Luxury 7D Car Mats for Spotless Car Interiors
A car mat is a healthy method to keep the vehicle clean and hygienic. They cover the floor of the vehicle, protecting it from the unwanted dust and dirt that the passengers and drivers carry inside. Moreover, having car mats helps keep the owner at bay from the trouble of regular washing which would require a high amount of money. If you start looking for mats, you can come across a plethora of options in terms of types, size, design, colour and more. Today, among the many types of car mats available, it is the 7d Car Mats that have been doing the rounds and winning the hearts of vehicle owners...read more
What Does Your Car Say About You? Stuff You'd Not Want to Miss!
Owning a vehicle arouses a sense of pride in the owner because of taking a step ahead in making a significant investment. It also speaks about the owner, showcasing to the world who they are. Be it the sophistication of a sedan, the sturdiness of an SUV, or the convenience of a hatchback, owning a car speaks about you. Dozens of vehicle brands design and sell one type or several types of vehicles. This has allowed people to select the ideal car that meets their budget and personal requirement. However, vehicle selection is also made by the taste and personality of an individual. For instance, it is unlikely for a person with an adventurous heart who likes to off-road to opt for a popular sedan for its unique style and sophistication. Of course, there is no limitation to what an individual should and can buy, but the vehicle you own genuinely indeed showcases your personality...read more
Detailed Guide To Buying Motorcycle Riding Protective Gear
When driving, it is of utmost importance to take complete care of safety. This goes a little more for those who ride motorbikes as they are more prone to accidents than four-wheeler vehicles. While the experience of riding a motorbike counts for the rider in being able to ride through all kinds of situations, motorcycle riding gear plays a vital role, whether you are a beginner or experienced. Moreover, the number of road accidents and mishappenings you may hear about every day should help you understand the significance of wearing protective gear...read more
5 Predicted Travel Trends in 2023: Where and What
Travel trends keep on changing year after year with new trips and destinations becoming popular. India is a country that is known for its natural beauty, rich history, food, culture, and different tourist attractions. So, whether it’s a beach holiday a trekking expedition or an exciting road trip with friends, you could never run out of options when planning a trip to India. With so many beautiful places to visit in the country, it can sometimes be confusing to choose the right one. Hence, it's always important to check the best places before you plan your trip...read more
All About The New Up And Coming Cars In The Indian Market: 2022
The Indian automotive industry has seen a slew of new car releases and major unveilings in the first half of this year, and there is no sign of a slowdown. The following months will be crucial for the Indian automobile industry, with a host of new vehicles about to hit the market. Maruti Suzuki has unveiled the Grand Vitara, its new worldwide flagship SUV, and has stated that the all-new Grand Vitara will be available for purchase in September 2022. It was developed in partnership with Toyota and will be manufactured in Toyota's Karnataka facility with its sister model, the Hyryder SUV.The Grand Vitara will be available in six trim levels, but only the top two will have the 114hp, 1.5-litre petrol strong-hybrid powertrain. The base trims are equipped with a 103 hp, 1.5-litre petrol mild-hybrid engine...read more
Types Of Electric Vehicles And Why They Are The Future
Electric vehicles have become popular in every corner of the world today. As other vehicles do, you can easily find an electric vehicle or two driving past you on the roads without emitting smoke. This is why governments across the globe are encouraging the use of E Vehicles. The global market is increasing continuously at a CAGR of 21.7 percent. By the year, the number of units is expected to grow to 39.21 million, making electronic vehicles one of the popular choices of automobiles...read more
All the Top Spots Your Favorite Travel Influencers Have Discovered: India Edition
Travelers find their dose of adventure while travelling. Many do it for fun, whereas others do it as a part of their job. Regardless of the reason you travel, it is always the gusto of exploring new places, the wanderlust of chasing the adrenaline rush, an experience of celebrating life on the go, and the sense of finding the real you. And, all these become more happening if you make a living from doing what makes you the happiest travelling...read more
Travel Checklist Before Going On Your Next Big Motorcycle Expedition
The excitement, freedom and adrenaline rush of going on bike trips is a different sensation altogether. You can be carefree while exploring off-beat destinations and make memories that last for a lifetime. These bike adventures are mostly carried out with a group of friends and you can also find several bike clubs across the country that have numerous recommendations for their list of adventures. This also gives one the advantage to plan well ahead of time, ensuring each step is covered well...read more
10 Best Travel Destinations In 2022 For Thrill Seekers: Road Trip Edition
One of the best ways to uplift anyone’s mood and rejuvenate is road trips. For bikers and thrill-seekers, taking a bike trip or a road trip at least once a year is a must. With so many beautiful places to visit in India, a road trip is a perfect escape if you’re looking for some thrill and adventure in your life. Although road trips are stressful, it is worth it if you pick the right route and destination to visit. Hence, an important tip when you travel is to stay prepared to avoid hassle on your journey...read more
Royal Enfield Bike Accessories: A Complete Guide
From Billy Joel to Brad Pitt and Mohanlal to Nana Patekar, Royal Enfield has one of the most diverse and loyal fan bases globally. Be it the military green Royal Enfield of the pop singer or Nana Patekar’s Desert Storm; Royal Enfield has wowed bikers for decades. It is a household name in the Indian bike market with a good and long-running reputation of 57 years...read more