots, scratches and other damages....read more

How To Maintain Your Car During Corona Lockdown

The corona virus outbreak has locked down the entire world. The life-threatening virus has infected nearly 200,000 people all across the world. Our country is also fighting it with the help of complete lockdown till April 14th. It is the most crucial time for all of us as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads like a wildfire. Thus, nothing is more helpful than to stay at home or work from home during the lockdown. However, the lockdown period could cause some damage to your car as it’s not being used during this lockdown. Thus, we bring to you some of the best tips to take care of your beloved car and prevent any kind of damages during this crucial corona lockdown phase....read more

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