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Invest in a Bike Rain Suit for waterproof riding during the monsoon

Riding in the monsoon makes an immersive experience of motorcycling only fuller, but nobody wants to get drenched on the way to work or shopping. Unexpected rain showers are very common in India and can be bothering and disappointing when not prepared. The best way to tackle the inclement weather is by being equipped with the appropriate rain gear which not only protects us but also makes our ride safe. Rain suit is the most beneficial rain gear for bike riders during the monsoon season.


  • Keeps you dry- yes, this point is a no-brainer. But choose your coat wisely as all the brands assure 100 percent protection but in reality, it does not happen. Choose the type according to the length of the day-to-day journey.
  • Breathable- the breathable quality assures you to keep you dry, comfortable, and sweat-free.
  • Lightweight and easy to store- even if you roll and stuff them up in your bags, they will not lose their functional capabilities. Just fold n keep it in a small bag and you are lightweights.
  • Visibility- the rain suits are available with fluorescent patterns to increase your visibility during the dark, dusty and rainy weather.
  • Why not use it as fashion gear? So many variables are available in the market with assorted patterns and designs. Our trendsetters will have the added advantage of using rain suits.

Take your pick:

Not all rain suits are created equal; there are various options available in the market. Pick your option wisely, as your choice determines your safety, comfort, and protection.


When it comes to bike rain suits, it is pretty evenly divided into two categories, as, one-piece and two-piece rain suits.

Well, we are here to make your choice easier and wiser by giving you the following information as the exact prescription to heed.

Bear in mind, before you buy:

The factors you need to consider before you buy a cheap rain suit that does not solve your purpose is as follows:

  1. How well it fits- The size of your rain suit will determine how well it fits you and how easily you wear it when it is raining cats and dogs. The ideal size will be loose enough and comfortable to wear and remove. Oversized can be dangerous as it can interfere while riding, so be cautious before you choose.
  2. Is it watertight? The material defines the strength and waterproofing ability of the product.  Look for suits with impervious materials or special coating.
  3. Venting is important- A lot of rain suits are made of a hundred percent PVC and are highly waterproof but the breathability of the rain suit is zero. This is important especially for riders who go on a long journey as zero ventings can cause moisture, heat, and discomfort.
  4. Seat mobility- the rain can make your rain suit slip over your motorcycle seat and can be hazardous. Choose a rain suit with a fabric designed or a panel to avoid slipping.


Riding in the rain with wet clothes can be risky and very uncomfortable. Owning a bike rain suit is therefore vital to ensure your safety and comfort. AutoFurnish offers a premium and sturdy range of bike rain suits at an affordable price. So don’t miss out!

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