Car Interior Decoration Ideas: Budget-Friendly Car Interior Accessories

Car Interior Decoration Ideas: Simple Ways & Accessories to Amp-Up Your Car

Car Interior Decoration Ideas: While a kitchen gadget can be found and bought in under an hour, purchasing the right car takes deep layers of research, deliberating, and reasoning, which can take several months or more. Apart from a house, buying a car is a considerable investment and becomes an equally challenging process on how owners look after it post-purchase. Years later, owners can refresh their car interiors with essential car accessories without going over budget or searching for the right gadgets. These simple and small additions to your car can yield game-changing results.  

Car Decoration Ideas: 11 Cool Items to Upgrade Your Car Interiors 

From easy-to-install accessories to advanced tech gadgets, there are numerous ways owners can improve their driving experience without overspending or indulging in countless products. Listed ahead are eleven essential accessories to help upgrade your car interiors:

  1. Gear Knob Covers: A worn-out gear knob can alter the vehicle's high-performance appeal and divert the driver's attention while driving. While picking silicon and rubber covers are great for car interior decoration ideas, with additional flexibility and a softer surface, choosing a weighted PU leather gear knob can help enhance the overall driving experience. Moreover, it offers the right momentum while transitioning into different gears. Car owners can feel more confident with the consistency between shifting gears and rely on durable material during changing weather. The gear knob cover will maintain its shape and finishing, unlike lightweight knob covers, which wear out more quickly.  

  1. Car Trunk Mats: Car trunk mats are one of the best ways to decorate your car interiors, protecting against ground-up dirt, spills, and debris. It's easy to remove, replace, clean and provides ease of maintenance with full coverage for your car floor. You can easily upgrade your vehicles' cargo area with a luxurious, custom-fit leather mat to protect the bodywork, offer an extra grip/cushion for the baggage, and make cleaning up easier. You can choose between different materials, textures, and combinations such as leather, 3D, or 7D mats, which are more optimized to protect against damage while offering a premium look and feel.  

  1. Car Tissue Box: While the car is in motion, it's a high possibility that things will spill over, and inevitable accidents will occur when traveling with kids or pets. In such cases, the most convenient option and an easy way for car decoration ideas are to place a large tissue box in an accessible place such as the glove box or armrest. To add some ultra-premium and rich look to your vehicle, you can opt for a leather or metal tissue box with a perfect finish and design. It's a must-have accessory to add to your car interiors with multipurpose use, especially when traveling a longer distance. 

  1. Car Comfort: Without the proper support and comfort on their armrest, driving for long hours can cause the owner muscle strain and wrist & arm fatigue. With impeccable cushioning and a non-slip design, car enthusiasts can choose a memory foam armrest cushion with pocket inserts. It offers extra space for your gadgets and small belongings while supporting your arms to help relax your muscles. The PU leather offers extra padding and prevents shrinking even after regular use. The adjustable straps on the side allow seamless application and removal and can be easily cleaned with regular wipes. 

  1. Car Organizers: Owners need to consider opting for an appropriate car organizer to keep things tidy and organized inside the car. Considering popular car interior decoration ideas, one can choose between multi-pocket storage, meal-tray/laptop holder, and seat gap filler organizers to keep your items organized and accessible. It's a secure, versatile, flexible, and inexpensive way to create more compartment space, with universal compatible features as per the owner's requirement, from wireless charging, beverage holders, meal trays, desktop tables, magazine pockets, etc. The multipurpose organizers are designed to store and adjust various items in large/small sections to make traveling easier and hassle-free. 

  1. Car Seat Covers: Various car decoration ideas interior, such as upgrading to better seat covers, can make a huge difference. Custom 3D PU leather seat covers can be an excellent fit for your vehicle, with protection against spills, dust accumulation, and easy-to-clean fabric. Owners can opt for getting a complete set for their car models, including front and rear seat covers with additional headrests. Compared to fabric seat covers, leather offers a premium look and feel, with lesser chances of wear and tear in the long run. The seat covers will most importantly prevent damage to the seats, add cushioning and eliminate fatigue during long-distance travels.       

  1. Car Foot Mats: One of the basic requirements for any vehicle, foot mats protect the car carpet from excessive dirt, mud stains, spillages, etc., prone to collect over the flooring. Owners can extend the life of their carpets, keep their interiors clean, and easily remove and clean the accumulated stains regularly. Adding car foot mats is more critical than picking other car interior decoration ideas. It maintains an even odor, keeps your feet in position, provides a cushioned step, and prevents molds from forming in the carpeting. Owners can choose between luxurious, 7D, 3D custom fit, universal foot mats based on their requirement and budget. In the case of a luxurious custom fit mat, owners can customize it according to their car model to offer heavy-duty performance and durability as it's made from rigid PVC material

  1. Car Sun Shades: A practical yet simple innovation for car interior decoration ideas, sun shades protect your vehicle's interiors from prolonged sun exposure and maintain a lower temperature in the car during the summer seasons. Owners can pick a roll-up window shade with great appeal, smooth function, and easy-to-clean fabric. Burning seats, wheels, and interiors are no longer a concern for car owners in the hot seasons as the windshields will fend off the car from overheating. Moreover, it also helps save the AC's cooling energy by 60% and prevents walkers from gazing inside the vehicle. With easy-to-install features and a secure grip, you can pick between the desired length, color, and frame style for your sun shades.

Popular Ways to Step-Up Your Car Interior Game

It takes the proper selection of products to maintain your car hygiene, keep it organized, and pull off a hundred different tasks with little to no effort. Here are a few tips, tricks, and recommendations to give your car a significant glow up this year:

  1. Keeping it Clean: It can take hours for an owner to make their car spotless, but the task becomes easier to pull off with a few must-have cleaning products. A handheld vacuum, cleaning gels, wipers, and stain removers are a few superagents that can help you save more time and do a better job of cleaning in the comfort of your home. Having organizers such as headrest hooks can instantly add more space to your car while keeping bags off your seat. You can invest in plastic seat covers while traveling with a pet or coming from a hike to protect the upholstery. There are numerous ways and products one can use to prevent costly services/repairs, keep the interiors hygienic, and extend the car's overall life. 

  1. Investing in Car Detailing: Maintaining a car's interior and exterior is essential to maintain its market value, free it from viruses/bacteria, and extend its life. While there are numerous car interior decoration ideas, protecting your machinery with detailed cleaning can be more advantageous. A thorough vacuuming and water spraying session can help remove group-up dirt, grime, and foul odor. One can also remove every last speck of dust and hardened components regularly. Following this, owners can promote better car health with suitable gels, protecting agents, waxes, etc., to improve the performance while driving. Practicing this every month can enhance the overall appearance and minimize the damage to the car paint, upholstery, interiors, etc., and give you a brand-new driving experience day after day.   

  1. Adding Textures: Similar to the car interior decoration ideas mentioned above, such as adding seat covers, floor mats, dashboard, and steering wheel accessories, owners can be as creative as they like while working on their vehicle's interior. Using similar colors, fabrics, and materials throughout the car can give it a luxurious look without overspending. A more savvy detailing can be done by adding glossy or chrome touches or a soft-touch faux leather detail around different skins and stitching areas. What needs to be kept in mind is that the materials used should be easy-to-clean, remove and replace, and be lightweight. Using high-grade materials such as suede, pure leather, or wood can be challenging to maintain.

Wrapping Up

It's paramount for owners who have an on-the-go lifestyle to make driving more enjoyable, efficient, and comfortable. The above budget-friendly car interior decoration ideas will upgrade your vehicle, allow you to cover long distances without fatigue, and help you invest in the right gear to smoothen your driving experience.

The 30 Car Engine Parts you should know about when you look at them!

For a majority of people, a car is much more than just a machine that takes them from point A to Point B. For them, it grows on to become a friend, they treat it like a family member and not just another ‘machine’. As any person who loves cars would certainly tell you they find their cars to have a ‘character’, a ‘personality’ that captivated them. 

Thus, knowing about our cars just as much as we know about our loved ones becomes an imperative for us. How they function, how they perform, what makes them the desirable piece of engineering that they are, and much, much more. But then, the field of automobile, its design, and engineering is a vast sea of knowledge and science. Yet, there are very many things that one must know about their cars, such as the significant car engine parts that join together to make your car’s heartbeat that wonderful addictive rhythm and lets you experience the power surge as you press the accelerator pedal. 

Get to Know Your Car Engine; How Car Engine Works: 

The modern car engine design is a fascinating thing to understand, they are marvels of engineering that work on complex parameters. However, in simpler terms,  an engine makes a vehicle move by burning fuel inside it which in turn moves the wheels. Even though, in essence, this is correct, there is more that goes on inside an engine. 

The engines we use in our cars are called Internal Combustion Engines or ICE and almost tall of the car ICEs across the world use one of the following as fuel: Petrol, Diesel, or CNG. The basic idea remains the same for all these fuel types, however, the way in which the ‘combustion’ and ‘supply of the fuel’ is achieved defines the type of engine. Thus, there are two specific types of internal combustion engines - 

  • The Spark Ignition engine (SI Engine)
  • The Compression Ignition Engine (CI Engine)

The SI engines use petrol or CNG as fuel, while the CI engines are essentially diesel-fuelled ones.  

Another important thing to understand about the way an engine works is to know how many times ‘combustion’ occurs per ‘cycle’. Here a cycle is defined as one completion of all strokes - intake, compression, expansion/ power and exhaust. Almost all modern engines have a four-stroke cycle where the combustion of the fuel is only one of the strokes. The four strokes in an internal combustion engine are Intake, Compression, combustion and power stroke, and the exhaust stroke. Here, a stroke is defined as a movement of a piston inside the cylinder from its lowest position to its highest position or vice versa. 

Thus, when you put fuel inside your fuel tank and turn the ignition on, the following things occur:

  • Intake Stroke - the fuel is supplied to the ignition chamber or inside the cylinder through a process that depends on your fuel and engine type. This fuel ‘sucked’ inside is actually a mixture of fuel and air. This is the first stroke in a four-stroke cycle in a modern ICE. In this stroke, the piston goes from its top position to its lowest position creating a vacuum that sucks the fuel into the chamber. 
  • Compression Stroke - This fuel and air mixture is then compressed by the piston which is coming up from its lowest position to its highest position. This generates extraordinary pressures inside the cylinder, causing the fuel and air mixture inside it to heat up. There is a small gap between the highest point to which a piston can travel inside a cylinder and the roof of the cylinder. This is where the compressed fuel and air mixture gets primed for the next stroke.
  • Combustion and Power Stroke - In this stroke, the compressed air-fuel mixture is ignited. In the case of a Spark-Ignition Engine, there is a spark plug mounted on top of the cylinder that initiates a spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture. In a Compression Ignition engine, there is no need for a spark plug as diesel has a lower ignition temperature than petrol and the heat generated through compression and a support glow plug is sufficient to cause ignition of the fuel and air mixture. This ignition causes an explosion inside the chamber that thrusts the piston downwards.  This part of the stroke is called the Power stroke and this is where the main power that runs your vehicle comes from. 
  • Exhaust Stroke - Once the expansion of burned gases inside the cylinder has pushed the piston all the way down, the gases are then pushed outside the combustion chamber through the piston that starts to come up again due to the inertia caused by the expansion of the gases in the earlier stroke.

Now that the basics of the four-strokes in modern internal combustion engines are clear. How does the power get transmitted to the wheels? Here is an overview of how this happens: 

  • Power stroke pushes the piston downwards.
  • A piston is connected to the crankshaft which converts the vertical motion of the piston into a circular motion.
  • The crankshaft turns the flywheel, a component that uses the principles of inertia to convert the power coming from the cylinder/s in pulses into a uniform flow.
  • The flywheel is connected to the transmission via the clutch.
  • The transmission is connected to the drive shafts that turn the wheels through live axles.

Now that you basically understand how a modern car's internal combustion engine works, in principle, it is time to discuss the 30 most significant car engine parts that you must know in order to understand your vehicle and the discussions around it. It can be helpful for you in case you need to repair or replace any part. Knowing what it does not only makes you understand its importance but also lets you be in a position where it will be hard for someone to scam you on service-related issues. 

Car Engine Parts you must know: 

Engine Block

Starting with our overview on important car engine parts first up is the engine block. An engine block can be understood as the metal casing inside which cylinder(s) and piston chambers are contained. Generally, the engine blocks are made of cast iron, however, in modern times, in order to keep the weights as low as possible and yet have the best structural rigidity to deal with much higher pressures inside the combustion chambers, and also for better heat management, various aluminium alloys are being used for the purpose. 


A piston is a car engine part that is designed to travel in a straight line (up and down) inside a cylinder in a typical reciprocating engine. The pistons are used to push/ compress a fluid or gas in order to increase the temperature and pressure of the said liquid or gas. As we discussed above, a piston moves inside a cylinder to form the different strokes consisting of a cycle of power generation in engines. It works best in an air-tight or vacuum environment and is facilitated by the presence of piston rings that serve as a sealing component between the minuscule tolerances of the piston and the cylinder. 

Cylinder Head: 

Just as the name suggests, a cylinder head is a car engine part that is used to cover up the cylinder block, thereby closing the entire engine and effectively forming the air-tight combustion chamber where the power generation through the engine occurs.  A cylinder head also consists of the pathways through which the air and fuel flow into the combustion chambers while also having space for different valves (intake and exhaust) that can be multiple in numbers and different in sizes depending on the purpose or performance parameters of the engine. The cylinder head also has space for the likes of fuel injectors, spark plugs (in case of SI engines), glow plugs (in case of CI engines), etc. Most modern cylinder heads are made from aluminium. 


As discussed above, the main function of a crankshaft as a car engine part is to convert the reciprocating movement of the piston into a rotatory motion, thereby helping convert the power coming in the form of pulses into a linear surge. In fact, a crankshaft is in itself an assembly of various smaller parts called - crank, shaft, crankpins, etc. By definition, a crank is a component that is attached to a rotating shaft at a right angle in order to either generate or receive a rotational motion or a reciprocating motion (as per the requirement) at the other end. The crankpins are the points at which the pistons are connected to the crankshaft through connecting rods. 


A camshaft is a car engine part that connects the crankshaft with the cams. The cams are used to operate the valves for intake and exhaust in a typical internal combustion engine. The basic function of a cam is to convert a rotational motion into a linear motion and as such, cams are utilized in the engines for optimal opening and closing of valves, translating into desired management of engine RPM. The most common material used for camshafts is either cast iron or steel. 

Timing Belt/ Chain:

A timing belt or a timing chain is a car engine part that is utilized to perfectly synchronize the movement of the crankshaft and the camshafts to enable the cams' facilitation of precise valve operation at the exact time as required by the engine design to provide the most optimal performance. Depending on the engine design, performance parameters, and other variables, an internal combustion engine might have a timing belt, a timing chain, or even timing gears in some cases. These timing belts or chains are sometimes required to be reset or replaced owing to wear and tear (belt slippage) or expansion of linkages of the chain that may cause less than ideal vehicle performance. 

Engine Valves:

The function of a valve is to control the rate of flow of a fluid (liquid or a gas) through a system. There are mainly three types of valves used in an ICE:

  • Poppet Valve - the most common type of valves that are seen in an automobile engine are the poppet valves. In common language, they are also known as Mushroom Valves. They are characterized by a small disc at the end of what is called a valve stem (a shaft). This disc is of the shape and size of the hole that it needs to seal in order to control the flow of a fluid. In ICE the placement of the intake and exhaust valves are such that the disc end is inside the combustion chamber for the intake valve while for the exhaust valve it is on the outside. Thus a lower pressure during the intake stroke opens the valve inwards sucking in the air-fuel mixture. While the higher pressure during the exhaust stroke pushes the valve head outwards. 
  • Sleeve Valve - as the name suggests, a sleeve valve is a valve made out of a machined sleeve in between a piston and the cylinder inside the combustion chamber. Through the movement of the piston over this sleeve and its location, the piston acts as either a suction component or an exhaust component. These types of valves are seldom used in modern ICEs.
  • Rotary Valve - Another type of valve seldom used as a modern car engine part is the rotary valve. This valve functions with an engine specifically designed to utilize this mechanism's positive attributes, i.e., a rotary engine. At present, there are no rotary engine cars on sale in the market.

Oil Pan:

An oil pan is a car engine part that acts as a small reservoir for oil below the engine when the engine is not in use. It is also known as an oil sump. 

Combustion Chamber:

A combustion chamber in terms of a car engine part is the inside of the cylinder where the actual burning of the fuel-air mixtures occurs. It is the space in between the cylinder head, cylinder liner, and the top of the piston when it is in its lowest position. 

Intake Manifold:

An intake manifold or inlet manifold is a car engine part that functions as the passage for the air and fuel into the cylinders through the inlet or intake valve. 

Exhaust Manifold: 

An exhaust manifold is a car engine part that is designed as a pathway for the exhaust gases to escape from the combustion chamber. An exhaust manifold generally gathers exhausts from the various cylinders, this is done with the help of separate exhaust pipes which then merge into a lesser number of pipes to effectively control emission and other performance parameters. 

Intake and Exhaust Valves:

The valves that are used to control the supply of air-fuel mixture into the combustion chamber are called intake or inlet valves while the ones that are designed to help exhaust gases escape from the combustion chamber into the exhaust manifold are called exhaust valves.

Spark Plug:

A spark plug is a car engine part that is used specifically in a spark-ignition engine (petrol or CNG) to help induce a spark into the heated air-fuel mixture after the compression part of the stroke. This yields in the mixture catching fire that in turn further facilitates the expansion of residual gases after the explosion, thereby creating power. An interesting trivia, the temperatures at the tip of a spark plug during spark production can be higher than the temperature of the surface of the sun, though for a minuscule amount of time. 

Connecting Rod:

A connecting rod is a car engine part that is used to connect a piston with the crankshaft. It is connected to the piston and the crankshaft in a way that helps transfer the piston’s reciprocating motion into a rotational motion at the crank.

Piston Ring:

A piston ring is a sealing component that is used to seal the minuscule tolerances between the piston and the cylinder sleeve inside the cylinder to help maintain a vacuum. A piston can have multiple piston rings and of different materials as well.

Gudgeon Pin:

A gudgeon pin is a car engine part whose function is to join the connecting rod with the piston on one end and the crankshaft on the other end. This pin provides the bearing on each end to the connecting rod on which it can pivot during function. 


A cam is a car engine part that is required for the proper opening and closing of intake and exhaust valves. A cam by definition is a component that can convert a rotational motion of a system into a linear one, thus finding great use in operations where opening or closing, or shutting off valves is required. The cams can be of various shapes and sizes depending on the type of the engine or its performance considerations.


A flywheel is a car engine part that is located in between the crankshaft and the clutch. Its main function is to store the energy produced by the engine through inertia, thereby converting the pulsating power production into a much more linear, usable and manageable flow. A Flywheel is essentially a thick disc suspended at a right angle to the axis of the crankshaft, thus creating a rotational motion with the movement of the crankshaft.


A gasket is a sealant used to provide an air-tight and leak-proof seal to engine casings. This saves us from any fluid loss during operation. These are usual spreadable adhesives that have abilities to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures. 

Cylinder Liner:

A cylinder liner is a car engine part that is placed inside the cylinder and in between the cylinder wall and the piston to provide a smooth abrasion-free surface for the best and most frictionless movement of the piston inside the cylinder. 


The covering that is utilized to cover the lower part of the engine that consists of the crankshaft, flywheel, clutch and gearbox among others is called a crankcase and is an important car engine part is usually made of aluminium. 

Engine Distributor:

An engine distributor is a device that is essentially a rotating switch used in engines with mechanical timing set for ignition. In modern-day cars, such functions are controlled by the electronic systems controlled by an ECU or an Electronic Control Module. 

Distributor O Ring:

A distributor O ring is a car engine part that essentially is a mechanical gasket that is used to keep the distributor switch safe from the external environment inside the engine. 

Cylinder Head Cover:

A cylinder headcover is a component that is used to cover the cylinder head externally in order to keep it sealed from the external environment and also to help with better heat management as well as NVH.

Rubber Grommet:

A rubber grommet is a small car engine part that is used to keep dangling wires or other components stay fixed at a place. It is generally a tube or a ring made of rubber. 

Camshaft Pulley:

A camshaft pulley is a car engine part utilized to drive the camshaft via the crankshaft. This is basically a setup that consists of two pulleys, (one bigger and one smaller) which is used to synchronize the cam operation vis a vis the crankshaft movement.

Oil Filter:

As the name suggests, an Oil Filter is a car engine part that is used to filter the lubricating oil that circulates across the engine in order to keep the engine internals safe from any catastrophic failure due to clogging or chipping. It is generally located inaccessible areas of the engine for quick removal and cleaning/ replacing. 

Timing Belt Drive Pulley:

Just like the camshaft pulley, the work of the timing belt drive pulley as a critical car engine part is to help transmit and synchronize the cam versus valve lift ratio. It is used when a timing belt is used. In case your car engine has a timing chain, then there would be a sprocket instead of a pulley in the same location. 

Water Pump:

The car engine part used to supply water around the engine to help cool it is called the water pump. 

Oil Pan Drain Bolt:

It is a quick access car engine part used for the purpose of draining the engine oil from the engine for replacement with new oil. 

Common Engine Problems: 

Here is a list of common engine problems and possible causes for them:

  • Engine Overheating - Lack of coolant or its supply around the engine.
  • Engine Cut-off - Electric or fueling issue. The battery might need recharging or there might be some issue with the fuel supply. 
  • Black Smoke - Improper combustion inside the cylinder. Needs spark plug changes, or the valve settings need to be reset.
  • White Smoke - Engine oil inside the combustion chamber, piston, or piston rings might need a check. 
  • Idling RPM change - The timing belt/ chain needs a reset or the air-fuel mixture needs to be checked.
  • Loss of Power - Valve setting issue, fuel supply issue, or an electric issue such as low charge in the battery.
Car Engine FAQ:
  • What type of engine is used in cars? - It can either be a spark-ignition internal combustion engine or a compression-ignition internal combustion engine.
  • What is the function of a car engine? - To generate power that makes the vehicle move on its own. 
  • What are the parts of a car engine? - The major parts of an Engine are the Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head, Cylinder, Piston, Crankshaft, and Flywheel, among others.
  • How does a car engine work, step by step? - The basic flowgraph of working of a car engine is based on a four-stroke internal combustion engine principle. The fuel-air mixture enters into the cylinder at the intake stroke, it then gets compressed by a piston in the compression stroke, this stroke is followed by the combustion and power stroke in which the compressed fuel-air mixture is burned to produce heat and energy-yielding expansion of gases, and the last step is the exhaust stroke which helps the gases produced after the ignition to escape from the combustion chamber.
  • Why won't my engine start? - You may have low fuel or a fuel supply issue or your car battery does not have enough charge to power the ignition.
The Small Cars in India That are on Sale Right Now - March 2022

India is the land of more than 1.3 billion residents and with a population density of a staggering 420 people per square kilometer, it is no wonder that we are always craving some parking space in our cities. With narrow lanes, ever-increasing traffic and a majority young population, small cars in India have always been the choice among the masses. In terms of numbers, the Indian car market is the fourth largest car market in the world.

Interestingly, the penetration of cars in India is still on the lower side, just 50 cars per 1,000 people. Compared to this, China, the world’s biggest car market, has over 230 cars per 1,000 people. Thus, our Indian market offers the highest growth potential for car manufacturers from around the world. 

Historically, the hatchback segment has seen the most action in terms of model offerings and in the current times, the ‘traditional’ hatchbacks have also evolved with customer demands. So much so that, in present times there have been a number of subcategories that have originated within the ‘Hatchback’ marketplace, eg,  entry-level, premium,  ‘cross’ (with features like higher ground clearance, etc), performance editions with upmarket engine and suspensions, among others.  

So, What is a Hatchback Car? 

There are various body types with which we can define cars. A small car in the Indian context is generally a Hatchback. Though by definition a hatchback car is a car whose boot (or the rear door) opens upwards to provide easy access to the cargo space, for our Indian car market, a small car that does not have an extended boot/ cargo/ loading is only considered as a hatchback. 

What this means is the fact that there are many cars on sale in our market right now, that, though, might be a ‘hatchback’ going by the definition, but due to its positioning and the segment, it might be called something like a compact-SUV, Compact Sedan, sedan, etc, in the Indian market. 

Which Cars are Hatchbacks? 

Thus, in an Indian context, a Hatchback is a two-box car that offers a boot lid. Here, ‘two-box’ is defined as having an engine bay plus the cabin without a boot space extending out at the back. 

That said, here are a few pros and cons around the purchase of a hatchback that you should know of.

Things to Consider Before Buying Cheap Hatchbacks: 


  • Easy on the pocket in terms of the purchase price.
  • Lower input costs in terms of financing.
  • Are mostly fuel-efficient.
  • Easy to handle and ergonomically inclined towards comfort.
  • The smaller size makes these cars easier to park.
  • Offer enough space to seat up to four average adults in relative comfort.


  • Do not have enough space for larger families.
  • Cargo/ luggage space is usually (but not necessarily) not much.
  • Performance-wise, an entry-level hatchback is usually targeted towards city use, ie, home to office, market travel. However, due to their lightweight and smaller size, they might not be comfortable or spacious for extended long highway travels.
  • Lack of safety features might be an issue.
  • Lack of premium appeal. 
Best New Hatchbacks of 2022: 

There is an incredible depth and variety when it comes to car companies offering hatchback cars and their variants in India. As a buyer, you are spoilt for choice if you are in the market to find the most suitable and best hatchback cars in India. As such, we have compiled a list of all hatchback cars that are on sale in India right now. These small cars in India offer the best of everything that the car brands can provide for the prices they ask for. There is a hatchback for every driver and customer. 

1. Maruti Alto 800: 

An icon in its own right, the Maruti Alto 800 has been among the country’s most loved and sought-after ‘first car’ for years now. It is powered by the proven and trusted Maruti's three-cylinder 796 cc engine that makes 40 bhp maximum power and 60 Nm of peak torque. The Maruti Alto 800 prices fall in the range of INR 3.2 Lakhs to 4.95 Lakhs with an ARAI-certified fuel efficiency of 22.05 kmpl. And interestingly, there is an all new Alto expected to launch this year too. 

2. Datsun redi-GO:

The most affordable Nissan-Renault alliance product in the country is the Datsun redi-GO hatchback. The Datsun brand is owned by the Nissan-Renault alliance and they brought it back to life as an economy brand that would make cars for the masses. In terms of design, the updated redi-GO offers a striking front facia that lends it an aggressive and sporty stance. It is powered by a frugal  999 cc three-cylinder engine good enough for a commendable 67 bhp of max power and 91 Nm of peak torque. It offers a claimed fuel efficiency of 22 kmpl and is priced in the range of INR 3.83 Lakhs to INR 4.95 Lakhs 

3. Maruti S-Presso:

If a bulky but majestic SUV is your choice but you still want to have all the good bits of an affordable, reliable hatchback, then the S-Presso is among the small cars in India that you might want to pick. Powering the S-Presso is a 998 cc three-cylinder petrol engine producing 58 bhp of max power and 78 Nm of peak torque. Priced between INR 3.85 Lakhs to 5.56 Lakhs, it is affordable yet quirky enough.

4. Datsun Go:

The Datsun GO is offered with a bigger 1198 cc three-cylinder engine as compared to the redi-GO. This means that it is more powerful than the redi-GO as well with a maximum power output of 76 bhp and a peak torque of 104 Nm. It looks decent, offers good enough space for the segment and is priced around INR 4.02 Lakhs to INR 6.51 Lakhs. It has a claimed fuel efficiency of 19 kmpl.

5. Renault KWID:

Among the most famous and successful entry level hatchback cars in the country is the Renault KWID which has recently been updated with a newer Renault design theme. It is striking to look at and is offered with a 799 cc three-cylinder engine having outputs of 67 bhp and 91 Nm. It has a claimed fuel efficiency of 22.25 kmpl and in case you are interested in it, the prices range from INR 4.49 Lakhs to 5.83 Lakhs.

6. Hyundai Santro:

The car which started it all for Hyundai in the country, the Hyundai Santro is a legendary car model name in the country. In its latest avatar, it has a design that is in line with its hatchback siblings from Hyundai and offers great features and Hyundai’s reliability while continuing on with the theme that made it such a phenomenal success. You can never go wrong with this one. Powering the Santro is a 1086 cc three-cylinder engine with 66 bhp and 99 Nm of outputs. With a claimed fuel consumption of 21 kmpl you can choose its various variants from the price range of INR 4.86 Lakhs to INR 6.44 Lakhs.

Check the best accessories for your Hyundai Santro here.

7. Maruti Celerio:

Another hugely successful Maruti hatchback car in India is the one that has been recently updated in an all new avatar. In terms of design, the new Celerio looks much more premium, modern and is larger than the model it replaces. If that’s not all, the new Celerio also arrives with a moniker of being the country’s most fuel-efficient car on sale, with a claimed figure of a staggering 26 kmpl. Powering it is a three-cylinder 998 cc engine good for outputs of 66 bhp and 89 Nm. It is priced between INR 5.15 Lakhs to 6.94 lakhs.

8. Tata Tiago:

The safest small car in India by a fair margin, the Tata Tiago is also among the most stylish, well-built and good handling hatchbacks in the country. No wonder Tiago has turned out to be such a massive success for Tata Motors. It gets a wonderful 1199 cc three-cylinder engine that is not just incredibly frugal at 24 kmpl fuel efficiency but is also adequately powerful with the outputs such as 75 bhp of max power and 95 Nm of peak torque. It drives well, has a suspension that perfectly suits our kind of roads and is priced competitively in the range of INR 5.22 Lakhs to 7.67 Lakhs. 

9. Maruti Ignis:

One of the most fun to drive small cars in India at present, the Maruti Ignis is a youthful, quirky yet highly lovable hatchback car. Offered with a 1189 cc three-cylinder petrol powerplant the Ignis makes a commendable 82 bhp of max power and a peak torque rating of 113 Nm. It is frugal as well with an ARAI certified fuel efficiency figure of 21 kmpl and is priced in the range of INR 5.25 Lakhs to INR 7.62 Lakhs. 

10. Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS:

A hatchback car for India that truly depicts just how wonderfully well Hyundai Motors understands the Indian consumer and the market. The Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS is great to look at, well built and is also offered with the outstanding combination of the fabulous Hyundai 1-liter turbocharged GDI petrol engine that comes mated with a super slick manual gearbox. If you love to drive small cars in India, then this particular variant might just tick all the right boxes. The IMT-Turbo variant outputs 99 bhp and 172 Nm of peak torque from a 998 cc three-cylinder turbocharged GDI petrol engine. You can also choose from a long list of variants other than the Turbo-Petrol one too. The price range for the NIOS are from INR 5.29 Lakhs to INR 8.51 Lakhs (covering all variants).

11. Maruti Wagon R:

The eternal tall-boy car, the Maruti Wagon R has been the go to car for the vertically gifted for decades now and it continues to be the no nonsense, practical, confident and spacious small car in India that is big on space. No wonder then, the Wagon R, even after all these years remains among the best selling cars in the country, every single month. It gets the proven 1197 cc four-cylinder unit from Maruti that is good enough to produce a maximum power of 89 bhp and 113 Nm of peak torque. It has a mileage of 24.50 kmpl and is priced between INR  5.39 Lakhs to INR 7.10 Lakhs. 

12. Maruti Swift:

There are not many cars that can claim to have mesmerized a country as vast and as diverse as India than the Maruti Swift. The Swift is an absolute blockbuster and the phenomenally successful small car in India that continues to create sales records after sales records every passing month. It is priced in the range of INR 5.90 Lakhs to INR 8.77 Lakhs and has a 1197 cc four-cylinder motor producing 85 bhp and 113 Nm. It has a mileage of 24 kmpl. 

Check out some of the best accessories for your Maruti Swift.

13. Tata Altroz:

The Tata Altroz is the safest car that is manufactured by an Indian car brand in the country and it might also be among the most handsome premium hatchbacks on sale in the country, currently. This stunning Tata small car in India is testament of how far the automotive behemoth has come from its humble beginning in terms of design, safety and features along with performance. It is powered by a 1199 cc four-pot diesel engine that makes 90 bhp and 200 Nm of torque and has an ARAI certified mileage of 25 kmpl. The petrol powered Altroz comes in a turbo-charged variant as well (standard naturally aspirated petrol engine variants are also offered) that makes 109 bhp and 140 Nm from a 1199 cc three-cylinder unit. The price range in which the Tata Altroz is offered is - INR 5.99 Lakhs to INR 9.99 Lakhs.

Take a look at some of the best accessories for your Tata Altroz.

14. Mahindra KUV 100 NXT:

The offering in the hatchback cars segment by Mahindra is its most affordable small car in India as well, the Mahindra KUV 100 NXT. It has an exterior design that mimics the design of bigger Mahindra SUV’s and also comes with a unique 6 seater variant as well. Powering the KUV 100 NXT is Mahindra's 1198 cc petrol engine that produces 82 bhp and 115 Nm from its three-cylinder arrangement. Prices for the Mahindra KUV 100 NXT are set in the range starting from INR 6.15 Lakhs going up to INR 7.61 Lakhs. It has an ARAI certified mileage of 18.15kmpl. 

15. Maruti Baleno:

In terms of positioning and features, the Baleno is Maruti’s most premium Hatchback car in India. It is also its safest car, (however not as much as the competition) and is understandably a stellar success. Only recently a facelifted version has been launched of the Baleno and it gets new features such as HUD and an enhanced safety net of 6 airbags on higher spec variants. Powered by the same engine that is available in the Swift petrol, the Baleno has a 1197 cc four-cylinder motor that makes 88.50 bhp and 113 Nm of peak torque. Its ARAI certified fuel efficiency is 22.94 kmpl and is priced in the range of INR 6.35 Lakhs to INR 9.49 Lakhs. 

16. Toyota Glanza:

The new Toyota Glanza is a rebadged Maruti Baleno with a cool new front fascia that is sportier. It also shares all its specs with the Baleno such as its 1197 cc four-cylinder engine good for 88.50 bhp and 113 Nm of peak torque along with a 22.94 kmpl ARAI certified mileage. Pricing for the Toyota Glanza has been set in the range of INR 6.39 Lakhs to INR 9.69 Lakhs. 

17. Hyundai i20:

Hyundai Motors’ answer to the perfect premium small car in India has been the i20 and in its latest avatar the Hyundai i20 has pushed the boundaries of design, features and equipment amid others in the segment. It is striking to look at, has a performance to match, is offered in a long list of variants that suit every kind of a premium hatchback car buyer’s need and yes, it has a legacy of its own in the country. The Hyundai i20 is offered with a choice of two different petrol engines, one of them being a 1-Liter turbo-charged unit that makes 99bhp and 172 Nm of peak torque. This turbo-petrol engine is also offered with an innovative, incredibly smart and effective IMT gearbox that you should have a test drive of in order to experience it. It is spectacular in design and super easy to use. The pricing for the Hyundai i20 starts from INR 6.98 Lakhs and goes all the way up to 11.48 Lakhs. 

18. Honda Jazz: 

The original (very) ‘big’ small car icon of the world, the Honda Jazz remains as practical, as spacious, as reliable, and as Honda as ever. The Honda Jazz is still the hatchback that offers more space than even cars from a segment or two above, meaning it continues to be the perfect small car in India. Powering the Honda Jazz is a 1200 cc four-cylinder petrol engine that makes 99 bhp of maximum power and a peak torque rating of 110 Nm. The ARAI certified mileage for the Honda Jazz is 17.1 kmpl and it is priced in the range of INR 7.71 Lakhs to INR 9.95 Lakhs.

19. Mini:

Now coming to the segment of niche ultra premium small cars in India that are absolute hoots to drive and style that is evergreen, the Mini. The company, owned by BMW, sells a total of 4 different Mini models in the Indian market namely Mini Cooper 3 Door, Mini Cooper Convertible, Mini Cooper SE, and the Mini John Cooper Works. All of these models are powered by the same turbocharged 1998 cc four-cylinder petrol engine that makes a staggering 190 bhp of maximum power and an equally commendable 280 Nm of peak torque. The prices for all Mini models on sale in the country combined are in the range between INR 39 Lakhs to INR 47.20 Lakhs. 

20 . Mercedes-Benz AMG A 45 S:

The most powerful and blisteringly fast small car in India has to be the stunning Mercedes-Benz AMG A 45 S. It is powered by a 1991 cc turbocharged petrol engine that makes a whopping 451 bhp of maximum power and a peak torque of 500 Nm. For a car this small in size, such power outputs can only mean one thing, incredible performance. The price set by Mercedes-Benz for the AMG A 45 S is INR 79.50 Lakhs and it is worth every single rupee. What a car!



The Honda Grazia Accessories you must Gift Yourself

The Honda Grazia has been amongst the most sought after scooters in the market. And there are many reasons for its appeal to the masses, it looks striking, has the famed Honda reliability backing it up, has more than adequate performance and is promising in terms of efficiency. Offered in four shades that enhance its sporty appeal, the Honda Grazia comes with a potent 125cc single-cylinder fuel-injected petrol engine that produces 8.14bhp of max power while the peak torque rating stands at 10.3Nm. That said, if you have one in your garage, we are certain you would like to have a look at this list of Honda Grazia Accessories that you could gift yourself at the earliest.

Bookmark this! - The Honda Grazia Accessories list
Honda Grazia Body Cover:

India is a country of extreme weather! From blistering heat to soul numbing winters to biblical rainfalls, you name it and you have it here. This is why protecting your beloved Honda Grazia is clearly among your biggest priorities and this is why Honda Grazia covers are at the absolute top of our Honda Grazia Accessories list.  

The cover would not only provide protection from water, dust and those irritating Pigeon droppings but will also save your neighbours from the feeling of envy. Moreover, the cover would also protect your Grazia from unintentional scratches, saving its lovely graphics and keeping them fresh for long. The same holds true for the lighting elements as well. So go on then, get yourself one of these rather good Honda Grazia covers and protect your ride. Click here for more info. 

Honda Grazia Floor Mat: 

Our next item on the list is the must have Honda Grazia floor mat. These are of special significance as they offer increased protection to your beautiful Grazia’s lower body. Once you have a floor mat for your Grazia, you can happily be the person who jumps in rainwater collected in front of your house or the one who takes their cricket shoes everywhere. A good floor mat would keep your Grazia scratch-free, clean and would lead to its paint work remaining as good as new. This will also prevent any rusting that might start from the scratched surfaces.  Moreover, almost all floor mats are extremely easy to install and easy to remove for cleaning, and you can choose from a wide range of designs that suit your particular tastes. 

You can check this floor mat for your Honda Grazia Accessories search. 

Honda Grazia Helmet: 

If you are riding a two-wheeler, the most significant thing you should be doing anytime you ride is to wear a helmet, without fault! This is why a good ISI mark helmet is a paramount requirement to be a good responsible rider on our roads and it gets featured in our list of must-have Honda Grazia accessories. And would you not want to be looked at with awe just like your lovely ride? So here is what you must be looking for in your Honda Grazia Helmet - 

  • Preferably full-face as it offers the absolute best protection, 

  • Best possible viewing angle and largest possible visor size

  • A helmet that fits perfectly, the cheekbones must feel a slight pressure.

  • A helmet strap that fits perfectly.

  • A helmet that carries a cloth to keep it safe when not in use. 

With that said, you do get a lot of options in terms of body type, colours, graphics as well as price points when it comes to helmets. Thus, there is always a chance that you will get exactly the type of helmet design you want for yourself. Go on, make that style and safety statement, don’t be shy!

Honda Grazia Seat Cover: 

Just as we discussed the Honda Grazia body cover and the Honda Grazia floor mat, the most significant purpose of a Honda Grazia seat cover is to provide enhanced protection to the seat of our ride. There is no doubt that the material used by Honda for its seats is top quality. However, over a long period of time, things like harsh sunlight, rainfall, atmospheric dirt and dust, make our two-wheeled lives messy. These can yield scratches or cuts on the original seat covers due to which water and dirt can seep in, destroying the foam and cushioning of the seat. Thus, a good quality seat cover would provide an extra layer of protection to your ride. As such, this is among the most common two-wheeler accessories we recommend to everyone who has a two-wheeler or wants to own one.   

Honda Grazia Headlight: 

There is nothing like too bright a headlight when it comes to the kind of road infrastructure we have in this country. With blind spots sprinkled around like birthday confetti, to street lights that work well only around election season, to those potholes that arrive far more suddenly and frequently than true love, one can never be too sure about what comes next on our roads. This is why, even though the Honda Grazia offers an all LED headlight arrangement, you can always try and go for more potent LED assemblies from the following link in our Honda Grazia accessories list. 

That said, we request you to always remember to keep your high beams on only when there is no oncoming traffic. As they say, dazzle them with your smile, not by your high beam. 

Honda Grazia Bike Polish: 

Who doesn’t like to be the showstopper at the party? So while you keep yourself up to date with the latest grooming trends, you should also give the beauty parked in your garage some pampering. A perfect Honda Grazia Bike Polish would enable your fabulous ride to shine like it's brand new while making sure everyone notices you on the road. It is no wonder then, there is a nice polish on our Honda Grazia accessories list, just for you. Never forget, bling is always in, shine on and check this link

Honda Grazia USB Mobile Charger: 

In the forever connected world, we are never far away from low-battery anxiety. This is why having a Honda Grazia USB Mobile Charger ticked off on your must-have Honda Grazia accessories list, is an absolute no brainer. By having one, you would never be out of juice, wherever you are. So next time, when your Mom calls, you better pick up that phone. Also, try not to ride while you are talking or typing on your phone, that makes people think you are uncool, and that’s not true, is it?

Here, check this link to choose a nifty Honda Grazia USB mobile charger for yourself.

Honda Grazia Riding Gloves: 

Just like a helmet, you should also invest in a proper set of Honda Grazia riding gloves. These not only protect your hands in case of an unfortunate fall, but they also keep your hands safe from dirt, dust and moisture while riding your awesome Honda Grazia. With your hands away from harsh sunlight or bitter wind chill, you will have greater control over your Grazia. There is a vast range of riding gloves that are available in the market across a plethora of designs, materials and obviously price ranges. Whatever you choose, always make sure that the gloves fit you perfectly, aren't loose on your wrists, your fingers stretch easily and you can feel the surfaces well too. You bet, we got a nice recommendation for Honda Grazia riding gloves for you in our Honda Grazia accessories list here.

Accessories for Toyota, you ask? Here’s a perfect list to help

Toyota Motors, an automotive behemoth known for its indestructible build quality and reliability that no other manufacturer can match, has been ahead of the game in our market for a long time. Right from the days of the Qualis, the market has showered the brand with love. With the likes of the Innova and the Fortuner, Toyota has continued to present us with products that have remained a dream to beat, by its rivals. So much has been the success for these products that chances are, you will always have to wait to get hold of one of these. Thus, once you do get your dream Toyota home, it is obvious that you would want to look for accessories for your Toyota. This is where our Accessories for Toyota list would come in handy. Let’s begin.

The Accessories for Toyota list that matters

Toyota Innova Seat Cover:

The Toyota Innova is one MPV that has effortlessly transcended the taxi as well as private vehicle market. As much of a monumental success as the Innova is in the Taxi market, it has also carved a huge space for itself in the hearts of private car owners. Chances are, if you have a big family, then the Innova has been your first choice. And it’s no wonder that the Innova is this sought after, it is impeccably built, offers incredible comfort and reliability, the list goes on. The first thing on our Accessories for Toyota list has to be Toyota Innova Seat covers, then. A seat cover does not just let you personalize your car but it also saves the original material from wear and tear, helping it last longer. 

You can Click here to get an overview of the type and design of seat cover that suits your Innova perfectly.

Toyota Custom Fitted Car Mats:

A car mat specifically designed for your car not only keeps your car clean but also provides enhanced protection from scratches, and rusting, as compared to the standard one size fits all approach. Thus, we will always recommend you go for car mats specific to your car model. Since we are talking about Toyota accessories here, we are happy to inform you that the market is full of a vast variety of Toyota custom fitted car mats that help you accessorize your Toyota. 

These car mats come in various designs, materials and different price brackets to suit the needs of every kind of Toyota Innova accessories customer. Thus, it can get a bit confusing especially when you do not have a starting point in your search, this is why we have done a bit of research for you. 

Here is a great example of such a kind of custom-fitted car mat.

Toyota Corolla LED Headlight Combo:

The Toyota Corolla is among the most successful car nameplates in the history of the automobile industry. In fact, it has consistently featured in the list of top three highest selling cars across the world every year since it was first launched way back in 1966 globally. No wonder, our market has also seen the Toyota Corolla’ over the years it was sold in the country. Now, the Corolla, especially across its previous few generations has come with a striking design and a host of modern features across the board. One of the features that have now become a mainstay in all modern cars has to be LED headlight assemblies. 

The corolla does offer the same in this recent generation and a few variants as well. But, if you wanted to upgrade your current headlights to a brighter set of lights, we reckon, these accessories for Toyota list can help you find the perfect Toyota Corolla LED headlight combo for you. Isn’t this wonderful?

Check this link here. 

Toyota Frameless Wiper Blades:

Rains can be intense in our part of the world and in order to be safe when out driving in the rain, not just for our own sake but for other road users, we have to have the best possible visibility out of our driving seats. This means that keeping our windscreens protected from scratches or any dirty patches is of paramount importance and among the basics of driver safety. This is where having the best quality wiper blades for your car becomes a necessity. A wiper blade that is less than perfect in condition can cause significant scratch damage to our windscreens over time. This not only makes the vehicle look old but also causes significant visibility issues during rains or night, as it scatters the light from oncoming traffic. Needless to say, it is extremely dangerous to drive when you cannot see where you are driving. 

Thus, in case you are a proud owner of a Toyota and are in search of an upgrade to the best quality Toyota frameless wiper blades then we have sent our spies around the internet to find you the perfect place to start your search. You can check this link for more. 

Toyota Innova Mud Flap:

If you are like us and just hate seeing even a small dirty spot on your car, then you would know just how irritating those streams of mud splashes from rainwater can be to clean. This is where the importance of having a good quality mud flap that has the perfect size and sturdiness can not be overstated. This also goes for keeping an eye on making sure that the mud flaps are properly screwed and do not have any cracks that could lead to them falling away while driving. This can be harmful to your tyres as well as other road users. 

That said, since the Innova is such a stellar success in our market, there is a wide range of Innova mud flaps available in the market. As always, we have done our bit and tried to ease your search for that perfect list of Toyota Innova mud flaps in these accessories for Toyota list. You can check them here

Parking Sensor Kit:

Even after continuous expansion of our urban spaces, we struggle to find the most suitable and safe parking space for our cars.  And when we end up finding a place, it is either in a tight spot or has chances that our beloved car might get scratched. This is why having the support of a good parking sensor system can bring you mighty relief. Now, a lot of newer cars come stocked with such systems but there are still a lot of vehicles currently on sale that could vastly benefit from such a system. This is why we had to keep the Toyota parking sensor kit in our list of accessories for Toyota and we reckon, heading to this link might just help you understand what you need. 

Car Sun Shades:

There aren’t many places in our grand country that do not get the full fury of the sun during the daytime. And just like us, spending extended time in the sun can hurt our cars as well. This is where sun shades can be of great benefit. This helps cover the glass parts of our car, thereby ensuring the least possible direct sunlight enters our cars. This then translates to the reduced temperatures inside our cabin and not only helps in keeping our interiors stay fresh, and long lasting, but it also helps in reducing the amount of fuel wasted during the use of air-conditioning. 

And this is just about the parked vehicles. When on the move, these sun shades also protect the occupants from tanning and help the cabin stay cooler and have optimum brightness. A cabin that is too bright and hot, closer to windows directly affects the comfort of the occupants. And you don’t want to get that tan, do you?

Here is a link from our accessories for Toyota list in case you need help figuring out the best sun shades for your beloved Toyota.

New Toyota Fortuner Pillar Light:

The Toyota Fortuner is among the most desired SUVs that are on sale in the market. With looks that command respect, a legacy of a brand that is synonymous with reliability and build quality, there is no doubt why the Fortuner is such a massively successful product from Toyota. Sitting inside one and driving through the city as the onlookers steal a glance at you is all that every Toyota Fortuner owner desires and gets. This also means that the market is packed with accessories for Toyota Fortuner and one among such sought-after Toyota accessories is the new Toyota Fortuner Pillar Light assembly. No wonder it's the first thing we get asked about and we think the ones on this link look quite good, what do you say?

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